Author Topic: Is industrialization the only path to Vietnamese cultural enlightenment?  (Read 1292 times)

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English children eating ice cream in 1884.

Many modern thinkers have argued that industrialization is a prerequisite to other cultural uplifting inventions like new food recipes, sports, games, customs, all of these over time become a nation´s tradition.  At what level of development will we see Vietnamese people producing new culture?  I still listen to many old Vietnamese songs from the 70s and 80s and am surprised at the longevity of some artists who have managed to continually create new songs and albums from the late 60s all the way to the late 2010s.  These people are cultural creators despite moving from country to country, with limited income at their disposal for much of their life. 

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You need free time to develop culture.  Most Western culture is developed by the upper class. But Vietnamese culture is different it is developed in the lower class with the many folk songs and customs.

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Vietnam has had a very culturally colonized elite for much of our history.  They just copied everything from foreign powers and never produced individual culture that is unique to Vietnam.  That is why much of our culture is preserved by ordinary people in the countryside among the peasantry class.  However, all is not lost.  The very fact that there is an internet forum embodied in Vietrealm, where we discuss issues specific to our Vietnamese diaspora, demonstrates new Vietnamese culture being created. 

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I think in order to create art, the country must be wealthy. Then people are free to create.

it's a problem that lot's of developing countries not just vn share. there seems to be a chain or restraint holding back progress. a fear, or something. I mean when you're poor, you're only interested in surviving.

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I disagree!  I think it is up to the individual in these matters of art.  Yes your country must not be in war or in the middle of some terrible tragedy like having to evac due to a tsunami or something.  But afterwards, even then, there could be art about tsunami's.  I thought Vietnam was past war.  Also Vietnamese have high IQ's.  I think the individualists are holding themselves back because there is too much of a culture of conformity in Vietnam.  I recall a diagram where Vietnam held one end of the spectrum while Denmark or USA held another.  The diagram was measuring aspects of countries such as conformity, nonconformity, etc.

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