Author Topic: with no borders in future ASEAN, how would Vietnam ethnic composition look like?  (Read 967 times)

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I mean we already have Russians and Koreans.  Maybe more Indians, Chinese and Cambodians?

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I read somewhere that they are making it harder for Chinese to to come in because of poor business relationships and bad products.

Cambodians has a distrust towards Vietnamese so I don't think they will come.  More Vietnamese will probably migrate to Cambodia,  I'm not sure what for.

Indians might come for business but very few because of culture mismatch.

However, I suspect that more Koreans and Japanese will come because of cheaper living expenses and closeness of Sinosphere culture.

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I heard that Vietnam is now a popular destination for Malaysians.  But still China tops the list, followed by South Korea, Japan, USA (many Viet Kieu), Taiwan, Russia, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, and Singapore.

So within ASEAN, only those countries richer than Vietnam visit Vietnam, namely Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Rank   Country   2016   2015   2014   2013   2012
1    China   2,696,848   1,780,918   1,947,236   1,907,794   1,428,693
2    South Korea   1,543,883   1,112,978   847,958   748,727   700,917
3    Japan   740,592   671,379   647,956   604,050   576,386
4    United States   552,644   491,249   443,776   432,228   443,826
5    Taiwan   507,301   438,704   388,998   398,990   409,385
6    Russia   433,987   338,843   364,873   298,126   174,287
7    Malaysia   407,574   346,584   332,994   339,510   299,041
8    Australia   320,678   303,721   321,089   319,636   289,844
9    Thailand   266,984   214,645   246,874   268,968   225,866
10    Singapore   257,041   236,547   202,436   195,760   196,225

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Most of those Malaysians are probably Chinese

I'm a fobulous fob

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what is up with all the Brazilians in Saigon now?  Not as tourists but as either students or residents.  I mean what makes a person from Brazil travel all the way to Vietnam for a crappy college education?

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