Author Topic: Is Okinawan a Sino-Tibetan language?  (Read 318 times)

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Is Okinawan a Sino-Tibetan language?
« on: April 16, 2018, 06:33:26 PM »
Is Okinawa a Sino-Tibeto-Myanmar language family member?

Or mixture between Sino-Tibetan-Myanmar and Japanese language in northern Pacific Islands?

Okinawa, South Japan

The Okinawan / RiuKiu language has numeral system that sounding and roots from Chinese numbering system with in Sino-Tibeto-Myanmar linguustic family.

Sino-Tibeto-Myanmar language family

=== ***** ===

These are all of Sino roots, but for exception the number '4' yu* and '7' nana*:

1 ichi
2 ni
3 san
4 yuu*
5 guu
6 rok
7 nana*
8 hach
9 kuu
10 juu

11 十一 juu ichi
12 十二 juu ni
13 十三 juu san
14 十四 juu yū*
15 十五 juu gū
16 十六 juu rok
17 十七 juu nana*
18 十八 juu hach
19 十九 jū kū

20 二十 (廿) ni jū
30 三十 () san jū
40 四十 yū* jū
50 五十 gū jū
60 六十 rok jū
70 七十 nana* jū
80 八十 hachi jū
90 九十 kū jū

100 hyaku
1,000 sen
10,000 () man


But the Okinawan also have basic numeral that are much more similar to Japanese?
1 tii-chi (Japanese: pito-tsu)
2 taa-chi (Japanese: puta-tsu)
3 mii-chi (Japanese: mii-tsu)
4 yuu-chi (Japanese: yo-tsu)
5 ichu-chi (Japanese: itsu-tsu)
6 muu-chi (Japanese: mu-tsu)
7 nana-chi (Japanese: nana-tsu)
8 yaa-chi (Japanese: ya-tsu)
9 kununu-chi (Japanese: kokono-tsu)
10 tū (Japanese: towo)

11 十一 tū tii
12 十二 tū taa
13 十三 tū mii
14 十四 tū yū
15 十五 tū ichu
16 十六 tū mū
17 十七 tū nana
18 十八 tū ya
19 十九 tū kununu

20 二十 (廿) hatachi
30 三十 () misochi
40 四十 yosochi
50 五十 isochi
60 六十 musochi
70 七十 nanasochi
80 八十 yasochi
90 九十 kununusochi

100 momo
1,000 chi
10,000 () yorozu

But afterall, should Okinawan be part of Sino-Tibeto-Myanmar family in Eastern Asia mainland?
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