Author Topic: What can all Asians learn from the Koreans during 1992 Los Angeles Race Riots?  (Read 97 times)

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just curious your thoughts on this
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db post
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just curious your thoughts on this

They could learn that California is a golly hole...why bother living there

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LA is 3rd world trash. Have you seen their freeways? Horrible roads.

When I drove up from LA to SF it felt like civilization again.
I'm a fobulous fob

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Dont know about sf but around here part of so cal is like little Tijuana, people make makeshift truck beds with wood boards, let their dogs run loose on the street, change lanes without looking. 60% of the population is Mexicans. Pot holes 3rd world streets.

The drivers in little Saigon is not much better but it's confined to an area rather than widespread.

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The melting pot doesn't really melt.


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