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Completely Animal Crossing Bells agree. I was convinced that Nintendo would know the expectations which would include announcing a 50 minute general direct rather than using the"mini" qualifier or even simply doing many of these announcements via twitter like they've been performing for the past year. But I was wrong. They sincerely appear to believe that direct was worth the entire year + wait and we haven't gotten any info on important franchises like you mentioned, and somehow got a 2022 date to get a sequel to a game which really doesn't need you. Splatoon 2 felt more like an expansion than worthy of becoming a full fledged sequel, but guessed they would do exactly what they do with Smash and kart and launch one per match, but now they are just giving us a different one that most likely won't be all that different and probably could have better been served as an expansion than a full online sequel. Not even a remaster announcement which people have been claiming was coming for like 3 years now I think. I don't doubt at all most of you who are complaining are young adult/adult gamers. You all need to keep in mind that Nintendo's focused demographic are kids, families, and casual players. While they've thrown more older /"hardcore" gamers a couple names like BOTW, Fire Emblem, as well as the bonus levels in Odyssey, one of the main focuses are having gameplay that is accessible to as many people as you can.

Being mad about things which don't exist seems really exhausting and sad to me personally. Why not people just play games they enjoy? I will never have time and money to play all the good games out there. I just don't understand why being mad is indeed important to a people. If you do not like something, do not think about it. Stop caring. Place the energy in to things you do like.

From 1 standpoint, yes. But there'll always be new kids, families, and casual gamers for Nintendo to appeal to. Nintendo understands which demographic they want to appeal to and know how to do it successfully. What's wrong with that? I'm simply not in their own demographic anymore cheap Animal Crossing Items and will perform the few games they release that do seem interesting to me.

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