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General Discussion / Moped Wedding
« Last post by Qu Đơn on Today at 08:40:49 PM »
this looks so dangerous omg

General Discussion / Vincity is located in District 9, a ghetto
« Last post by Qu Đơn on Today at 08:25:11 PM »

Most Vietnamese will not attain this quality of life for at least 60 more years but for the few it is a nice dream.

the new trend now is for these fools to wear red lipstick...eww

malaysia is extremely important for south east asia... we cannot get china get control of malaysia... we have to remove all chinese influence in malaysia
nope, they are all infected with Chinese virus.  We cannot rescue them.

malays are deporting most of them and thailand is having a revolution..

malaysia should be out number #1 target because all the ships passes there, then it should thailand #2
they pay this fool a lot of money to advertise non stop for the brand.

Most of these domestic brands have been suppliers to popular international brands.  I think as these companies come out with more products, it´s going to be cheaper buying these brands directly lol.  I have notice that in Vietnam a lot of industry now have conglomerates emerging.  Bitis will most likely be the biggest sports brand in Vietnam in years to come.

General Discussion / Vietnam Bphone3 finally get domestic traction?
« Last post by Qu Đơn on Today at 07:24:30 PM »
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Vincity is located in District 9, a ghetto by Qu Đơn
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POP Music of Kazakhstan, the real Eurasians, please KPOP step aside by Qu Đơn
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nuclear arms race is back on by JA DU ( transracial)
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Now I support VN army 100% by Qu Đơn
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Tall models by Lavender
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explain why this Chinese guy from Indonesia has such white name? by Lavender
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