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Do typical office coffee machine filters its water, or is it just tap water in the coffee?

I know that some of the hi-tech coffee machines do have an in-built filter. However, since organizations are mostly stingy, it is very likely that the machine that you have in your office does not filter its water. It will be tap water that is either boiled or chilled. However, if it’s well heated, there shouldn’t be any problem to consume it. Enjoy!

Why do Satan like to torture people in Hell?

I believe hell is of your own making, if you are cruel, and abusive that's how you will be treated. If you overly enjoy the good life while making others around you dig in the garbage for food, what kind of hell will you get when you die?

What would you do if you could be invisible for a day?

Freak out people by knocking stuff off shelves and calling their name.
Are there beam weapons accurate enough to neutralize rifle bullets while they're still in the air?

There are laser beams and particles beams with both very high energy and accuracy. But light and proton don't have much mass, so in the small time you have to stop a bullet, it won't do much. Also neutralizing flying bullets means hitting it in air. You can't easily redirect a beam in such a way that you can change it's focal point to exactly where that bullet is going to be, even if you know where that bullet is going to be. So no, no sci-fi laser weapons here.
How do they vibrate an atom or molecules to get them occupying a higher dimension?

"Vibration" or "higher vibration" is a new age term as to how different parallel universes exist. But really Scientifically, we mean Higher energy states, heat, etc. The "New age" stuff refers to a "Concept" rather than actuality, that parallel universes exist because the matter in them is LIKE a "Different frequency" is to radio waves.----After all, "Solid" matter is an illusion created by opposing forces in the same type of matter, but is only WAVES at its ultimate form.

Scientifically, we may be looking at particle "Attributes" perhaps some waveform characteristic, "Frequency" is one, but also we may have "phase"," Polarization" and other wave attributes (in the matter) that might make the difference between matter of one universe and matter of the other.

Since only matter with the same attributes is "real" (interactive and "solid) relative to other particles, Those sets of matter with Matching attributes make up Universes, with stars, planets, galaxies, etc.---Indeed several sets may exist, in essentially the same space, and not be real relative to each other----Just as several radio "stations" (waves of different frequencies) may share the same air.----The only Universe that is "Real to us is the one the atoms of our bodies interact with.

So several universes may exist around us, just as real and vast as our own, but since the attributes of their matter does not match our own, they are not "Real" to us or each other.

This also explains some aspects of what we would call "Paranormal"----Temporary natural disturbances might cause the "frequencies" of parallel universes to "drift" and match our own (or vice versa)---We would then see the "overlap" from another universe, Scenery, even people and animals, for a little while. Usually with a "transparent effect (as they are not quite tuned to our matter) , but perhaps even absolutely SOLID if the tuning is dead on.----This would explain "ghosts", etc.---or what we take to be "ghosts" anyway.

This also would make worlds of "metaphysics" a possibility too--like "heaven" or "The Astral Plane", etc.

How does the Dead Sea Scroll reconcile with modern Christianity when it said that reincarnation exist?

  The Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in 1948, packed in large clay jars in caves. The parchments had been wonderfully preserved due to the incredibly dry atmosphere since they were put there, a couple of hundred years before Jesus was born. This makes them around 2,200 years old.

None of the autographs of the Bible remain – those being the original manuscripts for the 66 books of the Bible. But because the Dead Sea scrolls were written BEFORE Jesus was born, they could not possibly contain any of the New Testaments writings, for they had not yet been written!

So they have some parts of the Old Testament writings. They have all of the scroll of Isaiah, and some Psalms. They have lots of mundane documents that have nothing to do with religion. They do have religious writings and historic papers on the time after the last book of the OT was written (Malachi’s prophecy, about 400 BC). There were liturgical and philosophical texts with some commentaries on the OT. But none of those extra-biblical documents were ever viewed as holy scripture by the Jews.

A compilation of disparate old manuscripts, some of which mention reincarnation, has no bearing on modern Christianity. But those parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls that ARE part of the Old Testament bit of the Bible are in total harmony with modern translations of the O.T.

This leaves the book of Isaiah (complete) and some of the Psalms to compare with what we have today and they are virtually identical. The writings discovered were produced by some Jewish separatists living at Qumran during that 400 year period. They were written in Hebrew.

Do lions give chase when you run past them on a sport bike?

Paint yourself like a gazelle and let us know.
What's the quickest way to turn $50 into $500?

Use that $50 for gas and an outfit for a job interview
If there is a God, then who creates God?

 The Christian and biblical definition of God is that He is the uncreated First Cause, the uncreated creator of everything created.

You have to have a First Cause, otherwise it's turtles all the way down, or gods all the way up.

Those ancients who thought the earth was supported on the back of a turtle had to have a turtle underneath it, then another turtle underneath that one, ad infinitum. So with a notion of a god who, in turn, needs to have an older god who created him... Eventually you have to face up to the fact that there must be a First Cause.

Sadly, everyone who asks this question about 'God', fails to define the 'God' they mean. Until you define who this God is, the question cannot actually be answered. It's like asking "How long is a piece of string?" Show us the piece of string, and then we can answer the question. Define this God you want to know about. But when Christians state that their God is the uncreated Creator of this universe and all life in it, the question vanishes, because the answer is right there in the definition.
How come Jupiter never solidify itself like a normal planet?

 First of all, you need to tell us what is a "normal" planet according to you. There is nothing like a normal planet. If you wanted to say "Earth-like", spell it out clearly, damn it !

At Earth distance the KE of the atmospheric gases is so high (energy received by Sunlight radiation heating) that only a thin, flimsy atmosphere of a hundred miles or so seep, is possible . At Jupiter distance from the Sun, with ⅟27 ͭ ͪ of this energy & increased gravity (22.88 m/s² as against Earth's 9.78 m/s²) more gases are retained that make up the bulk of that planet.

Underneath those massive atmospheric layers the pressure gets so high that the gases even get liquefied (which we can neither see nor infer) or some might be solidified (we neither see nor infer) still below.

So, solid Jupiter is possible though hypothetical - but with a humongous overburden of mostly poisonous gases (as we step out of Earth environment everything is "poisonous" by definition , but that is perfectly "normal" as Life is an "abnormality").
Why doesn't gravity exists at the atomic level?

It does, and it continues to exist well below the Atomic Levels.

The affected path(s) of Bosons proves that gravity is in play down at that level, as well.
How do astronomers indirectly measure the temperature of the sun?

The sun radiates as a blackbody spectrum, so the Stefan–Boltzmann law tells us the temperature relation based on its luminosity.
Why is it so hard to turn lead into gold even in modern time?

Turning Pb into Au requires removing 3 protons, 7 neutrons and 3 electrons from the Pb atom. This requires an atomic accelerator to split the nucleus, and it is extremely difficult to selectively split off only 3 protons and 7 neutrons leaving exactly 79 protons and 118 neutrons in the nucleus of the atoms without also forming many other P + N counts.
Why do souls incarnate human bodies to learn life's lessons? Why can't it be done in the spirit world?

Ethereal Realm is High Vibratory Plane 6D and over. Material Realm is low vibratory plane hence 3D. Everything is slow in 3D and the character we exhibit speaks clearly what vibratory level we are in as say a Frequency. We cannot even think and speak base on a collective goodness of One.

We have two main division of bodies. The Subtle and the Gross Bodies. The Subtle being in First Highest Vibration is what is called Higher Self, or the Spirit. It exist outside of our plane but retain a link known as the Chords. 2nd Highest is the Spirit which is the manifestations of the Spirit in the Material Realm. It exist as a conscience and in suspended in Akashic. It is the recorder or all that is in Gross Body Experiences.

The Gross, being the dense of 3 is subdivided to another 3. The Mind Body or the Mindstream/ Consciousness (The one that Experience). The Emotional Body or Pain Body ( extension of the experiencing body as Sensory Body), and the Physical Body (The Physicality of all experiences).

Now why you are incarnating. Because you are trying to learn how to be Alive, than mere existing. You are subdivided because your truest essence is so high that the Human Vessel (Adam Kadmon Light Body) cannot support. Only the essential aspects are incarnated being the Mindstream, or the Spark. You are dwelling in limitations because you have to learn to adapt to such limitations. To learn how to do things manually than having to just order like so as a God. You are a collective of consciousness of the same One, in the Unity of the Whole expressed in exponential of possibilities.

You are not always you. If you are Atheist today, you will be religious in another. Why? Because you have to learn all opposites to understand not just one side of positive and negative, but to be all encompassing knowing. To be worthy of the Power you have to know when not to use same Power. And the more you desire Power the more it will be illusive.

Everything terminates with your Consciousness, without it nothing matters.
How long can an abandoned weather satellite stay in earth's orbit if no one is bringing it down?

 Weather satellites are in geosynchronous orbits, so that they view the same portion of Earth's surface all the time. Those orbits are far beyond the upper reaches of the atmosphere, and are permanent unless intentionally moved.

How do you trade a bird in the hand for 2 in the bush?

Insider trading
Can a F-22 fighter plane fly into orbit on a one way mission?

The aircraft limits are somewhere around 100,000 - 120,000ft altitude and maximum speed 1500 MPH or 2400 KPH.

Low earth orbit is classed as above 160KM Altitude; 520,000ft (Anything lower will still be in atmosphere and be slowed).

The velocity required to achieve that orbit is over 8KM per second or around 30,000 KPH.

Conventional jet engines run out of air far below orbital levels, that's why rocket engines are used that are not reliant on air for combustion.
Jets can be used part way, but a rocket system is needed for the higher altitude part and a lot of the overall energy input it to get the orbital speed rather than just altitude.

Some of the old "X Plane" test flights achieved Orbital or "Space" altitude, but they did not attempt orbital speeds and the planes landed relatively close to takeoff.

What did you do for a living in your past life?

 I was a badass assassin with about 200 kills when I was finally caught and tortured by MI5. They shot me when I tried to escape :(
How do you make God laugh?

Tickling, usually.

How deep do you have to dig a tunnel to survive a B-52 air strike?

The Mark 84 has a nominal weight of 2,000 lb (907.2 kg), but its actual weight varies depending on its fin, fuze options, and retardation configuration, from 1,972 to 2,083 lb (894.5 to 944.8 kg). It is a streamlined steel casing filled with 945 lb (428.6 kg) of Tritonal high explosive.

The Mark 84 is capable of forming a crater 50 feet (15.2 m) wide and 36 ft (11.0 m) deep.

It can penetrate up to 15 inches (381.0 mm) of metal or 11 ft (3.4 m) of concrete, depending on the height from which it is dropped, and causes lethal fragmentation to a radius of 400 yards (365.8 m)

so 100 meters is safe
How did the Stuka dive bombers knock out T-34 tanks when the Wehrmacht has to use the 88mm flak gun to penetrate its armors?

 I am not an expert on the matter but my father was a Belgian pilot during WWII and, from what I understand, the Stuka was equipped with an incendiary bomb that perhaps didn't penetrate the armor but fried people inside the tanks.

Incidentally, I own and fly often a Kitfox III aircraft that has flaperons, the same type the Stukas had. It is a combination of aileron and flaps. The advantage is that, as the air is pressed over the surface by the wing since it is detached from it, the aileron/flaps stalls after the wing itself. It gives very good roll control at low speed. The Kitfox is known for its STOL capacity.

If Hitler had decided to surrender to the Allied in 1944, would that have saved East Germany from going to the Russian?

No - the Allies would have insisted on unconditional surrender, and keeping the Soviets out of the occupation of Germany would not have been politically possible.
What's the function of those rectangular nozzles at the tip of German WW2 main tank guns?

I'm attaching a link to a photo of A Pzkw VI Tiger I; by "rectangular nozzle' at the tip of the main gun you are referring to what is known as a muzzle brake - and I'll happy tell it's function

Imagine firing a shotgun; everyone knows to steady yourself lest the recoil knock you on your butt... main guns being the same and the larger the calibre the greater the recoil. Guns like the Flak.88 are anti-aircraft cannons; huge guns - very high velocity - mass recoil.
One of the main contributors to recoil is the expulsion of the propellant gasses out the front of the barrel as the projectile exits; the gasses shoot straight forward so the counter-effect is the barrel recoiling back into the turret. But, if as the projectile exits the barrel the gasses are permitted to vent, you get less recoil.
That's what a muzzle brake does, vents the gasses sideways out the barrel [muzzle] thus dampens [brakes] the recoil - less recoil.. you can fit a bigger gun on a tank without having to increase the size of the turret.
Hope that helps :)

Artillery using a muzzle brake; you'll notice many assault rifles and such have little mini versions of muzzle brakes too.

Does reindeer meat tastes better than regular venison?

I had it in 2 ways on a trip to Sweden many years ago, and I found it the same, as chef here in Canada, I cooked it, moose, deer, caribou and muskox in the hotels I worked in, Reindeer is farmed like cattle and most venison on the market, wild shot is rare.
Did captured officers receive better food rations than the rest in either German or Russian POW camps during WW2?

In German camps, officers were separated from junior ranks, in camps usually bearing the title 'Oflag' and generally had marginally better food and considerably better living conditions.

Russians separated officers, but the conditions in an officers' camp were no better than a junior ranks' camp EXCEPT in the case of officers regarded as potentially useful (eg capable of being 'turned round' to broadcast for the Russians).
Russian camps - my father in law served in a German anti-Nazi unit of the Red Army under Walter Ulbricht. Part of their job was to identify potential anti-Nazis among German prisoners.
Do dead enemy tank crews still trapped inside their machines get removed and buried immediately after a WW2 battle?

 'immediately'? not always. Graves registration people came along behind to do that but, rather obviously, didn't do so until the battlefield was safe enough and they weren't busy elsewhere with allied soldiers' bodies.
Was there ever any castle fortification that manage to survive a siege by the Roman army?

The walled city of Hatra in the Near East twice resisted the Romans at the peak of their power. First it survived Trajan's attempt and a century later it withstood the army of Septimius Severus. Hatra was a strong citadel.
How come the 19th century Royal navy can fire its cannon shot every 90 sec, but it took the French the whole 5 min to do it?

The Royal Navy sailed the oceans and seas of the world and saw lots of action - it was the senior service in the British military,and regarded as far,far more important than the army by the government. Britain also had a seafaring tradition (being an island nation) so there were always plenty of experienced sailors to serve in the Royal Navy in wartime.

The French navy was always a poor relation to the French army.No French ruler ever really understood seapower properly,nor how to use it.The navy thus got,in terms of resources (including manpower) what wa sleft over after the army had got its needs.

Additionally,the French lost their Mediterranean fleet (with their best sailors) at Aboukir Bay in 1799.After that,the French naval forces remaining were either bottled up in port by British blockades or,when they did get out to sea,were fleeing pursuing British fleets.They thus got little chance for action,and thus were far,far less experienced in gunnery than their Royal Navy counterparts.

All of which is why Royal Navy sailors had a much faster rate of fire than French navy gunners.

Are nice humans smart enough to imitate human in opening locked doors with keys?

Some are. Orangutans, for example. tend to be good with "tools," which would include things like keys.

Someone once said that if you put a tool into a gorilla's enclosure, he'll ignore it. If you put it into a nice humananzee's enclosure, he'll play with it. If you put it into an orangutan's enclosure, he'll start trying to figure out whether he can use it to escape the enclosure.

And the chances aren't bad that he will be able to do exactly that.
Is Phoenicia the place where the Gallic tribes originated?

No. They were Celts. The Celts originated in Central Europe.
Can electrons further composed of subatomic particles?

No, an electron is a lepton, which is considered an elementary particle of matter. It's the first generation lepton, the others being the muon and the tau particles. All of them are leptons, and are elementary. Leptons are defined as particles that can exist alone, as opposed to quarks, which cannot exist alone. Just thought I'd throw some extra information in there.

Which army in the world has the best MRE?

First, the term MRE is fairly new. In the '50s we had "C" rations and "K" rations. The "K" rats were highly concentrated and suitable only for survival purposes. The "C" rats were things like chicken and noodles in a can. It was kind of like eating a can of Cambell's soup without heating it. The canned fruit or fruit coctail wasand is very much like the canned product of today. The biscuit was a hard as a hockey puck and had no significant taste. Overall they were not too bad, but nothing you would want to wait in line for. "C" rations always included a pack of Lucky Strike Cigarettes and a book of matches. How times have changed.

How did they handle POWs captured by the thousands during the Napoleonic wars?

Thousands of French prisoners of war were kept in rotting hulks (ships that were still afloat, barely, but unable to sail). This policy was deemed unsafe so a specially-built prison camp was built on Dartmoor, the camp eventually became a prison for convicts after the POWs were repatriated in 1815. Dartmoor was also used to hold American POWs from the 1812 war.
Which was worse for the Allied Navy, German Stuka dive bombers or Japanese Kamikaze planes?

depends on the level of airman skills of the respective two.

you may want to notice that Pearl Harbor did not involve any kamikazes BUT it involved a whole lot (two waves) of dive bombers of comparable performance (Val)
YET, it took a skilled and trained aviator to operate a dive bomber (of any production) effectively- and it took other skilled aviators to escort the bombers to the target.

sweeping Stuka under the rug with label "obsolete design" is simple yet short sighted. Stuka was no worse than Dauntless, well, bar the fixed undercarriage.

Is it possible to break up the Roman tortoise formation by showering them with flaming arrows or burning torches?

The Parthians around 53 BCE at Carrhae didn't need FLAMING arrows just good ones, capable of penetrating shields and armor. A steady heavy barrage of such arrows devastated the legions of Crassus.
Can 18th century cannons be neutralized by having crack infantries advancing behind an extremely thick lead shield?

It would require considerable manpower,which would have to advance in front of the main body of troops and thus get in the way of them doing anything effective.18th century armies were relatively small,and this would also have been seen as a waste of available manpower.

Further,solid shot cannonballs worked by bouncing across the ground in high arcs,NOT by traveling at a level angle straight into the enemy.Many cannonballs would thus bounce over the lead shield and hit the troops behind anyway.

Does the P-51 engine compartment provide sufficient armor to shield its pilot from 6 o'clock bullets firing from a pursuing enemy aircraft?

the Rolls Royce Merlin engine was in front of the chickenpit

It was the radiator that was behind...hence that noticeable scoop under the chickenpit.

Was Napoleon's wife, Josephine, really a lucky charm for him career wise?

 Napoleon thought she was, and that was good enough for him until he thought his glory needed him to sire a successor. He said as much, that in marrying Maria Theresa, "I married a womb."

Josephine knew the right people. Barras gave Napoleon his start, and Josephine was Barras' mistress. She was very influential for him. She charmed people into supporting him. She was the widow of an aristocrat, who was also a prisoner of the Revolution, who survived the Terror, who was the best friend of Therese Tallien, the mistress and later wife of the man who denounced Robespierre and ended the Terror. And Josephine knew how to beg for favours and get them. Marrying Josephine rubbed off some of her grace and charm and good fortune onto Napoleon.

Could Hannibal have won the second Punic war had he stormed the city of Rome after the battle of Cannae?

He didn't have the siege weapons so it's a moot point. Maybe he could have starved them into submission but he would have had just as much difficulty feeding his own army. His plan to dislodge Rome's Italian allies probably had the best chance of success, in my opinion.

Why couldn't Napoleon shelter his Grande Armee inside Moscow during the winter of 1812 to save them?

 The Russian general Mikhail Kutozov who was a really old wardog, he'd been shot in the eye and survived to many doctors horror. Had a plan originally for Austerlitz which was to Draw back to Ryssia and draw Bonaparte into Russia just when the winter hit. However Tsar Alexander was a glory hog and thought that he could easily destroy Bonaparte which led to their defeat. However now Kutuzov had a plan to give Moscow to Bonaparte but almost level it to the ground and take all the rations of food. So he couldn't live off the land and it was very very unbearable conditions in Moscow. Which gave Mikhail plenty of time to organise an ambush and many French died retreating from Russia either from Russian Muskets, cold or hunger. If he'd wanted to conquer russia he would have had to have done it very quickly. Hitler couldn't even conquer Russia quick enough and his army was more efficient that Napoleons.

Why didn't Napoleon invade Russia in February instead of June to hedge against Winter condition?

Napoleon attacked with 600 000 soldiers and already lost 150 000 in summer before invading Russia.
And Napoleon retreated in October 19th, because Russians burned all Russian supplies and his army would starve.

Winter has nothing to do with Napoleon's defeat. It's a British propaganda. Just like the real size of Napoleon was (168 cm) 5.51 feet tall, not (160 cm) 5.2 feet. But since French inch is higher than British, they spread the rumors that he was a midget.

Which item makes better firewall against bullets, tree blocks or sand bags?

Sand Bags all day, wood blocks (depending on the wood used) just tend to crack and shatter and go through them eventually, whereas sandbags dont have planes to break along due to the physics of how sand works on impacts
How come 17th century sea pirates never could escape the British navy even though they they had access to fast ships?

 Napoleon once said " an Army Marches upon it's Stomache "

translation the army had to be fed regularly and as such without adequate resouces the army simply wasn't

Pirates also had to eat and go to places for relaxation and spend their Plunder

Kingston Jamiaca was a really hot Pirate hang out in the age of Piracy

so at any given time a Royal Navy Raid on Kingston could nail half a dozen ships and the associated parties of interest

" you can run but you can't Hide" was as effective then as it is now

Can artificial selection produce dogs with bigger brain?

I'd have to say no to this one. You can, and should, breed for temperament and included in that is correct rearing to encourage good mental stimulation. It is possible to provide a puppy with as much as possible, by talking and interacting with them from a very young age. I had our litters indoors, and basically spent every waking moment with them, touching, playing when old enough, and generally talking to them.

Puppies left in a solitary situation with no mental stimulation will potentially be 'duller' than those who are encouraged to use their brains. Brain size, I'd suggest, isn't really relevant - it's how they USE the brain they have that matters.
How did the Aztec indians extract gold from ore if they didn't know anything about science?

They did know something about science, even if it wasn't as much as we know now.

It was only within the past few centuries that anyone has really understood atoms or chemicals in the modern sense, and before that everyone who extracted metals did so without a good theoretical knowledge of chemistry. That doesn't mean, though, that they didn't necessarily know the various processes to do to get various results.

Many cultures knew about smelting and metal extraction, and they knew the steps to carry out to do it, even if they didn't necessarily understand why it worked. Kind of like how some plants are useful in treating various diseases and symptoms. It's only been recently that we've been able to extract and analyse the chemicals in these plants that do this and develop them into drugs, but you don't need to understand that to know which plants might be useful for which disease.

Could a WW2 super-carrier be made impervious to dive bombers with a two feet thick steel deck?

Well, first of all, there was no such thing as a super carrier in WW2. The biggest carriers of that time were less than half the tonnage of a Nimitz class ship, which also doesn't have feet or armour, but maybe a couple of inches.

Any ship with a top coating of two feet of armour would either not be able to carry any weapons at all, or would be far too heavy to float.

And if your ship is impervious to dive bombing, what about torpedoes and heavy ship gunfire, which would come in more from the side than from above ?

How come gravity alone can't hold together an atmosphere after a planet like Mars lost its magnetic field?

 It's not just gravity it's temperature as well. Let's put it this way, you want to get off a planet then you will jump in a rocket. The rocket will accelerate to what we call escape velocity where it can coast along without fear of falling back to Earth.

Now temperature is a measure of heat and heat is the internal movement of molecules. Molecules are constantly moving around and bumping into each other - sometimes the molecules bump into each other and transfer their speed so that one molecule slows down and the other molecule speeds up. Sometimes the faster molecules get to be so fast they reach escape velocity and leave the planet altogether.

This happens with all planets but the heavier the molecules in the atmosphere the longer it takes, the warmer the planet the shorter it takes and the more gravity the planet has the longer it takes for the atmospheric gasses to bleed away into space.

Would it were that simple.

There is the additional factor of solar winds which also strip gasses from the atmosphere. So the closer to the Sun a planet is the stronger the solar winds the more the atmosphere is ripped away. Stripping by solar winds is the main cause of Mars' thin atmosphere because the normal bleeding away of Mars' atmosphere due to the heat of the molecules and the low gravity isn't enough for Mars to lose its atmosphere as quickly as it has. Mars lost its atmosphere so quickly due to its lack of magnetic field.

This raises an interesting question though. How come Venus still has a thick atmosphere despite being hotter, closer to the Sun and about the same size as Earth and yet without the protection of a magnetic field. It is believed Venus is losing a lot of its atmosphere but volcanic activity on Venus is replenishing it.

Is a homemade Batmobile street legal if it passed state inspection?

Every state has its own vehicle code. Commonly, they require bumpers, horns, lights, brakes, tail lights, turn signals and a few others. They may require a certain clearance (although my state does not). Some require doors and some do not.
Could the whole Roman empire be conquered by five people armed with Tommy guns?

No. Five people with guns could certainly do a lot of damage but they wouldn't be able to take out the entire Roman army. They would need to, at a minimum, fight their way into Rome, kill the emperor, and then project their power across the entire empire, which just isn't going to happen. Apart from running out of ammo, eventually someone would get the drop on them. And on top of that, it takes more than killing the emperor- Tommy guns or not, they would still need to get the entire empire to obey them.

Is it possible to brew your own alcohol while you're in the army?

Sure it is. Know plenty of guys who do their own beer, ale, hard ciders, and even wine. As long as you are over 21 and not selling it, you can brew your own, off base AND on base. There are no regs against doing home brew on base.
Is it possible for a private citizen to camp permanently in a national forest?

No. Camping is only allowed in designated camping areas. And camping permits are generally limited due to the high demand for them.

How come earth's orbital around the the sun doesn't create a sonic boom?

In order for a sonic boom to form, you need a medium for it to travel through. On Earth, it is air. Although there are trace amounts of gas in space, the medium is not dense enough (molecules are spread too far apart) for the sound shockwave to travel. So, no sonic boom in space.

How do they punish two marines who got into a fist fight?

Depending upon the circumstances and possible injuries it can range from extra duty, light fines, and possible loss of a stripe or two. If the fight was more serious one or both could face a Court Martial.

The Marine Corps is all about strict discipline a military bearing. A breach of either is taken seriously.

How would life be for an average person one thousand years from now?

People will have norvolux processors that enable them to sklane from nepi to nepi.

The will live in tantors that have integrated veldates.

Has anything useful ever come out of space research for the past 50 years?

 List of NASA technology, spinoff technology that would not exist if not for NASA, and technology that NASA tech greatly improved:

all of the satellite technology
hydroponic gardening
forecasting weather events
memory foam
the microchip
cell service
plasma screens
rechargeable batteries
the mri
microwave technologies
pharma and brain cancer improvements
ground processing scheduling system
semiconductor cubing
structural analysis
windows visual news reader
air quality monitor
virtual reality
advanced keyboards
database management system
laser surveying
aircraft controls
lightweight compact disc
expert system software
design graphics
enriched baby food
water purification system
scratch-resistant lenses
pool purification
ribbed swimsuit
portable coolers/warmers
athletic shoes
shock-absorbing helmets
smoke detectors
high-density batteries
trash compactors
food packaging and freeze-dried technology
composite golf clubs
quartz crystal timing equipment
forest management
sensors for environmental control
wind monitor
telemetry systems
fire resistant material
radiation insulation
environmental analysis
noise abatement
pollution measuring devices
radioactive leak detector
digital imaging br east biopsy system
br east cancer detection
laser angioplasty
ultrasound skin damage assessment
human tissue stimulator
cool suit - for multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other conditions
programmable pacemaker
ocular screening
automated urinalysis
medical gas analyzer
voice-controlled wheelchair
arteriosclerosis detection
ultrasound scanners
automatic insulin pump
portable x-ray device
invisible braces
dental arch wire
palate surgery technology
clean room apparel
implantable heart aid
bone analyzer
cataract surgery tools
magnetic liquids
welding sensor system
magnetic bearing system
engine lubricant
interactive computer training
high-pressure waterstripping
advanced welding torch
gasoline vapor recovery
self-locking fasteners
machine tool software
laser wire stri pper
lubricant coating process
wireless communications
emergency rescue cutters
fireman's air tanks
self-righting life raft
doppler radar
lead poison detection
corrosion protection coating
robotic hands
studless winter tires
better brakes
weight saving technology
improved aircraft engine
advanced lubricants
the flywheel energy storage system
wing design for corporate jets
safer bridges
emission testing
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Fitz · 1 year ago

How can you tell if a pet dog has human soul?

They are very tuned in to your emotions

How long can a starving person survive on boiled garden soil and shoes leather?

As long as a person is drinking, it takes a surprisingly long time to die. Hunger strikes have been known to last a couple months. And that's without any food whatsoever.

"In the first 3 days, the body is still using energy from glucose. After that, the liver starts processing body fat, in a process called ketosis. After 3 weeks the body enters a "starvation mode". At this point the body "mines" the muscles and vital organs for energy, and loss of bone marrow becomes life-threatening. There are examples of hunger strikers dying after 52 to 74 days of strike."

Eating soil might slightly lengthen the survival time, but it would depend a lot on the kind of soil.

Now, going without water - you're generally dead in about 3-4 days.
Can modern artillery lob a shell into the middle of a backyard from 10 miles away?

The distance is not a problem. But hitting your backyard may well be.
The accuracy of fire reduces over large distances.
Wind and air density alter. And there is a certain randomness in the angle at which the shell leaves the barrel as well as some variance in the speed of the projectile.
I don't know what accuracy can be achieved over these distances.

In world war one Big Bertha had an effective range of 8 miles and by world war 2 the germans had produced guns capable of an effective firing range of 39 km.

How come native American tribes didn't attack the US army on a rainny day where guns were useless?

First, rain didn't render even muskets useless, simply less effective. By the time of the invention of the cartridge round, rain was no longer a significant detriment to gunfire.

Second, rain generally impairs attackers more than defenders.

Third, native American tribes used plenty of guns themselves.

Fourth, native American tribes were often outnumbered anyway - battles like Little Big Horn were rare.

What does dinosaur egg taste like?

Depends on the dinosaur. The meat eater eggs are gamy, but the herbivore eggs have a creamy yolk and taste pretty much like a glorified chicken egg.

If a shark always has to swim, then how can it sleep?

They shut down the part of their sensory hemisphere that co-ordinates swimming movements.In sharks this is not located in the brain, but in the spinal chord. Thus, it is possible for an unconscious shark to swim.

If you find a wallet with $500 cash, how much of it would you keep?

Honestly? None. A year later, your character will be more valuable than the crap you spent the $500 on. Additionally, imagine the great feeling the person who lost it will have when the wallet is returned. You have the ability to do that good thing, to make that person's day, to restore just a bit of faith in humanity. If it is lost and there is an obvious way to return it, do so. If it is just money lying on the ground and you have no way to figure out who owns it, then you might as well keep it.

What's the first thing that people buy after they win a major lottery?

Well I don't know about other people's big spend, but when I win I will buy my mother a big house, then help the unfortunate, homeless and needy. Set up shelters .... maybe build a complex for homeless people who are determined to get back on their feet
Is it legal to dig a backyard water well in your residential home?

Yes, you'll have to check building codes for your area.

Where we live (Florida) many people have "city" water, but a well to use for watering lawns and such.....but a cistern that collects rainwater for the same purpose is not permitted. At our home in Ohio, many have an individual well for their domestic use (drinking, cooking, etc) . . . those aren't regulated much, but must be inspected by the Health Department periodically and certified when selling property.

So you're at the mercy of local laws.

Who will win this fight in an open battle field, a guy with 10 bricks or a dude with a pepper spray?

If he can maneuver himself upwind the guy with the bricks is the winner. Besides a brick has greater range than pepper spray and bricks are a renewable resource. Once the pepper spray is empty, that user is royally screwed.

Can a Roman army be countered by throwing sharp nails or spines in the middle of their formation?

How the barbaric defeated them was with hit and runs and ambush after ambush.

Can light photons exist forever in a vacuum?

Yep. They are eternal. So barring collision with something a photon goes on...and on...and on....

Which is why we can see all the way back in time to within roughly 380000 years of the big bang. That is, those 14 billion year old photons are still out there to be seen.

Turns out, according to the theory of relativity, if a particle goes the speed of light (you know, like light does...duh) its time rate relative to an outside observer's time will be zero. That is, time stands still aboard a photon. Thus it's eternal.

Does orbital distance from the sun have an effect on earth's gravity?

 No, but the Sun's gravity adds or subtracts a few parts per billion from Earth's gravity at various locations on Earth's surface depending mostly on the time, but a bit on the season and latitude.

Does an orange have enough mass to pull hydrogen molecules into its orbit in space?

In pure theory yes - in practice no.
The gravitic force is so small that a Hydrogen atom would escape if it was hit by a single photon.
What's it like to stay for a day on top of Mt Everest?

Climbers don't stay at the top a whole day, they start descent within a few hours to arrive at a safer level for the night.

What happen to a person if puberty never stop?

They will loose their virginity, no matter what because all they be thinking about is sex.

How far can a bullet travel if someone fire it from a handgun on Mars?

A long ways. Mars has almost no atmosphere (~1% of earth), so the bullet is traveling in a vacuum. If a typical handgun shoots a bullet at 1000fps, aimed at a 45 degree angle upwards, a bullet will travel about 12500 meters, or 7 3/4 miles.

EDIT - I forgot. Mars has about 1/3 the gravitation force as on earth. That means my answer is way off too, about 1/3 of the true value.

Can a bullet travel twice as far by doubling the length of the gun barrel?

 NO. The days of very long rifle barrels were related to Black Powder. The reason is the slow burn rate of old time Black Powder. The longer barrel allowed all the powder to burn completely, thus imparting optimum velocity to the departing projectile. In addition, the word rifle refers to a long shoulder fired firearm that includes a " rifled barrel " hence the word rifle is derived.

Now, in modern firearms we have much improved propellants. A wide selection of " burn rates " that we can tailor the velocity of the bullet to achieve the best accuracy. Through the years many tests, and developments have come about. Actually, the OPTIMUM barrel length as far as accuracy is a heavy contour barrel, around 18 " long. This reduces " barrel whip " a phenomenon that occurs when a shot is fired. The barrel of a rifle flexes. Having a consistent harmonic, and repeatable flexing each shot increases accuracy of the shot. This is what many modern rifle developments in mating the stock to the barrel have focused on.

Actually, ballistics, and firearm technology, is a very interesting subject. We know allot about it these days. Consider fr instance, what NASA does each time the send a rocket into space. How about landing on the Moon. That is simply the same as making a good shot. IMAGINE the " lead " ( how far ahead of the Moon they must " shoot " to meet the Moon perfectly ) Yep, that is ballistics at work

How can time slow down at the speed of light when clocks have fixed gears?

Many different answers can be given yet they all reach the same conclusion.
You have heard of "relativistic mass"
As something gains energy then it gains mass.
So as the clock approaches the speed of light, relative to an observer, then the balance wheel has more mass as seen by that observer. And being heavier it oscillates more slowly so the clock slows down.
Any and every other physical process which takes time is affected by the law F=ma
higher mass-> lower acceleration.

This is only one out of many explanations.
But it might give you an idea as to why time slows down.
How did they make fish hooks without using metal in ancient time?

Bone was a common material.

Stone age people weren't dumb. They made good use of what they had. If that was just a rock and a bone, they made a fish hook. Might have taken all day, but at the end of they day, they caught a fish.

Can wrestling and jiu jitsu be neutralized by biting an opponent in a fight?

Dan Severn was once bitten in one of his amateur wrestling matches.

I've been bitten by newbies in training who REALLY didn't want me to put on a choke. The solution is simple: drive the forearm deeper into their jaw. Takes away the bite and starts to unhinge the jaw.

You might surprise a guy once in a while, but if they're a superior grappler, they're in a better position than you are to hurt you. Banking on them to be frightened enough to disengage is quite the gamble. After all, what's preventing them from biting you back? Or from tearing your arm off, or laying in some punches? I hear a lot of ignorant folks talking about, "bite the guy if he has you in an arm bar", but here's the thing: you're, at best, going to take out a quarter-sized chunk of skin, in exchange for probably having your elbow snapped. Now you're in a fight, down one arm, and the guy is pissed off at you for biting him. Not much of a win, is it?

I mean, use it if you have to, but it's better to actually learn some grappling yourself in order to neutralize grappling. That's the most effective way to train. The guys who are the best at defending take-downs are wrestlers, and the guys with the best submission defense are BJJ black belts.
How come the Red Army didn't use more smoke grenades when they advance against German gunners in WW2?

1) Soviets didnt really go in for things like smoke grenades as they didnt have enough lethal weapons of war.

2) All major military operations back then were conducted during the day because they had no night vision. Large operations at night would be a cluster phuck fulk of fratricide and little chance of being successful

Can the Führerbunker in Berlin withstand a direct hit from a modern bunker buster?

 No the Biggest and then Best Bunkers Built were at Wilhelmshaven the German sub Pens were Destroyed with subs Inside by the British 20,000 pound Bomb

the Bunker was Built with the Same engineering Systems and Concrete

the Damaged Hitler Bunker is Still there and the Holocaust memorial is Built over Goballs Bunker complex

i must thank my learned Friend Not Wilhelmshaven planned But never Built

Hamburg, 9 April 1945
17 aircraft of No. 617 Squadron, two with Grand Slams and the remainder with Tallboy bombs successfully attacked the U-boat shelters. The Grand Slams appear to have missed, but six Tallboy hits caused considerable damage.

from all the Damage I saw in Berlin and Hamburg there was Little that a Grand slam could Not destroy

there is a large Hill Mound along a Rail Line In Berlin part of the Berlin anti aircraft defence after Many attempts to destroy they used Rubble and Just Covered it up

today there are the Berlin Underground explorers

The area of the Reichskanzlei has been completely changed. It was in East Berlin, and the Communist government razed the ruins and leveled the area, which was near the Berlin Wall. However, the bunkers remained underground. But in 1988-89, apartment buildings were built on the site of the Chancellery and along Wilhelmstraße, and the bunkers were destroyed in the process.

The roof of the Führerbunker, which was reinforced concrete some 10 feet thick, was broken up and allowed to fall down into the rooms below, and the remains recovered.

These remains are now under a parking lot near the angle in the 1988 street named An der Kolonnade, which runs between Wilhelmstraße and Voss-Straße. looking toward the apartment buildings along Wilhelmstraße from the end of In der Ministergärten Straße, The bunker remains are beneath the parking area at the right side so still there But buried

Who has a better life, a Roman emperor or a modern billionaire?

Probably a modern billionaire. As you can see from looking at American presidents for example, having that responsibility can age a person quickly as, no matter what, people don't like your decision. The weight was probably heavier for an Imperator actually ruling an empire and also being at high risk from not only foreign assassins of political ones, but your own elite household guard - the Praetorians (known for forcibly taking out emperors and installing their own). This also includes the Huns, barbarian invasions, and the Parthian/Sassanid Empire on their borders in the east. I don't think a billionaire has to even worry about a fraction of this...

How did early riflemen compensate for their slow rate of fire against enemy armed with bow and arrows?

If you mean early handgunners then they didnt. Handguns and other firearms became popular for 2 main reasons 1.A bowman took a lifetime of training whereas a handgunner could be trained in a very short time.2 as handgunners started to be used armour had developed to the point where although it was horrendously expensive it couldnt be penetrated by muscle driven arrows however it could by firearms.When European armies later came across armies armed with bows Cannons were used together with combined attacks with cavalry or a rapid advance one volley and in with the bayonet.

Who's more likely to win this fight, some dude with a a taser gun vs another dude armed with a mace sprayer?

 First...."Mace" has been obsolete for many years. It was essentially tear gas, and was quite ineffective. Our department issued the stuff back in the 70s, and promptly dropped it.

Perhaps you're thinking of the more modern substance, "Pepper Spray".

The Taser is essentially a one-shot item. If you manage to stick both darts in the target with your shot, he/she will be quite thoroughly disabled. and you can continue to apply the "pulse" once the darts are in. On the other hand, the range is only about 15 feet for most models, with about 9 feet being optimal. If the guy stands back.... You are likely out of luck.

Pepper spray varies wildly in range and spray pattern depending on the manufacturer and model. The best throw a strong, oily/viscous stream for about 20 feet. A good hit in the face area will render the victim essentially blind and in great discomfort.

I'd rather have the pepper-spray. (We use both.)

Which gives you a better chance of survival, a knife fight against 10 pit bulls or a sword fight against a lion?

I would say a knife against ten pit bulls , the lion would just jump on you flatten you on the ground and then bite you no matter what you did with the sword.

Who gets pay more in the US arm force, a navy seal or an Abrams tank commander?

Military pays (I like to use the word "Gross Income") do not only based on your paygrade & time-in-service; people in different jobs/positions receive different Gross Incomes. Ex: Do you really think that an Army Infantry Officer makes the same amount of Gross Income as an Army Doctor (if both of them are of the same paygrade and have the same time-in-service)?

I do not know about the tank commander. But Enlisted Navy SEALs, besides the Base Pay, BAH, & BAS, they also receive additional Incentive Pays each month:

SDAP: $450
Jump Pay: $165 (if HALO/HAHO, then it is $225)
Dive Pay: $150-$340
Demolition Pay: $150
FLPP: ranging from $125-$1,000/mo. depends on the language & fluency (to get $1,000, you'd better be very fluent in multiple languages).

Then, you will also receive the portion of the Enlistment/Re-enlistment Bonus that you did not receive yet (normally, you get half of the bonus up front, then the other half will be paid in monthly installments throughout the remaining length of your contract).

Additionally, as a SEAL, you may also receive additional pays during deployments such as Sea Pay, HDIP/IDP etc.

Is it possible to light a candle at absolute zero temperature?

 To get the candle to light, you need enough energy to bring the wax to a temperature at which is melts and then to the point at which it vaporises and then burns. From 0 degrees Kelvin, that's a lot of heat for wax,

Then there's the getting of the energy to the candle....

So, theoretically, yes; practically, no.

Why does alcohol warms you up on a cold day?

 It widens your veins causing more blood to flow through your body.

How did people sanitize their drinking water during Roman time?

  On the whole they didn't. Roman-era cities were dependent on fresh water being brought in via aqueducts, from clean springs or streams fed by mountain snow melt often great distances away. There also could be aquifers or wells inside city walls that drew directly from the subterranean water table, which could very in cleanliness based on how much pollution saturated the nearby soil. Only the foolish would try to do much with the water in any river or stream running through the city, as it invariably carried all the population's sewage.

What British surnames could be traced to their origin of ancient Romans settling in Great Britain?

 None of them. Surnames came in during the later middle ages.

Were German MREs better than Allied MREs during WW2?

Both sides had several types of rations: survival, combat, and garrison.

There was no substantial difference between the survival rations used by either side. German combat rations were generally inferior to US combat rations throughout the war, both in variety and substance. As the war progressed, German combat rations grew worse in quality and substance. An example, American troops got a huge variety of canned meat of all types. Germans received tubes of meat and fish paste; paste that was made up of by products you don't want to know about.

Garrison rations are generally a mix of regular canned products and fresh foodstuffs. Initially there was no difference, but as the war wore on, the Germans found it increasing difficult to provide much of anything. Most German units foraged on the countryside to supplement their meager canned rations., and eventually received little more than combat rations as a rule - even in garrison.

What's it like driving a Ferrari?

 Driving a supercar is an interesting ordeal.

the very first thing you notice is the height of the car when you sit in it. being extremely low, it can be uncomfortable for some to get in and out of a supercar especially if you are a large person (both tall and overweight can cause problems) as soon as you have sat down, things get better because you will find that the sitting position is quite fitting and you'll find that you feel right at home in the car.
as soon as you turn it on, you'll notice the huge growl from the engine, it wont feel shaky like cheap car.

I've only driven E gear supercars (R8 and F430 F1 though if i had the option of driving manual i would) but as soon as you engage first, you'll notice that the car wont creep forwards like a regular automatic. instead you will have to feather the gas to get it moving. the very first time this happens can be quite a scary experience since you wont know how sensitive the gas is. after you get it moving past a crawl and you actually start to accelerate, you instantly feel that you are in a fast car. immediately you will feel how much you accelerate with such little pedal movement. by this time you may also feel another interesting issue with supercars. they are uncomfortable. due to the extra stiff sports suspensions fitted to supercars, they feel very uncomfortable. every little bump in the road you will feel through your body. imagine riding on a racing go kart but on slightly deflated tires.
in combination with the super stiff and downright uncomfortable suspension you will notice that you are most likely carrying a lot more speed through corners. this is due to the lower center of gravity, better weight distribution and lack of body roll. your body will tell that the car has a higher limit and naturally you will use more performance. this increased sense of performance gets to the maximum on the highway. you will feel like your are driving very slow and in reality you are actually going quite fast. on the highway is where you will also notice the brakes. the brakes on a supercar need to be very good in order to be able to slow down from over 300 kph. a tap on the brakes in a supercar with the same fashion as a tap with a regular car will give you all the feedback you need to tell how much faster you can stop in a supercar. be sure to check your rearview mirror to keep people from rear ending you.

on the highway is where you will also get to hear the amazing engine powering your drive. unlike muscle cars that have an extremely deep grumble even while revving, a ferrari will have more of an operatic engine. it will scream rather than growl. it will be extremely happy to rev up quickly for you and unleash all the power behind it. if you get to floor it from a low speed (entering and merging into an empty highway) you will feel like you are riding an explosion.

Here you will also know what a good gearbox is. with an E gear transmission, you will be surprised at how incredibly fast the gearshifts are. the instantaneous drop in RPMs ready to be brought up the the eager engine will feel amazing.(while i havent driven a manual supercar yet i have driven a manual sports car and i cant imagine why the experience of shifting in a supercar would be much different)
past this information, comes the experience of ownership rather than a drive. you will see how much it costs to floor it in a fuel thirsty ferrari rather quickly but i think its worth it.

in both of my suercar test drives, i have never felt more at one with the road than any other times in a plethora of vehicles from german luxury sedans, american sedans, pick up trucks, SUVs, go karts, or even a regular sports car. nothing compares and you will remember your first time in a supercar your whole life.
if you live anywhere with a supercar rental agency nearby call them up and ask if they cal let you test drive for a fee. in my area i have which let you go on 30 minute test drives. I highly recommend doing something like this.
Were raccoons pet animals of some ancient civilization?

For many Native Americans, raccoon was sacred because he was human-like in washing his food.

Raccoon is also a trickster spirit in many North American tribes, particularly common in more light-hearted tales aimed at children. In some Raccoon legends he is portrayed purely as a mischief-maker, while the legends of other tribes focus on Raccoon using his cleverness and dexterity to escape from danger or acquire food.

Raccoons are also used as clan animals in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Raccoon Clans include the Muskogee Creek (whose Raccoon Clan is named Wotkalgi or Wotkvlke,) the Chippewa (whose Raccoon Clan and its totem are called Esiban,) the Chickasaw, the Shawnee, and the Menominee. Some eastern tribes, like the Lenape, Shawnee, and Iroquois, also have a Raccoon Dance among their tribal dance traditions.

Some tribes also ate raccoon.

As pets, though? NO. Native Americans did not keep pets. Life was too hard to support such luxuries. Animals were also held sacred and keeping them as pets would insult them.

Dogs were used in hunting. Wild horses were revered (who could not revere a wild horse, in any culture, at any time?) For the Native Americans, who revered the wild horses, they took great care in capturing and training them for practical uses, always mindful of the horses’ role in the spirit world. Domestic cats were not introduced to North America until 1492.

Can the Roman helmet withstand a direct arrow attack com a composite bow?

That would depend on

the range - composite bows had an effective range (that is,the range where expenditure of arrows compared to the number of wounds/fatalities inflicted made a sustained barrage of arrows worthwhile) of about 100 yards maximum

angle of impact - Roman helmets were designed so that plunging fire would deflect incoming missiles (archers,even mounted ones,had to use plunging fire against targets of formed bodies of enemy troops if they wanted to hit anyone further back than the front rank,or loose their arrows from anywhere except the front rank of their formation)

Arrowhead composition - for example the Huns used arrowheads made of bone,the Parthians arowheads made of iron,the Sassassinds arrowheads made of steel.Decide for yourself which would have greater penetrating power.

The helmet was standard issue throughout the Roman army,and it was there to protect the wearer.If it wasn't doing so,it wouldn't have been much use,and would have been discarded as standard issue or redesigned.Fir example during Trajan's Dacian Wars,when it became clear that the Dacian falx was capable of cutting through the Roman helmet in close combat,Trajan had a new,reinforced design of helmet constructed and issued to all his Roman infantry and cavalry.
Do millionaires really mow the lawns for billionaires?

Yes, if they're Mexican millionaires.

Would there be a market for solid automobile tire?

Imagine the discomfort. And the loss of traction. And the damage to the rims/axles/bearings.

Solid tires went out of use for a good reason, back in 1888...90.

Is there any military plane that can fly beyond the reach of the lastest Surface to Air Missile?

the SR-71 flew to high and fast to get hit by a sam.
If the aurora project is real you bet it would as well.
As for modern air craft- stealth cuts down the radar cross signature of the b-2 and F-35  that any speed and altitude would be out of the reach of SAMS

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xx Re: Q&A (Reply 1)
April 30, 2016, 07:32:00 AM by gaden
Some Q&A from Mr. Gaden:

Do typical office coffee machine filters its water, or is it just tap water in the coffee?

It depends on the company office if they have a water filter or not.  taste it and see.

Why do Satan like to torture people in Hell?

He's evil?

What would you do if you could be invisible for a day?

Eat some french fries to see if you can see the chewed french fries going through your body.  It probably wouldn't look good passing through the large intestines and out through your anus.

Are there beam weapons accurate enough to neutralize rifle bullets while they're still in the air?

Why would you that when you can develop a mosquito neutralizer and put it to good use.  How often do you neutralize bullets?  What a dumb question.

How do they vibrate an atom or molecules to get them occupying a higher dimension?

Shock it with something, like that bullet neutralizer.

How does the Dead Sea Scroll reconcile with modern Christianity when it said that reincarnation exist?

Dead Sea scrolls contain some of the scriptures from the Old Testament.  Those old ancient people are weird.
xx Re: Q&A (Reply 2)
May 01, 2016, 10:26:05 AM by Believe
What are some potent aphrodisiac foods beside chocolate?

Taro Root
Goat's horn

Which activity burns more calories, laughing or crying?

Laughing. Imo... I laugh a lot during the day and I actually I feel the burn in my tummy XDD


Is a grown nice human strong enough to flip over a car to get to a banana?

That banana won't be much good if a car is on top of it. If it's just resting under the chassis, all the nice human has to do is crawl under.


Can a live gold fish make it to the drainage ditch after being flush down the toilet?
It would have to go through a lot of pipes that have no oxygen, so the fish would be dead even if it got to the ditch. But if you live where your toilet flushes into an open ditch, you have bigger things to worry about.


Are termites more nutritious than ants in a survival situation?

I think size of the insect “meal” is more relevant than the species. A giant queen termite may be 1-2“ long and thus provide a decent amount calories to someone who is willing to eat it. On the other hand, most ant queens are much smaller. Size matters, but how many of each species you eat is also important.  If you can skillfully catch hundreds of ants, that would be a good size meal! Bottom-line, in a survival situation, capture and eat either one to survive.

Don’t be finicky! Both are loaded with protein.


What are good investments one can make with a million dollars?

Many, real estates , stock, bond.


Who would you like to reincarnate as in your next lifetime?

My life is going pretty much how I want. Assuming there is a next life, I think I would just want to be another person with the same knowledge I accumulate in this life. Take my education even further.


What's the weirdest thing you've seen while swimming in a public beach?

Um.... May not be very wierd to most of you but I was ten at the time. I was snorkelling and I saw two people kissing each other and the girl wasn't wearing anything...


What is the general cause of pancreatic cancer?

Cancer is a direct result of a defective immune system. Everyone has cancerous cells in their body, but the immune system keeps them from multiplying rapidly and getting out of hand. The liver is the main organ of the immune system, purifying the blood which transports all undesirable elements away from individual cells and disposing of them through the colon. The bile ducts connecting the liver, gaul bladder and pancreas can not be constricted, or the function of those organs is impaired. Many oncologists who contract cancer themselves, do not resort to the advised regimen of chemo-therapy, but instead resort to a homeopathic treatment of coffee retention enemas. This has the unique ability to dilate the bile ducts and allow the organs to detoxify, improving their ability to fight off cancer. There are several early warning signs of a needing to start coffee enemas:

 1) developing gaul stones. These are formed in the liver initially and transported through the bile ducts to the gaul bladder where they become lodged and can not exit due to constricted bile ducts.

2) oily complexion, and blemishes such as age spots. These are formed because the blood is not transporting waste product away from the skin cells.

3) formation of polyps in the large colon. Again, blood not transporting waste away and the lodging of impacted feces in the crevices of the colon, which is taken care of by the coffee retention enema. Strangely, drinking coffee has the direct opposite effect on the bile ducts. Many doctors who advise the treatment warn against drinking coffee, at least on the same day as the enema is administered. I enjoy an occasional cup of joe, but refrain the day of and after the retention enema. I am a cancer survivor.


Who would've been more interesting in a casual conversation, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

I would go for Jobs as he was a druggy and they are normally more chatty than nerds.


Which is more physically demanding, an ancient Roman infantry or a modern USMC boot camp?

Overall the Romans probably had it harder. They did not get to ride around in trucks and planes. They had to walk everywhere they went. Their drill instructors did not have to worry about hurting any of them during training and being sued. If you lost a few recruits during training, too bad. Plus they were trained on a lot of equipment with edges. Failure to learn how to block an attack comes with an automatic punishment, the drill instructor will not have to yell you at all. Lastly, Roman "boot camp" lasted pretty much the entire enlistment as they never stopped training and did not have weekends off.


Could the Gauls have won at Alesia had they catapulted food supplies into Vercingetorix's position?

The Gauls didn't have the technical expertise to construct such weapons,nor the training and skill to use them even if they had captured some. The distance from the outside of the walls of contravallation (the ones the Gaul relieving force wiuld need to get through first - the walls of circumvallation were the ones surrounding Alesia,and the whole Roman army was between them and the outwrad facing walls of contravallation) was miles, not yards, so any catapults that the Gauls had or might have used were too far away for your theory to be effective.

Given a situation where the relieving Gaul army did have catapults and was using them to hurl food into the besieged city,Caesar would probably have launched a raid to destroy them to end this. So,your idea is basically a non starter on all levels.


Was there any survivor in Carthage after the Romans finished leveling that city?

An estimated 50,000 surviving inhabitants were sold into slavery. Scipio then followed his orders to the letter. Carthage was to be razed to the ground, no stone was to be left upon another, the soil was to be ploughed and strewn with salt. Alas, when Carthage was destroyed so famously by Rome, not all of her building were razed to the ground. As buildings were destroyed on the hills, their rubble covered some of those buildings on the slopes. Therefore there was indeed buildings left to excavate for modern day archaeologists. (The buildings suggest that even wealthy Carthaginians lived in relatively small houses, with no central courtyards.)


Has a dead pet animal ever come back to see you in a dream?

Yes. My dog ran away and was hit by a truck. A few days later before everyone knew what happened, he came to me in a dream telling me that he was okay and up in heaven. He was talking and I know it sounds gross but you could see his ribs where he was hit. But he was happy and being himself and talking in a human voice saying I shouldn't worry about him because hes in a better place.


What kind of vegetables are good to grow on Mars?

ones that can hold their breath


What percentage of the people who live in Rome today actually have ancient Roman genetics?

"Roman genetics"?? No such thing. Modern Italians are descended from a mix of bloodlines from all over Europe, North Africa and the Middle East -- the region has been a crossroads for immigration and assimilation for thousands of years. There is no "Roman bloodline" -- that sort of genetic separation only occurs when a population is isolate for many thousands of years. There were some distinctive genetic strains on the Italian peninsula, but that was loooong before the Roman empire. The Romans were too recent and too diverse to have developed a distinct genetic line. Look at the map of genetic haplo-groups for Europe and notice that Italy is pretty much a patchwork today.


How is it possible for spiritual entities to know about the future so many years in advance?

there are probability algorithms that can predict future events. there is a computer program named Merlin 10 thousand year old spirits probably can predict things just by guessing. through experience


Why do you need a candle to summon spirits?

I think a candle is used as a "focus" point, allowing all to focus on and in one area. And since this started way before electricity came about, it naturally had to be a candle for light. Otherwise, they would be sitting in the dark, unless they used a lantern.


What's the wisest quote of wisdom that you have ever read or hear?

Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder. Yes!


How many fingers am I holding up?

None, you are typing.


Can one hear grasses grow on a quiet night?

I used to own an Alfa Romeo that I could hear rust on a quiet night.


How do they manage to burn vegetable oil with a spark plug in biodiesel-fuel cars?

Diesel engines are compression ignited engines not spark ignited, they don't use spark plugs to burn vegetable oil in diesel engines, but if the vegetable oil and the engine are hot enough, they can inject the oil in, which would then ignite from the high compression. They would have to switch back to diesel to purge the injectors and engine of vegetable oil before turning off the engine or the oil would clog the injectors.


What's the typical salary for newscaster at a local television station?

 In NYC more than $100K a year, for well established newscasters about twice as much, for TV celebrity news personalities you could add a zero to that number.


Why do ghosts always whisper short sentences in audio recordings?

Because it takes a lot of energy for them to talk. That's why they talk in short sentences


How do you say "Hi" in whale language?

Whales and dolphins speak very complex languages and it is known as "whale language". We can tell because scientists have studied the different frequencies they make in different scenarios. They make 1,000s of different noises. Apes also have a language. They make noises and non-vebal communications such as chest beating. We are the only animals with a written language though.


Is there a way to have frank conversations with your guardian angel?

Yes, I have five. I'm pretty close with three of them. Two of them only guard me out of duty. If you study a practice known as Mysticism or Candle Magic it's rather easy.


Do electrons stand still at absolute zero temperature?

According to thermodynamic yes the electron would stand still at absolute zero, but Then the quantum mechanics would take over and make the electron move again. So no the electron can never be stopped from orbiting the atom.


Can a person get enough Vitamin D just from indoor lighting?

No. Production of vitamin D in the skin requires exposure to ultraviolet light of UVB type at wavelengths between 270 and 300 nm. These are not present in the light from indoor fluorescent lamps.


Is riding a personal hot air balloon to work a good idea?

Riding is not the same as being in control. Hot air balloon pilot need a license, which is obtained after passing thought ground school, written exam, medical, several hours of flight training with a qualified instructor. If someone who is already a pilot offers you a ride, you do not need anything specific to get on board. But to ride a balloon to work means you need the wind to blow exactly in the right direction. Which gets even more complicated when its time to get back home.


Is there a way to tell if a goat has been assaulted by a farmer?

Does the goat appear to be unusually happy? If so, then yes.


Does car engines run well on cooking oil in case of an emergency?

Only a diesel engine and although you can get a diesel engine to run on vegetable oil, it will gunk up the fuel injectors and cylinders requiring a very expensive repair. If you intend to run your diesel car on vegetable oil, you should at least get the two tank modification where you have a separate heated tank for the vegetable oil, you start the engine on regular diesel and a controller switches to vegetable oil once the engine and vegetable oil are hot enough, then before you stop the engine, you press a purge button to run the engine on diesel to avoid letting vegetable oil cool down and clogging the injectors. There are now one tank conversions where the injectors are replaced with ones more tolerant of vegetable oils however it would still be wise to have the separate tanks and controller even if you change the injectors. You can get a gasoline engine to run on pure ethanol though but it may run lean if it's fuel injector computer limits the fuel air mixture to levels appropriate for a 33% ethanol to gasoline blend.


Why doesn't human's spinal cord regenerate itself after a severe injury?

In the peripheral nervous system, the nerves are surrounded by cells that can reproduce and form a tunnel around a severely injured nerve and help the nerve (which is actually a process of a cell within the spinal cord or brain) regrow down to the proper place it served. These cells are called Schwan cells. In the central nervous system of the brain and spinal cord, the nerves are covered by oligodendrocytes that cannot reproduce and form a tunnel showing the nerve the correct way to form


What was the average lifespan for ancient Atlantans?

On the island, the gods and the earliest humans coexisted. The gods were immortal, and the humans lived for about a thousand years (in today's units of measurement).


Who would you rather bed with, a contortionist or a bodybuilder?

Neither. Since I have morals, I don't choose to have sex with someone based on superficial traits.


Is there a quick way to skim gold atoms out of sea water?


The concentration of gold ions in sea water is roughly 1.5 oz troy per cubic kilometer of ocean water. (that works out to about $2,500 per 264 billion gallons in todays market). Imagine spending millions of dollars investing in a process to extract that gold and trying to recover your investment and turn a profit. you would have to process hundreds of trillions of gallons of water


Which is worse, sleeping alone in a real haunted house or on a ghetto sidewalk?

either way ill die but i pick haunted house


What insect beside the ants can produce formic acid?

bees and other stinging hymenopteran. Also some carabid beetles have glands that produce formic acid, they defensively spray any threats.


Does lessening the size of individual photon packet increase the speed of light?

Uh, no. Light (all electromagnetic radiation) moves at one speed, and one speed only. 186,282 miles per second. It never moves slower or faster than this. Many people think that light slows down when moving through a medium like water or air. But this is a bit of a misnomer. The overall progress of the light through the medium slows. Because the photons are constantly hitting atoms in the medium, being absorbed by them, and new photons get emitted. This slows down the overall progress. But the individual photons are still ALWAYS moving at the exact same speed. The speed of light. And there is no way to increase or decrease the "size" of a photon. Photons have no size. If you mean the wavelength this has only to do with the amount of energy the photon is transmitting. As far as we currently understand, there's nothing you can do to a photon that will change the speed of light, other than making it go through a non-vacuum material (which will reduce the speed of light for *all* photons).


Does light speed remains constant at both end of the electromagnetic spectrum? Are all photon packets equal in size?

In vacuum, light always travels at the same speed at all portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The fundamental equations describing electromagnetic waves (light), known as Maxwell's equations give a wave equation with wave speed that equals a constant c independent of frequency. This makes sense because speed and frequency are different properties. Interestingly, the speed of light in vacuum is the same in all frames of reference as well, leading to the Special Relativity. Inside materials, things get more interesting. As light interacts with the material it is passing through, it gets slowed down based on how the electrons and other charged particles oscillate in response to the passing electromagnetic wave. Due to the way electrons are bonded to atoms in a certain material, they can respond (oscillate) better to some frequencies of light than others. As a result some frequencies of light travel faster through a certain material than other frequencies. This effect is known as dispersion. It is the reason that a prism can split white light into a rainbow. It is also what distorts the shape of a packet of light as it travels down an optical fiber, and makes blurred rainbow fringes appear in uncorrected systems of lenses.


Is there any sizable planet in space that doesn't rotate on itself during planetary orbit?

All celestial bodies rotate (with the possible exception of a certain type of black hole*). The spin is imparted to them during the gravitational collapse that forms them. It is, however, possible for the body to appear to not spin, a process called tidal lock -- so that rotates at effectively the same speed it revolves - the Moon is tidally locked to the Earth, for instance, and thus the same face of the Moon is always presented to the planet. There are several known exosolar planets believed to be tidally locked (Tau Bootis b off the top of my head), and Mercury was believed to be as well for a long time, though that was dis-proven by the USSR in 1962 , it's still often cited as being tidally locked. Source(s):*though the fact that the bodies they're created from have a spin, all stellar and supermassive black holes SHOULD spin and the rotational period of a few is known. Non spinning BHs are either primordial, theoretical or both.


How much wood can Chuck the woodchuck chuck if Chuck the woodchuck just chucks another woodchuck to chuck?

Chuck could chuck as much wood as Chuck the woodchuck could chuck~stop chucking my wood


How do you visualize human civilization a thousand years from now?

I personally believe that humanity will spread out across the solar system in the next 100-200 years. Mars will be terraformed and will become humanity's primary home. All humans will be required to leave Earth in ~500 years or so, returning Earth to its former wild state. Buffalo will once again roam the great plains of North America. The first star ships to other solar systems will be launched from the moons of Mars or the asteroid belt in 200 years or so. By 1,000 years we will have colonies in 50-100 star systems, with continued expansion onging. I can't wait.


How come there aren't any fossilized animals prior to the Cambrian explosion?

Actually there were. They are known as the Ediacaran fauna. They appear to have very little, if anything, to do with the animals that would later appear during the Cambrian Explosion. About the only recognizable fossils of the Ediacaran fauna are the jellyfishes. The Ediacaran fauna is so weird that some of them looked like plants. Most of them were extinct by the beginning of the Cambrian. The one thing that characterized the Cambrian animals is not hard body parts, but the emergence of Hox genes. Some scientists believe that the emergence of Hox genes enabled the Cambrian Explosion. Others hang on to the view that the Cambrian explosion was really made possible by the appearance of animals with hard body parts. Since all living animal phyla (except for jellyfishes and sponges) have Hox genes (jellyfishes have the precursors to Hox genes), one wonders why only certain animals evolved hard body parts but not others, and also what happened to the Ediacaran fauna. Did they die out because of the lack of hard body parts or did they die out because they could not compete against the Cambrian biota. Or did they die out because of a catastrophe?


Can bacteria and small microbes escape from container through water vapor?

Not through water vapor, but yes, microbes can become airborne.


Can grass be eaten by cooking it into a paste?

No we cannot digest the grass as such. The thermal energy cannot break down cellulose to glucose. Only cellulases can do that. Making a paste of grass will just reduce the size of the cellulose fibre. It will not make into simple substance like glucose. Human does not have cellulases in their body.


Can world hunger be solved by planting fruit trees on public streets?

That answer is too simple.People are not starving from lack of food but usually from distribution of food.There are many people living areas with no streets.The world already produces much more food than people can ever eat


What's a CDARS system?

Although most wealthy people don't keep huge amounts of cash in a regular bank account, those who do use multiple banks, multiple bank accounts at one or more banks, and/or using the CDARS system. CDARS lets you buy CDs using one bank, but they spread the CDs out across multiple banks so you are never over the insurance limit at any single bank.

What's the most expensive food that you've eaten?

Some sort of toro sashimi. It was like $40/pc.


How large is the magnetic field's diameter of typical high voltage power line?

Considering that a high voltage wire generally has a voltage of less than a 1000V, the magnetic field it will generate will not be more than a couple of meters. It also has no boundary, it tapers off gradually, becoming fainter and fainter until it gets lost in noise. Just like a beam of light or the signal from a radio transmitter, it falls off as the inverse square of the distance.


What were sources of Jewish grievances against Rome in ancient time?

The Temple was built by Solomon, partially destroyed by Egyptian Pharaoh Sheshonk I, partially rebuilt under Jehoash, King of Judah, and totally destroyed by
the Babylonians. That was the end of the First Temple. It was rebuilt under Nehemiah, who was appointed Governor by Darius, although the reconstruction took much longer than his lifetime and according to the account the original permission had to be proved to later rulers. This Temple survived the wars of the Maccabees, and even a desecration by being turned over to pagan worship. Herod the Great completely refurbished the Temple and his building is known as the Third Temple, it was this building that the Romans destroyed in 70AD and among whose ruins Jews pray today.

The Jews always had the same problem with foreign rulers. They insisted there was only one God, and they refused to worship any others. Most of the story of the Old Testament is written to show how Jehovah and Israel are linked down the generations. As many of their foreign rulers insisted of deifying their ancestors and demanding they be worshiped this was a constant source of conflict. This brought them into conflict with the Seleucids when they deified Alexander the Great, and with the Romans who regularly deified their Emperors. To refuse sacrifice to the Imperial Cult was the same as refusing to take the oath of allegiance and regarded as Treason.

There was a constant low level rebellion in Palestine and Judea, partly fueled by the religious issue, but also by the influx of non-Jews into historic  Jewish territory. Caesarea, for example, was a Greco-Roman city in Galilee. Despite having re-built the Temple Herod the Great was regarded by many as a non-Jew because of his mixed ancestry, and despised because of his conduct, but he acted as a buffer between the Jews and Rome. When Judea became directly ruled conflict between Jews and Roman governors who neither understood nor had much tolerance for Jewish difference was inevitable.

The Great Revolt which came after many acts the Jews saw as provocative, was triggered by the theft of the Temple Treasury by Governor Florus in 66AD. A Roman garrison was wiped out by rebels bringing down the full force of Roman power under the Emperor Vespasian and his son Titus. They first ravaged the radical stronghold of Galilee, during which the Temple leadership simply prayed that they would not be punished also, and then when the rebels seized the Temple and killed the leadership, the Romans descended on Jerusalem. Rome's policy with rebellious peoples had always been to destroy their homeland and their identity. They had successfully done this in other places such as Dacia. The Jew, however, were already so dispersed around the Empire, and had such a strong identity that they survived the loss of their homeland and the Temple of their faith, adopting new forms of worship.


How did they entice young women to settle Australia in the 19th century?

Escape from the repressive Victorian England, pollution, crime and class conscious society. promise of lots of land, fresh air and wide open spaces. Those who werent convicts when they went, usually followed their husbands to Australia. No idea about single women travelling up to 4 months on a ship to the other side of the world.


Is there any material impenetrable by the electromagnetic field?

No. Any material will be penetrated, at least a little bit, by a field at any frequency. In some cases (for example, magnetic fields penetrating superconductors, or visible light penetrating good conductors) the penetration depth is microscopic, but it's not zero. And, at the other extreme, gamma rays will penetrate significant distances through any material whatsoever.


How does subduction produce magma when it happens too slowly to melt any rock?

There are two factors to consider. The first and most obvious is the increase in temperature as the plate moves down towards the mantle. I do not understand your comment about it happening too slowly to melt rock. The important factor is the increase in temperature with depth, not the time. The second factor is water content. As the oceanic plate descends at the subduction zone, water in the sediments is also transported downward. This water lowers the melting point of the rocks and allows the rocks to melt a little faster. Subduction brings down water saturated pelagic sediments with the subducting lithospheric slab. Adding water to the system decreases the melting point of mantle rocks. It is not the subducting slab that melts. Melting takes place in the mantle above the slab and is called flux melting, because it is aided by the presence of water.


Were underwear usages common in ancient time?

Yes, they wore underpants but bras were not invented until the 18th Century.


Do snakes and lizards dream at all when they sleep?

 I find this question quite interesting considering snakes and lizards are my two favorite reptiles, but yes I do believe they do like I've filmed my leopard gecko in the middle of a dream. The way to tell if a lizard is is when their sleep and you'll notice they will be moving in a slow motion-type push-up, slowing bobbing their head up and down, on my video watch my gecko very closely and you'll see her moving a bit. They probably dream about chasing bugs and rodents lol. Great Question!


Has the rate of galaxial expansion slow down since the time of the Big Bang?

Only if you're comparing it to a time period starting at the big bang and going to about 4 billion years. If we compare the rate of expansion from then to now (which is roughly 10 billion years, and the majority of the time the universe has existed for) we see that the rate has gotten exponentially faster and faster. That cannot be called weaker. It's getting faster not slower, and because we live in a flat universe, that expansion will continue to gain speed and lead to the Big Freeze.

I like Lawrence Krauss, but he tends to propose impossibilities in his fervor. Such as what we're discussing in another question: That quantum fluctuations are the origin of the singularity in big bang which is impossible since quantum fluctuations can't occur without the universe already being in existence in some form. Let me re-phrase, he takes liberties which are a bit misleading.


Is it possible to crash land a P-51 Mustang after its propeller has gotten shot out in dog fights?

a Z-142 was forced to land near to where i live after suffering a devastating crack in a crankshaft, literally LOSING the propeller. they landed the plane perfectly well. a propeller LOST is a propeller that's NOT producing drag on your gliding airplane. in short, a positive thing, not a negative.


Is it true at Al Capone was haunted by ghosts toward the end of his life?

He was suffering mentally in his last years. I have heard stories about him trying to talk to people that were dead. However, he was suffering from advanced syphilis and that can bring about damage to the brain. He would have been talking to hallucinations not ghosts.


What are some of your favorite songs by Johnny Cash?

My favorites are:

-Ring of Fire
-A Boy Named Sue
-One Piece at a Time
-In the Jailhouse Now
-Daddy Sang Bass
-Folsom Prison Blues


Is the ocean pitch-black at the depth patrolled by the Navy submarine?

Sunlight dims about 10% for every 250 feet of ocean depth. So at 1600 feet, where sunlight is one million times dimmer, your eyes are useless unless you have artificial light with you. So how deep do military submarines go? Sorry, but that is classified information. You would be surprised at how well the ocean bottom has been charted to identify most, if not all, stationary objects underwater. Due to ongoing seismic

activity, some fixed objects do change their shape and location. To navigate safely, subs use these highly detailed charts along with global positioning (when on or near the surface) and inertial navigation (when deep underwater). And although there have been collisions involving submerged submarines, more collisions have occurred on the surface of the oceans. It should be obvious that moving objects do not appear on any of these charts. So that is when sonar is needed. And "Been there - Done that" has posted an excellent explanation here about how sonar is used to detect and track underwater objects.

You will notice that all military submarines are painted black. Sunlight can only penetrate the ocean to a depth of approximately 200 feet. After than pure black darkness! Looking down from the sky, a submarine will visually blend into the depths as soon as it leaves periscope depth. A submarine navigates by the use of sonar not radar. There are two types of sonar; Active and Passive. In the "active" mode, the submarine sends out a pulse of sound energy that reflects off of near and distant

objects and returns to the sub. This is what you see and hear in the movies. The "pinging" of sonar. In the 'passive" mode, the submarine "listens" for sounds in the water. This is the most common mode to use because the "active" mode gives the submarine's position away. Everything makes sounds, large and small. Even the computer you are using is emitting a sound that you can not hear. A light bulb emits sounds that you can

not hear. If you are in the U.S., the sound produced by the light bulb is 60hz per second. In the U.K. it is 50hz per second. The submarine has a very sophisticated computerized sonar system that can hear and track these minuscule sounds. Even whales, dolphins and fish. Whales, dolphins and other marine animals can hear and sense the submarine coming. They will stay away unless they are sick or injured. Dolphins can be an exception. When they hear or sense a submarine in the area, they like to dive down and play in our bow wake just like on a surface ship. They are so intelligent, they know to stay away from that powerful spinning propeller. In my 20 years of submarine service on 6 different Fast Attack Nuclear Powered Submarines, I have never had a collision with a whale, dolphin, walrus or polar bear :)


Can a person get charged with DWI while riding a horse?

lol; no. That's riding, not driving. BUT, they could get charged w/public intoxication (aka drunk & disorderly) if they exhibit behavior that puts themselves, others, property, or even the horse in danger.


Did they salvage and reuse cannon balls in ancient battles?

Yes, sometimes. There were of course problems: the balls went out of shape when they hit something, and the calibres of guns on the two sides were not always the same - but, yes, when they needed to. Just one example: at the siege of Acre, Napoleon was so short of ammunition that he offered cash to any soldier bringing in a second-hand cannon-ball - a bit like kids collecting lost golf-balls to sell at the club-house. Since to collect them the soldiers had to go into cannon fire, I wonder how many managed to collect the reward. Wood is too light to be much use as a cannon-ball and, unless totally free from cracks and shakes, is anyway likely to fly into splinters when the propellant charge explodes.


Can you serve road kills out of a food truck?

yes, only if you live in the wilderness of Alaska and your only customers are brown bears


Is it a good idea to hit on Santa's daughters?

mrs claus will eat you alive!!!


What made the Aleppo Citadel so impenetrable to an enemy seige? How many year worth of provisions did they stock in this fortress?

The enormous stone bridge constructed by Sultan Ghazi over the moat led to an imposing bent entrance complex. Would-be assailants to the castle would have to take over six turns up a vaulted entrance ramp, over which were machicolations for pouring hot liquids on attackers from the mezzanine above. They would have about 1 year of provisions in the fortress.


Do lobster fishermen get to eat lobsters all day long?

I'm sure they eay their share,taking a couple nice ones home for dinner,but just like the breakfast cook,the last thing he wants to see is fried eggs again for HIS meal.same goes for the lobsterman,he wants some nice steak,or fillet of sole,not what he yanks out of the traps all day long.I like lobster,but eating it daily gets old fast.Some nice clams are good and so is a baked ham.A good crock of clam chowder fills the belly and warms the soul.And so does a helping of hunter's stew.The thing about fishermen,and hunters,they really know what fresh is,and appreciate the quality of what they harvest for themselves and their families,and if they can make a living at it,so much the better.Catching is only a piece in the puzzle,a lot of sideline work has to happen first,like boat maintenance and bait prep and all the other pieces that have to also be fit into place as well.Sometimes just getting the gas for the boat isn't easy.


Can one feeds a family of four year round just by farming a backyard garden?

Yes. Both me and my wife grew up on small farms which supplied enough food for us and plenty to sell. We also came from hunting families. But you need at least 5 acres or more and some livestock or fowl.


Are raw eggs healthy for dogs?

Raw eggs are usually fine these days with the incidence of Salmonella being very low, but be aware that Salmonella poisoning can still occur. Use only fresh eggs that have been properly stored to minimise the risk or feed cooked eggs to be safe. Eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals, contain protein and are relatively low in fat. They can be fed safely to a normal, healthy dog in moderation;

however, repeatedly adding raw eggs to a dog's diet can cause a deficiency of the vitamin biotin. Raw egg whites contain avidin, an enzyme which ties up biotin (makes it unavailable for absorption into the body). Symptoms of biotin deficiency include dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), loss of hair, and poor growth.

Are there any time capsule dating back to the Roman Republic?

not as such, but there is a large pile of document which were buried in the eruption of vesuvius in the first century. They are charred almost to ash, but recent technology has made it possible to start reading them bit by bit. These documents will we very important because not that much of the records of Roman times survived the dark ages. We know the general history of Rome, but there are major gaps these documents might fill. Pornography was not uncommon in ancient rome, and much of it has survived walls (frescoes) and signs for brothels, also some pornographic scrolls.


Is it too cruel to boil a lobster?

NO living thing on earth wants to be boiled alive. I won a beautiful lobster once at a party, though, and I just couldn't kill him ... I hunted around and found a restaurant that had a lobster tank that was willing to take him and keep him and let him 'rule the tank' (no rubber bands on his claws, even) ... and yes, I marked him and went to see him every month for three years ... he was still there, still quite happy in his new tank


Good idea to colonize Antarctica?

No, too many people on the planet now. We should be asking how can we stop form colonizing. The human population growth of the last century has been truly phenomenal. It required only 40 years after 1950 for the population to double from 2.5 billion to 5 billion. This doubling time is less than the average human lifetime. The world population passed 6 billion just before the end of the 20th century. Present estimates are for the population to reach 8-12 billion before the end of the 21st century. During each lecture hour, more than 10,000 new people enter the world, a rate of ~3 per second! Of the 6 billion people, about half live in poverty and at least one fifth are severely undernourished. The rest live out their lives in comparative comfort and health.

The factors affecting global human population are very simple. They are fertility, mortality, initial population, and time. The current growth rate of ~1.3% per year is smaller than the peak which occurred a few decades ago (~2.1% per year in 1965-1970), but since this rate acts on a much larger population base, the absolute number of new people per year (~90 million) is at an all time high. The stabilization of population will require a reduction in fertility globally. In the most optimistic view, this will take some time.

The forms of life found on and around this frozen continent today possess unusual adaptations for surviving the rigours of cold temperatures, low humidity, ice sheets or salty soils characteristic of the region. Birds and seals in Antarctica (and to a lesser extent in the sub-Antarctic) breed and raise their young on ice or land, but depend on the rich resources of the ocean for their food. The marine ecosystem is rich with life. Whales, fishes, cephalopods and krill have provided, and will continue to provide, resources for mankind. The terrestrial life in Antarctica is simpler than that of the ocean. The appearance and the roles played by the organisms within their ecosystems, and the adaptations they show to the rigorous conditions are, however, of interest. Also on land, there are a variety of freshwater and saline lakes and ponds which contain a limited selection of aquatic forms.

The world must learn to use Antarctica's living resources wisely, to respect the delicate balance which these organisms occupy in Antarctic eco-systems, and to preserve or protect them from irreversible harm or damage. Unfortunately, there were periods in our history when respect for the balance of ecosystems was lacking, and costly lessons were learned through trial and error. Antarctica's role in human history has been recent, so that, apart from the marine ecosystem, it remains relatively pristine. Today we are facing a challenge to manage resources, living and non-living, and to keep Antarctica unspoiled. Success in this undertaking will benefit both present and future generations. The Antarctic Treaty signed in Washington on 1 December 1959, states:

    I - Antarctica shall be used for peaceful purposes only; any military measures are prohibited.

    II - Freedom of scientific investigation in Antarctica and cooperation as applied during IGY shall continue.

    III - Plans for scientific programmes and the observations and results thereof shall be freely exchanged; scientists may be exchanged between expeditions.

    IV - All national claims are frozen from the date of signature. No future activity of any country during the life of the Treaty can affect the status quo on any rights or claims to territorial sovereignty.

    V - Nuclear explosions and disposal of radioactive waste are prohibited in Antarctica.


Do dogs have long memories?

Forever. Dogs are very intelligent. This is why they remember the things you train them to do. I have an 11 year old beagle that I purchased from a farmer for $20.00 and he is the smartest dog I have ever had. When we first got him at 9 weeks old, I watched him pull up the covers over him and my husband. I couldn't believe it. To this day, he still lays down, rolls over, speaks, sits, gets his leash if I ask if he wants to go for a walk and he also gets the car keys when I ask if he wants to go for a drive. I almost think he is smarter than some people. So all in all, I feel that dogs do remember forever.


Is human-animal telepathic communication possible?

Yes-During World War 2, a watchmaker near Hamburg had his German Shepherd confiscated for the war effort (to work as a watchdog). A year and a half later, the man was put into a concentration camp when it was learned he was 1/4 Jewish. One night he and three others escaped, which was discovered 30 minutes later by the guards, who immediately released the dogs. In one of those strange occurrences of life, the dog that reached the escaped prisoners first was the watchmaker's dog that had been forcibly taken away. After all the training to attack prisoners, what would the dog do? Would it even recognize his old master, who was physically depleted and looked like a totally different person? Later, after crossing the allied lines, the man describes what had happened.

He said his eyes meet those of his dog, and that he felt a warmth in the back off his eyeballs. The dog suddenly turned around and began attacking the other dogs which were behind him starting to approach. The men made their escape during the dogfight, the result of which no one knows. The watchmaker never saw, or heard from his German Shepherd again. There is usually a warm feeling in the eyes when the process of sight telepathy occurs. While the previous example shows that between an animal and human, this feeling also happens when this form of telepathy happens between humans. It is the ganglion cells in the back of the eyes that take an image and convert it into electronic impulses which are then sent to the brain. It is this part of the body then, that is the first "processor" in function of mental telepathy. When trying to develop your mental telepathic talents, it is important to know what part of your body 'regulates' it, so you can then develop this physical part as well. It is the same logic why runners develop their legs, or a swimmer would want to develop their breathing.


Is there any way to create a homemade toothbrush?

A fresh twig/small branch. The cut end is frayed and spread out.


Do Tibetan monks have long lives?

I think tibetians have the shortest life amongst all 5 races in china, Han, Manch, Mongol, Islam, and tibetian, based on the consensus in china some years ago. I believe it is because of their hygene and the food they eat. They take the bath only twice in their life time, when they were born and when they get marriied. Also, they mainly eat meat and less vegetable that make them have shorter life. Many vegetarians are not monks, and tibetian monks are not the only monks who dont eat meat.


Can a person out-swim a grizzly bear?

Did the gingerbread man make it across the river? No. bears can run 40mph, and they swim extra fast.

Source(s): Common sense, bear has buoyancy fat, just plain fact


Are lands on the moon free for the taking?

No. The U.N long ago designated the Moon as "international territory", just like Antarctica. That means that countries can explore, work, and collect resources from the Moon, but cannot claim land there as sovereign territory.
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Is 98.6 F body temperature really optimal for human physiology? Same for all warm-blooded animals? Which one has the highest?

It just is. All our enzymes have their optimum activity ranging around this temperature. Some warm-blooded animals are a bit higher. Some are a bit lower. Some of the birds have temperatures higher than 104 degrees F. Also, you have cold receptors in your skin which react to lower temperatures and hot receptor which react to hot temperatures. Those receptors do no perceive an absolute temperature but a relative temperature. If you live in a temperate climate you might think it's hot in spring at 65 degree, but in summer, if it's been 80s for days 64 degrees will feel cold, since your temperature sensors adapted. You can test this by putting one hand into a bucket with rather warm water (don't make it warmer than you can stand), the other hand into a bucket or bowl with cold water. Leave the hands in the water for a few minutes. Then mix both bowls of water and stick both of your hands into that water. You'll notice that the hand which was in hot water thinks the water is cool, while the had which was in cold water thinks the water is warm. This is called sensory adaptation.


Do the White House's kitchens only cook for the First Family and guests?

There are some interesting books about life in the White House under various presidents and their families. One I liked is "Upstairs at the White House" (©1973) by J. B. West. He served as Chief Usher (rather like an executive butler) from 1941 to 1969, during six administrations.

Official banquets in the Roosevelt and Eisenhower days were coldly formal. When the Kennedys arrived, Mrs. Kennedy brought in round tables seating ten people, so that the guests could converse more generally. A French chef, René Verdon, prepared continental menus for the large official occasions. They also had a family cook, Pearl Nelson, although after a short while she was not really needed, and accepted another position in Georgetown.

As well as the professional chef, there was Zephyr Wright, the Johnsons' family cook,who cooked "southwest" to their tastes. Besides the official dinners, the Johnsons often entertained in an impromptu, informal fashion, so the kitchens always had to be ready to provide meals for any number of guests.

So basically, the White House kitchens function like a private restaurant, strictly for the president's family, their personal guests, and the traditional receptions and scheduled state dinners. They're far too busy for any other work.

The government pays for the White House staff, their meals eaten while at the White House, and all the food for official occasions. The president pays for all the daily food consumed by himself, his family, and their personal guests. This is accounted for separately.

As for exotic dishes, there were French spécialitiés during the Kennedy years, but in general the menus are more likely to feature items such as fine restaurants would offer. The formal dinners are pre-plated – no "choices". For family meals, the kitchens keep their favorite foods on hand, and are ready to prepare meals and snacks at any hour. They were a bit surprised when Mrs. Nixon requested cottage cheese, but they quickly managed to obtain some.


What would you have like to own if money is no object?



Do Cobras have immunity to other snakes' venoms?

Cobras tend to be immune to the venom of most other snakes given that they tend to eat other snakes, Rattle snakes aren't so lucky if a rattler bit a cobra the cobra would likely be fine reverse that situation and the rattler is lunch.


Are all WW2 anti-tank rifles obsoleted in modern time? Do M1 Abrams tanks come with AC unit for the crew?

World War II anti-tank rifles were not effective against early wartime tanks of 20 to 30 tons, which is why they fell out of use by 1941-42 (except with the Soviet's who had nothing else) so why would they be effective against today's 70-ton compound armored behemoths? Besides, some of the cartridges fired by those weapons are still with us - the Browning 0.5 HB (12.7x99) and Russian 14.5x114 are both still widely used today and both were designed as anti-tank cartridges. They are just used for different purposes today. The Abrams is literally the best battle tank on this Earth, and the armor is incredibly durable. If it can survive 4-7 shells from a hostile tank, I think it can take some armor piercing rounds. The best tactic today for the infantry man would seem to be finding a way to get the crew to abandon the tank. By soaking flames, by disabling the tank treads. Jamming the turret. Clogging the muzzle. Forcing it into a big hole. Battering the engine area completely. That's with out a modern anti tank shoulder fired weapon. By observing the action of warfare today? It would appear our tank crews do not really try to recover a lost tank. They burn it out. Too valued to fall into enemy hands and be rebuilt.

As for an AC, no. An AC Unit would add unnecessary weight.


Did German U-boats go after allied fishing vessels in WW2?

No , fishing boats were much too small. Many Trawlers had been taken out of Fishing and used as Coastal and oceangoing Escorts , and as minesweepers ( on the Allied side ) and as patrol vessels , escorts for coastal cargo convoys , and as minesweepers by the Germans ( google " Verpostenboote " ) .

Fish and fish oil was a vital British foodstuff , so fishing was continued in areas called " boxes " generally around Iceland , under cover of patrol aircraft and warship escort protection .

At the start of the War , submarines were supposed to operate by international warfighting conventions called " cruiser rules " which meant helping / rescuing the survivors of your submarine's attack -- however , that was a practical impossibility in most cases , and as the submarine was very vulnerable to counter-attack while engaged in rescue work , the German Submarine command under Admiral Doenitz eventually forbade it -- so much for cartoon propaganda depicting all U boat skippers as heartless Nazis machinegunning any survivors they came across -- had that been the reality , why the need for a general order banning humanitarian behaviour ? ?.


Do airline pilots get to have fun with female flight attendants when they're not on duty?

How about doctors playing with nurses (around all these beds in hospitals) -
And these lawyers and their secretaries (playing under the executive desk) -
The above do that when on "duty" -
Pilots wait to be on layover -

I will make you a confidence - Yes...
I had a girlfriend flight attendant - based Paris, with TWA - a Lebanese lady -
I was then with Pan American, based JFK... so we never flew together -
Since we were with a different airline -

So "it does not go like you imagine" -
And I was single - any objection...?

One of my best lady friend is a flight attendant who used to fly a lot with me -
She - and her husband are our close friends (of my wife and me) -
We often get together at parties, concerts or restaurants -


Who would you rather get stranded with on a deserted island, five naked women or one male survival expert?

One naked female survival expert? Otherwise five naked women, as there's a possibility that this "survival expert" doesn't even know anything about this particular island...


Is outer space an absolute vacuum or are there still trace of gas particles in it?

Outer space (also called just space) is all the space in the universe beyond Earth and its atmosphere. It can be simple stated that in outer space there is no air (atmosphere) and it is a vacuum (empty of matter) however, it is not actually empty. Space contains tiny particles called cosmic dust and elements like hydrogen and helium atoms. The vastness of space not having any beginning or end, has unimaginable distances between stars, planets and galaxies where the gas molecules density is so low that it is practically nonexistent. This is why astronauts have to wear special suits carrying air (oxygen) supply for breathing. Therefore, having a few hydrogen and helium atoms for every cubic meter (or per cubic centimeter) space is virtually a vacuum. The gravitational force of the attraction of large bodies (such as planets and stars) also cause gas molecules in space to pull closer to their surfaces thus, leaving the space between them virtually empty.

Hence outer space, is not a total vacuum or perfect vacuum but rather has the density and pressure of an almost perfect vacuum. A perfect vacuum has a gaseous pressure of absolute zero which in reality, does not exist. A perfect man-made vacuum has never been obtained and the most nearly perfect vacuum that exists, is in outer space where on an average it contains less than one molecule per cubic meter.

Note: outer space is not (perfect) vacuum


Which animal lives the longest in a starvation scenario, a house cat or a pig?

A pig. It has a slower metabolism and has more fat.


Do dominant lions lose status if their manes happen to be shaved?

Yes, the bigger and darker the mane, the healthier the male. This is the association the females and rival males make of the male lions in a pride. Only Exception to this would be the Tsavo lions which have relatively shorter or no manes.


Are buffalos economical to farm as regular cattles?

Buffalo are not domesticated, they will walk through about any barrier, they do not do well in feed lots, they need huge grazing area to be content. what has been experimented with more success has been cross-breed "beefalo" which results in a tamer animal. beef is normally finished with feed lots to bulk up making it a much more economical protein source.


Do animals raise in pure oxygen environments grow larger? Can megafauna exist in today's atmospheric condition?

Actually no, because most animals are adapted to an environment with a mix of different gases, so a pure oxygen environment is actually toxic and may cause illness.

Megafauna like the mammals that lived during the last ice age can probably survive in cool environments around the Arctic. They probably cannot persist in warmer climates such as California. There were mammoths, for example, living in the Los Angeles area during the last ice age. In today's climate, these large mammals would suffer heat strokes in the hot dry summers that characterize the Los Angeles area.

Even though today's climate is hotter than the last ice age, it is nevertheless not as warm as the Mesozoic, so large reptiles as big as the dinosaurs simply cannot exist. That is because large reptiles have proportionally small body surface areas and the small surface area prevents them from gaining enough heat by basking in the sun to replace what they lose to the environment when the sun is not shining. Large reptiles, such as alligators, crocodiles, reticulated python, Anaconda, Komodo dragon, Galagpagos tortoise, and Aldabra tortoise, are restricted to tropical and subtropical areas for this reason.

Therefore, if global warming continues, we will see more large reptilian species but fewer large mammals. If an ice age returns, then we will see larger mammals but fewer large reptiles.


How do well-diggers know the location of water?

there is something called "water witching" (dowsing - "to use a divining rod") where a sensitive person holds the two branches of a Y fork limb of a freshly cut tree and they can sense substantial water underground (like an under ground stream. It is not just a matter of getting lucky, or that water is everywhere.} [ the tip of the branch will dip a little toward the ground. ]

my grandfather did it, and his 16 ft deep well never ran dry, because he found the intersection of three streams [more like trickles, but steady and consistent] when he dug the well. It's also learned that if there was surface water nearby, a shallow well was likely to hit water. For example, villages along the Nile and Tigris-Euphrates had shallow wells that produced water that was closer to the people and cleaner than river water.

Also, wells were dug near oasis-like places, again to get clean water.

In ancient Alpine Europe there were not very many wells. People used spring water and glacial runoff. Both were very clean. There was no real need to dig a well if you could capture a spring or divert a glacial runoff .


Which plants are best for generating oxygen?

Some plants - such as the snake (aka Mother-in-law) plant and bromeliads continue to produce oxygen at night. NASA also did a study of house plants to improve air quality and found that many remove harmful toxins from the air we breath. Toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and ammonia which can be often be found in today's closed up homes from paint, new carpeting, new furniture, and cleaning products.

So it isn't just a matter of the most oxygen but also filtering of common chemicals that can make you feel sick. Suggest you see Wiki for "List of air-filtering plants" or the NASA clean air study.


How come German's stick grenades aren't popular in modern time?

were not the most reliable weapon. There was more stick than grenade. The explosive was weak and very unreliable. The timers were poor and the canister that was to be fragmented was so thin that it didn't cause much damage. If it didn't blow up in your hand, if your enemy didn't throw it back to you, if it blew up at all, there was a good sized bang that didn't really mess up anything or any one.

Now consider the rest of the market:
RPG: Accurate. Durable launcher. Better reach. Stronger grenade. Mass produced and marketed to third world countries.
M-79/ M-203: All of the same except the marketing to third world countries. Different munitions available. Add in the new multishot grenade launcher for increased care packages.

You step out with your stick and the other guy steps out with his launcher. He can engage you from 400 meters. I bet you cannot throw that stick that far.

Also those things were made by prisoners in labor camps. They would not want them to be very effective as liberation would come from the people they are to be used against. Plus you don't care what the product is or how well it works if they are starving you.


Can earth-based telescope such as the Hubble makes out the Armstrong's flag on the moon?

Let's see (with 1m flag size)
1m/3.844X108m = 2.6 nano Radian
= 0.536 milli Arc seconds
is the minimum resolution required.
Using my thumb rule for
diameter of Objective (lens) in inches = 4500 / 0.536 MAS
= 8386.3" or 213 metres.
I don't think we haven't got that big telescope of a fifth of a km across
{I didn't take many other effects into consideration that would blow it up further}

So no, the flag is too small and too far away, beyond the resolving power of the largest telescopes on Earth. However, it has been imaged by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, in low orbit around the Moon. Space telescopes are limited by the size of their primary mirror. The Hubble was specifically designed to fit in the cargo bay of the shuttle. The James Webb Telescope has a slightly larger mirror, since it will be launched on its own, not carried into orbit inside a shuttle. Much larger telescopes have been built on Earth, but are limited by the Earth's atmosphere, even at near perfect locations like the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Another thing is the problem is the bigger you build it, the more accurate you have to manufacturer the lens and the inner sides of it, because very mirco problems will quickly become visible in the picture. And also there is a barrier, to how far you can see into space. The further out you look the more back in time you look. If you look too far, you just see a red mist, the early stages of the universe, you won't be able to see past this mist. The universe is theorized to be huge, but if only we could teleport 20 billion light years in one direction, would we see truly how big it is and without problems of running through time problems.

If you look up dark flow

Supposedly some matter in our universe is flowing into another universe. And I know saying this is technically the wrong term because universe means everything. But in these other sections, reality may be different and our basic structure would break down, and wouldn't be possible in these areas of the multiverse. There may be an infinite amount of universes. And it may be huge, but we can't see past the red mist, and that area. Impossible. We would have to go there physically through worm holes. Do note that what you are looking is billions of years into the past at that distant. its possible when you go there those galaxies may have already been destroyed, and your just seeing light from when they were still formed and shaped.

[Edit] Silvia is quite wrong when she says "the telescopes used for deep space do not have the ability to focus on such close objects." As far as any telescope is concerned, all objects in space are at "infinity" and all can be focused equally easily. No refocusing is required in going from a distant galaxy to the surface of the Moon. The problem, as I stated, is in the laws of physics: a flag at the distance of the Moon is simply too small to be resolved by any reasonable-sized telescope.


Do people in a coma have dreams?

My father was in a coma for 7 weeks after a terrible accident. He says he did have dreams, they were mainly about his family (including his father, who was deceased), God, or the afterlife. He still remembers them, apparently the dreams are much more vivid and realistic when comatose, some of them he thought actually happened.


What's the benefit of using silverwares ?

Real silver kills germs. Before refrigerators were invented people would put a silver coin in their jar of milk to help it last longer. Colloidal silver was also used as an antibiotic before the invention of penicillin. I do know that real silverware tarnishes with air contact has to be polished and that's a hassle.

How come there aren't any indigenous people living in antarctica?

First off, we don't know for certain there were no indigenous people. Antarctica is also the least explored continent and there may be evidence of human habitation thousands of years ago when it was warmer.

Secondly, vegetation is needed by humans for a healthy diet. The waters are too cold for seaweed and there's little land based vegetation. They can't even get it from seafood and penguins second hand because none of them eat enough vegetation to count. Now we can live there, but vegetation must still be imported.


Is there anyway to rejuvenate shorten telomeres to enhance lifespan?

No amount of antioxidant is going to save your telomeres. Telomere shortening is a safety feature - it prevents cells dividing infinitely which could lead to cancer. Stemcells (and cancer cells..) can still repair their telomeres.


Are thermonuclear warheads effective against a doomsday asteroid? How many Titan II rockets does it take to neutralize the Halley's comet?

Well, ..., first Halley's comet is a comet not an asteroid There's a big difference. Studies have show that nuke are ineffective at blowing up asteroids. Even if they could blow one apart those same studies reveal that the asteroid would either recombine in ~3 hours rain equality destructive but now radioactive metroids over a greater area of our planet.

Halleys comet's mass is 110 billion metric tons. Its velocity in the 1910 passage was at a relative velocity of 70.56 km per second (157,838 mph or 254,016 km/h), and at roughly 46sq miles in dimension so you're not going to obliterate it either with a nuke. The best way to avert an impact is to divert the asteroid or comet while it is at least a year away from impact. However, we continue to under-fund asteroid hunting and diversion programs. Unfortunately for mankind, we will not see the value in funding such programs until we get hit with a big one and by that time it will be too late.


Was Chief Sitting Bull shot while barricading inside his house? Do native Americans still get special benefits when they live outside of the reservations?

In 1890, James McLaughlin, the U.S. Indian Agent at Fort Yates on Standing Rock Agency, feared that the Lakota leader was about to flee the reservation with the Ghost Dancers, so he ordered the police to arrest him. On 14 December 1890, McLaughlin drafted a letter to Lt. Bullhead that included instructions and a plan to capture the chief. The plan called for the arrest to take place at dawn on December 15, and advised the use of a light spring wagon to facilitate the chief's removal before his followers could rally. Bullhead decided against using the wagon. He intended to have the police officers force Sitting Bull to mount a horse immediately after the arrest. Around 5:30 a.m. on December 15, 39 police officers and four volunteers approached Sitting Bull's house. They surrounded the house, knocked and entered. Bullhead told Sitting Bull that he was under arrest and led him outside. The camp awakened and men converged at the house of their chief. As Bullhead ordered Sitting Bull to mount a horse, he explained that the Indian Affairs agent needed to see him and then he could return to his house. Sitting Bull refused to comply and the police used force on him. The Sioux in the village were enraged. A Sioux known as Catch-the-Bear shouldered his rifle and shot Bullhead who, in return, fired his revolver into the chest of Sitting Bull. Another police officer, Red Tomahawk, shot Sitting Bull in the head, and the chief dropped to the ground.

As for special 'benefit', There are none for Native Americans on the Rez, let alone off of it. Common misconceptions and myths. Reserves/Reservations are not ran on tax dollars, like so many people demand. Tax dollars never see a Native American. Reserves are ran off of money that already belongs to Natives, held in trust by the BIA....payment for the ceding of the lands that you now live on. That is why Natives who live AND work on Rez, are exempt from State taxes....but not Federal......because State taxes pay for social programming, like welfare, police/fire/ambulance services, infrastructure, healthcare, education, road maintenance. snow removal, garbage pick up.....all services that Reserves pay for themselves, out of trust moneys. Nor do Natives go o post secondary for free. Some tribes have the additional funding....from sustainable businesses, not limited to Casinos.....that make it so they can offer their citizens the chance to compete for scholarships. No different than Club Italia offering a scholarship for its patrons. Trust moneys also make it so that some tribes are able to provide additional health insurance to their citizens, or on Rez daycare/adult learning programs....or assistance with housing. Even Indian Health Services is just an offshoot of HHS......the same program that all Americans have access to. Special benefits do not exist. They are the same programs everyone else can access....just under different names. Nor were 'most' Native Americans nomadic. Only those who lived in the prairies, and the arctic, who needed to follow the game. The rest of us, were farmers, cultivators, fishermen....who supplemented their diets with hunted game.


At current rate of expansion, how long will it take for the Andromeda galaxy to no longer be seen from our space telescopes?

 The space between us and the Andromeda galaxy is not expanding. There's too much gravity, and the universal expansion of space doesn't apply to regions with lots of gravity. The universal expansion (Hubble flow) is happening in the space between superclusters of galaxies.

Andromeda and the Milky Way both belong to the Local Group of more than 54 galaxies. The Local Group is a member of the larger Virgo Supercluster. Eventually, other superclusters, such as the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster, will be beyond our observable universe.

There is another force besides universal expansion. Right now it is very weak, but will get stronger as time goes on. Very little is known about this, so we call it "Dark Energy". Eventually, dark energy will be strong enough to rip local clusters apart, and then galaxies, and then solar systems. But this is at least 22,000,000,000 years from now; more likely several billion times that (add 9 more zeros).


Why are most galaxies dish-shaped instead of spherical in appearances?

ctually, elliptical galaxies *can* be nearly spherical...
Disk-shapes come about from different size and densities of the materials within; they probably began as a great cloud, and as stars began to condense and form, their gravity pulled the lighter material in other orbits to their planes of orbit, eventually flattening out into a disk.

The current best theory is this - galaxies form as clouds of gas collapse under gravity. Any slight differences in density and any rotation of the gas cloud tend to favour one direction (usually the axis of rotation)to collapse preferentially, giving a disk-like structure. Later, collisions between galaxies start occurring. When two disk-like galaxies collide both lose their disk shapes, and stars end up in a larger elliptical galaxy, with more chaotic motions. But we still need to observe the earliest galaxies in more details to confirm if this is the whole story.


Is water from Roman aqueducts fit to drink in modern time?

Not any more. Pollution of sources, leadwork in the roman systems.
Now we expect out water to NOT contain water fleas, worms, mosquito larvae.


How many chihuahua does it take to down a pitbull?

Only one if it bites the right place.


How many pitbulls does it take to overwhelm a lion?

They wouldn't, they would be too scared! there's very few dogs that will go face to face with a lion, but one breed that will is a Rhodesian ridgeback, 6-8 of these ridgebacks will take a lion down easy. these dogs have no fear!


If the moon is the same size as the earth, would it stay at the same orbital distance?

No. Unless you mean the moon got larger without changing its mass; then it would stay in the same orbit.

But if the density remained the same (3.35 g/cm^3), then your new moon would be 50 times more massive than the old moon. The new orbit would be 100 times smaller than the old orbit, meaning that it would crash into the Earth.

Or, maybe the magic that made the moon larger and more massive would also change its velocity, so that it would rise up into a higher, stable orbit, or change its orbit period, or both.


Are turtle shells strong enough to block a sword strike?

Yes, the large turtle shells ( more like the ones of endangered species) were. It was a kobudo weapon Tinpe(Tinbe Tinpe) & Rochin and the Tinpe, & Seryuto


Can metal be made stronger by jamming more neutrons into its nucleus?

Generally increasing the atomic weight makes most elements unstable. Neutron bombardment tends to make metals brittle. This is a major concern in things like nuclear reactors, which have to constantly monitor the strength of their metal plumbing and support beams and everything else. The strength of a metal lies in the bonding of the atoms - this is not affected by the number of Neutrons. Chemically different isotopes behave the same.


Is it possible to land a space probe on the core surface of Jupiter?

Getting one there is easy. Getting a probe to soft enter Jupiter's atmosphere is easy(ish). The trick is withstanding thousands of atmospheres of pressure from an atmosphere including monatomic Hydrogen. Monatomic Hydrogen can penetrate any solid we are capable of making at high pressure - this will seriously mess up any electronics. The atmosphere is opaque to radio signals so the moment it drops into the atmosphere we stop receiving any signal.

The probe will reach the core certainly but we get no data and it will be mangled on the way down.


How far can a space probe get into the Black Hole before all communications are lost?

In theory, it can get as close as the event horizon. But communication doesn't just wink out; it gradually degrades. Here's what happens as the probe descends toward the event horizon:

1. Its data rate drops (due to time dilation). If it starts at (say) 100 kb/sec, it'll drop to 10 kb/sec, then 1 kb/sec, then 1 bit/sec, then 1 bit per hour, etc., etc.

2. The photons carrying the information will get "weaker" (i.e. their wavelength will increase, with a corresponding decrease in the energy they carry). As the probe approaches the event horizon, the signal will at some point become too weak for any real equipment to pick up.

But consider that the event horizon is where LIGHT can't escape from the black hole. Your probe is going to travel a miniscule portion of that speed. So really, it would have to be far enough from the black hole to maintain at least a stable orbit.


Do snowflakes form differently inside a vacuum?

The premise of the question is flawed b/c it assumes snow flakes are found in a vacuum.

There's no air in a vacuum.
If there's no air ... there's no moisture,.
If there's no moisture ... there are no snowflakes.


What will happen if two photons strike each other?

 I'm not a physicist but I'm gonna take a wild guess: they're going to pass right through each other. My reasoning is that because of the wave-like property they have.


Do Carnival cruise ship passengers get better foods than Trident submariners?

Most frequently bought ticket for cruise ship includes eating all you want from grills, etc. and unlimited room service. Health wise, the submariners get better food. I ate real good on my two Navy ships. SurfnTurf twice monthly, breakfast to order daily, weekend bunch, MidRats like I said I ate real good................


Do potato chips taste better in the spirit world?

YES THEY DO! --- And, there's just that little extra "airiness" in each spiritually perfect & crunchy bite!


Can 3-D holograms be made into real solids?

How do you know everything you touch isn't a hologram...?


Could modern battleships be sunk by a perfect storm at sea?

Okay now that the angry naval nerds have pointed out that there are no "modern battleships" yes in theory a modern warship(everyone okay with the word warship?) could be sunk by a "perfect storm".It probably wouldn't happen but there's always a chance that anything can happen when you're just a little speck of iron out in the middle of an ocean.

If a ship lost power, during a storm it could happen fairly easily. Modern warships have multiple engines and double hulls, so it's unlikely. When I was in the Navy, we rode out a couple of fairly rugged Typhoons. We most of our antennas, rigging, canvas, etc - but we survived. The most "modern" Battleships are the 4 Iowa class Battleships of which all 4 are serving as Museums or eventually will be.All 4 of the Iowa class battleships have weathered heavy seas during WW2 and after,they did quite well when other ships did worse,one typhoon in WW2 sank 3 Destroyers and damaged many other vessels.The Iowa class battleship is a great design and if it lost all 4 screws she probably would ride out a cat.4 or 5 storm.she would have to increase her ballast and batten down the ship and pray a rouge wave didn't just happen along.The reason those 3 DDs went down in that storm is because they were very low on fuel oil and were both riding high,they both probably took on sea water to stabilize the ship but a fifteen hundred ton Destroyer will be like a cork in heavy weather and would broach easily,all 3 Tincans went down with all hands.


Do modern submarines spend most of their time at the surface since there are no war?

Then how do you train to do patrols and perform Submarine duty if you are sailing on the surface all the time? Years ago the late Bob Hope quipped that modern subs only surfaced often enough for the crews to reenlist. Actually, Subs are at home under the water and that is where they usually operate. They surface only when going into port or being resupplied. Even if there is no war submarines are rarely left in the dock, they are always stationed somewhere ( at strategic positions as they would say) the exact current position of a countries submarines would only be known to very high ranking military officials and the president / prime minister (it is kind of a very highly classified information).. These submarines are capable of nuclear missile launches , so they are literally floating nuke platforms. So if you want to attack a nation (very hypothetically) you can send the command to the nearest stationed sub to initiate a nuclear/conventional strike. Nuclear submarines can stay underwater for months without surfacing at all.. i hope you get the idea


What are some wisdom that can affect material wealth in a person's life?

Keep it in perspective. Things will never make you happy, only people can do that. Possessions can bring you comfort; their lack can bring discomfort, but profound happiness is found in a good home life, with parents who are committed only to each other and who love and serve each other with complete fidelity. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and it's righteousness (seek to be as God is ["be ye therefore perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect"] so you can live with Him again), and all else will be added unto you. If you believe that, it says all else will be added into you. People who are in control of themselves are respected and sought after. Sounds like solid financial advice to me. By the way, It works.


How come Napoleon never bother to cross the English channel to invade England?

He couldn't defeat the Royal Navy. England has for centuries been protected from invasion by a strong navy. The English Navy at the time was simply too powerful. It was one of the best there was at the time, and it had defeated the French Navy in two major battles (Aboukir Bay in 1789 ad Trafalgar in 1805). After that, Britain worked hard to stop the French from amassing enough naval power to challenge them again, and won several other battles. There was a plan to just build far more ships than England could answer, but this was never finished before Napoleon was finally defeated. Ultimately, Napoleon just never had a naval force that could beat the Royal Navy, and so he could never have crossed the channel. The British Army at the time was not powerful enough to seriously challenge Napoleon's, but they were a match for him at sea.

Starting the 1790s,the Royal Navy systematically hunted down and destroyed every major (and even average) European navy:

Dutch navy at Camperdown 1797

Danish navy (twice) at Copenhagen 1801 and 1807

The French Mediterranean fleet was destroyed at Aboukir Bay 1798,and its Atlantic and Channel fleets,along with the Spanish navy,at Trafalgar in 1805.

Additionally,Napoleon never had sufficient merchant shipping to ferry an invasion army across the Channel.The Royal Navy dominated the seas throughout the Napoleonic Wars,and captured literally thousands of French merchantmen.

Napoleon never really understood seapower,nor how to use it in wartime,and thus was never able to gather sufficient naval strength,military or merchant,to even attempt an invasion of England.


Are French poodles on par with wolves in term of intelligence?

Well, first of all, although the Poodle became very popular in France, the breed originated in Germany so they are actually German Poodles.

I don't think any domestic animal is as smart as its wild relatives. Border collies are probably the smartest dogs.


How many bags of potato chip can you make from 1 large potato?

According to the bag I have (255 g) and the fact 1 large potato according to is about 300g, I'd say about 1 large potato for a 1 medium size bag of chips. There would be some waste in making them and some loss of moisture, but there would be a gain in fats. So on the safe side, maybe 2 potatoes for 1 bag if the waste is large. Obviously it would be more bags for the tiny sizes such as you might get in a vending machine. Those range from 1 to 2 oz. That's about 28 to 56 grams, so a single large potato could theoretically make around 5 to 10, but with the waste I'd say about 4 to 8 of the small bags depending on brand.


Is there any social program to help homeless people so they won't have to resort to pan handling on the streets?

 Yes and no. There are many programs that are intended to help the homeless. rangign from private homeless shelters to food stamps. However, there are three problems:
1) the programs that exist are fragmented. There's no overarching system in place, even on a statewide basis, anywhere in the US
2) ideological/political expediency and bigotry (not all of it conservatives) results in counter-productive policies in many areas. For example, rules that require a fixed address to get job training that would enable homeless people to get skills or even get a job if they have skills.
3) unwillingness of politicians, the public AND "liberal" social activists to adopt a comprehensive approach that deals with the realities.

That comprehensive approach (which works, in cases where it has been used, is (briefly) as follows:
1) identify those homeless people who have mental illness that render them incapable of functioning and getting them into care facilities
2) identifying those with mental problems that can be treated and cnan function with treatment -- and getting them the treatment
3) providing -- for those who are not mentally ill and those who can function with treatment -- a "360 degree" program that includes housing, medical care, food, etc until they can support themselves, job training, counselling and "life skills" training and modifications in standard rules that require things like fixed addresses to get training or a job.

All of that takes time. And it's expensive. But it works -- and it is one helluva lot cheaper than leaving the status quo in place. But first you have to overcome stereotypes and public mythology that demonize the homeless as "bums," "criminals," etc.


Why do deep caves always have constant temperatures?

 It has long been thought that caves possess constant temperatures and humidity; never changing, even during periods of extreme temperature fluctuation on the surface. Although this may be true in very remote parts of large cave systems, most caves exhibit enough variation in this respect to warrant serious investigation. Such an investigation took place at Wind Cave during 1984 and 1985. What follows is a summary of what was learned in this study, together with some information on the role cave climate plays in the overall cave environment.
Cave Weather

Weather can be defined as the present state of the atmosphere in an area with respect to heat, wind, pressure, and moisture. Of these, heat is the most important since changes in heat quite often bring about changes in the others. On the surface, weather is driven by the sun, which heats some areas of the earth more than others. Temperature differences lead to pressure differences which lead to winds and precipitation. But what are changes in the weather of a dark, sunless cave caused by? To understand, we must first look at how heat enters the cave.

Significant amounts of heat can enter a cave in four possible ways. Heat may enter from the overlying rock, from the underlying rock, from air flowing into the cave, or from water flowing into the cave. We will look at each of these four possibilities, and discuss how each affects the weather in Wind Cave.

First, let's look at how heat enters the cave from the rock above it. The flow of heat through the sandstone and limestone overlying Wind Cave's passages is extremely slow. Temperature fluctuations of over 60°F between day and night are not uncommon on the surface, but if we were to monitor the temperature only two feet below the surface on such a day, the fluctuation in temperature would be only about 1°F. Therefore, it does not stay warm long enough during the day, nor does it stay cool long enough during the night, to significantly change the temperature of the rock only two feet underground. The same principle holds true for seasonal temperature fluctuations as well, although the depth at which temperatures begin to stabilize is greater. Seasonal temperature fluctuations of 80°F are reduced to only l°F at a depth of about 50 feet. So if a cave's only source of heat was from the overlying rock, its temperature would approximate the mean annual surface temperature for its area. It appears this is rarely the case. At Wind Cave for instance, the mean annual surface temperature is 47°F, yet the temperature in most parts of the cave (away from the tour routes) is 55°F. Where is all this extra heat coming from? The answer appears to be from below!

Since the interior of the earth is a tremendously hot, molten mass, one would naturally assume that temperature would increase with depth below the surface. This change in temperature with depth is known as the geothermal gradient. In areas where the geothermal gradient is low, cave temperature is influenced mostly by the mean annual surface temperature. In areas with high geothermal gradients, cave temperature is influenced by the mean annual surface temperature and by heat from below. Caves in areas such as this tend to be warmer than the mean annual surface temperature. This is apparently the case at Wind Cave. The same geothermal gradient which is responsible for the warm waters of Hot Springs is heating the cave!

Caves with no connections to the outside world have no further sources of heat. Since the heat supplied by the rock is provided very evenly, and since changes in the amount of heat reaching the cave can only occur over very long periods of time, the weather in such caves is very constant. But caves with open connections to the surface have two more possible sources of heat which can alter the weather inside the cave: airflow and water. Both are capable of transporting outside conditions into the cave environment.

The effects of water on the cave temperature at Wind Cave are very slight. Water dripping into the cave normally has reached rock temperature by the time it reaches the cave atmosphere, so little heat exchange can take place. But in caves with active streams flowing in from the surface, large seasonal fluctuations in temperature can occur very deep into the cave, since it takes a long time for the water to heat or cool to cave temperature.

The real weather (i.e. daily changes in the cave's atmospheric conditions) of Wind Cave is driven by the wind. Few caves experience the volume of airflow which Wind Cave exhibits. On average, almost 1,000,000 cubic feet of air enter or leave the cave per hour when the Walk-In Entrance is open! That's enough air to completely fill a cave 10 feet wide, 10 feet tall, and almost 2 miles long! Since it takes a long time for a volume of air this large to warm or cool to cave temperature, temperature changes can occur surprisingly deep into the cave on days when the cave is inhaling. The Wind Cave Climate Study of 1984-85 showed that with the Walk-In Entrance open in the winter, temperatures could fluctuate by over 12°F as far into the cave as the Post Office (over 500 feet from the entrance). The entire Half-Mile Tour route is almost always cooler than the 55°F deep cave temperature, mostly due to cold air brought into the cave during the winter. So much for constant temperatures at Wind Cave!

Not only does inflowing air affect cave temperature, but it also affects cave humidity. The same study showed that humidity was lower whenever the cave inhaled. Natural cave humidity is probably about 95%-100%. Cold air is usually dry, and when it enters the cave environment and warms it becomes even drier. Some areas showed humidity as low as 60% on days when the cave inhaled. Humidity did not stabilize until the Temple was reached, over 2000 feet into the cave. This drier air evaporates water from the cave environment, further cooling the cave since evaporation requires large amounts of heat.


What happened to the capstone on top the Giza pyramid?

It has long been assumed that the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, had a top that is no longer there, which means though the pyramid looks like a perfect four-sided triangular structure, it is not absolutely pointed at the top like a triangle, but is flat at the top — at least 30 feet of flat walking space at the summit for people who have climbed to the top and measured it.

According to ancient tradition, the capstone or the top of the pyramid is added to the structure after it is almost completed just before the top. It is said to be the same shape but smaller to finish off the shape. And it is supposed to be the most important piece that gives the pyramid its actual purpose. There have been many speculations and assumptions through the ages as people have tried to understand what happened to the capstone of the Great Pyramid.

First of all, no one knows if there really was one. Yes, there are some who say that it was never there. But then, according to ancient knowledge and legends, if the capstone did not exist what was the exact purpose of building the huge monument that took so much effort and time?

Since the time of Christ, people who came to look at this huge monument stated, according to some records, that it was missing its capstone. And so, the question comes down from centuries because the ancient people knew that there was no purpose to it without the capstone. Also, it is believed that the capstone was either made of gold or covered by a layer of gold.

A capstone from another pyramid can be viewed at the Red Pyramid at Dashur.


Are pygmy goats on par on dogs in term of intelligence?

They have their own intelligence. Both are very smart, but dogs are more of an obedient, trainable smart. Goats are smart, but only figure things out to benefit themselves ( escaping or food seeking). In general,Pygmy goats are pretty dang smart. And they bond real close to their people, esp when they are bottle babies. Our goats could figure out a lot of things, esp gate latches. Our little pygmy wether learned a lot of things from watching the dogs & then doing what they did. He learned to come up on the deck & scratch on the back door to come inside. Then he would sit in front of the treat cupboard to get his treat, just like the dogs. The dogs got a biscuit. He loved raisins!! He was naturally housebroken. He would go to the door to be let outside. He was a show goat & after his bath & grooming he loved to hang out inside & watch TV with my daughter & eat popcorn. Found him cuddled in bed with my daughter, the dogs & the cat on more than one occasion too!! We taught him a few tricks/behaviors. He would do most anything for a treat. He was a delightful pet. Miss all our goats, but esp miss Levi the Pygmy Guy.


Is taking an Amtrak train better than flying?

I would say so., First, the seats are more comfortable, you can get up and walk around, there is usually a car in which you can purchase drinks and snacks.  The only downside is it takes longer to get to your destination. Possibly.

There's a lot of plus sides;
- Possibly cheaper
- More leg space, and space in general
- You get to see a nice view during your travel, unless it's night travel then you're stuck looking at pitch black darkness
- You can carry more luggage, how much and how many I forget but I know it's better than at the airport

- I want to say that there is no TSA, but I keep hearing about how TSA is expanding outside of airports..

I know Amtrak was not happy with the TSA back in 2011 ( and didn't want them there but it's been quite a few years since then. I took Amtrak in.. early 2013 I believe, no TSA. But you can't be too sure nowadays


What common tactics did German Aces of WW2 use to to out-shoot their Allied counterparts?

Flying until they were killed. This is why Axis pilots scored more kills than American pilots in particular - they were almost never rotated out of the line into training or administrative roles, and thus the best got really, really good (until they were eventually killed), while the average German or Japanese pilot in the middle of the war was significantly inferior to the average Allied pilot.

The Luftwaffee started in about june 1940 with a 7 to 3 Advantage over the RAF within 4 months the RAF had a 10 to 1 and the Nazis never Caught Up. As for the Number of aces in the US air Arm they only served overseas for 16 Months then went home 60 to 70 kills is Magnificent, but any fool who believes that some nazi actually shot down 500 allied aircraft is whistling up my Kilt. When we add up the top 200 German aces thay shot down More aircraft than the allies Built. Sorry But the Battle of Britain proved how Inferior the German Pilots really were and nazi Propaganda will not change the Results of the WW2. German day and night fighter pilots claimed roughly 70,000 aerial victories during World War II, 25,000 over British or American and 45,000 over Russian flown aircraft. 103 German fighter pilots shot down more than 100 enemy aircraft for a total of roughly 15,400 aerial victories, and we won how did we manage that with Loosing 70.000 aircraft


What's the real difference between the Marine and the Army, seems like both service branches are interchangeable in term of functionality?

There are many differences. Without getting into a lot of mil speak. The USMC is a multifunction expeditionary force that is Specialized in Amphibious action. Unlike the Army, they are used in actions often short of war. They are self contained Ground/air teams & designed for short duration missions. Army forces are larger & more mechanized & take longer to assemble. Under current strategy they also have a different regional focus. The USMC, the Pacific. The USA, Europe & Mid East.

A huge difference is that Soldiers provide logistics for Soldiers. Much of the logistical support for the Marines is provided by the Navy. The "amphibious" role of the Marines ignores that most major amphibious operations have been Army operations. Marines have performed "non-amphibious" in Iraq and Afghanistan similar to Army missions. Because Marines are focused more on their combat role, the individual Marine is in better shape than the individual Soldier. Hate to say it, but it is true. I have never seen an over weight out of shape Marine. This can not be said for Soldiers - even some officers. So though it's true that a spear head is still a spear head. The Marines are the sharpened tip. The Army is the body the tip rides on.


Do merchant marines have it better than cruise ship crews?

Depends on what you mean with "better". First you need to clarify what exactly you mean by merchant marine - since there are a lot of different "trades" Merchant mariners move cargo and passengers between nations and within the United States, operate and maintain deep-sea merchant ships, tugboats, towboats, ferries, dredges, excursion vessels, and other waterborne craft on the oceans, the Great Lakes, rivers, canals, harbors, and other waterways.There is a huge difference between being on a cargo ship or on a cruise ship. At the same time a huge difference between a tug boat and a cruise ship. Personally, I would think that in the big picture, the merchant marine would be the way to go, at least salary-wise, if not also for career-wise. Depending on the license, in the merchant marine you can look forward to making over US$100K as Master or Chief. My husband has yet to hear of any other engineers making that kind of money in the cruise industry and he has never heard of anyone in the deck department leaving the commercial shipping life to sail on a cruise ship.


Why didn't WW2 German U-boat stay deep underwater to avoid getting attacked by Allied planes and Destroyers?

In fact during the last two years of the war U-boats DID in fact tend to stay submerged, often relying on a snorkel, to avoid allied aircraft which were their worst nemesis from '43 onward. Late in '43 Doenitz actually ordered his boats to stay submerged during the day. The snorkel enabled a submerged boat to replenish its batteries without having to surface and expose itself to attack. U-boats that operated in distant waters where allied defenses were weaker, could often still operate in the normal manner--run and hunt on the surface. LOL Andy, good answer except that most aircraft encountered by U-boats DID have bombs and were sent specifically to attack and sink them. Often a U-boat did not have time to reach a safe depth during the short time of an air attack. many were bombed on the surface after being approached by radar equipped aircraft under conditions of bad visibility (for the sub lookouts).


How many gallon of water does a Giant Sequoia suck up each day?

500 gallons a day for the big ones.


What's it like for a guy to have a shower with 20 naked women?

Its like islamic heaven, where I'd imagine the others are cooking...


Have anyone try maggot cheese?

I had Cazu Marza in Singapore many years ago, it is not for the faint of heart, it is strong in flavour, a bit soapy, has very long after taste and is now banned outside of Sardinia where it is made, originally it was just a block of sheep's milk Romano style cheese, allowed to ripen in the open, the flies land on it lay their eggs and the larvae develop, they are harmless, not the most appetizing though, you will not find it in any other place than Sardinia


What's the size of an average Bigfoot family?

Most reports are lone males and sometimes females. Occasionally family units are reported and it seems to me that 4 is typical. Albert Ostman reported 2 young with a male and female. Smedja, the person who claimed to recently shoot one saw two young (one shot and died) and one adult (also shot but presumably survived). I can think of a couple others as well. I don't know of any examples more than 2 kids and I think I have read just about every book that exists on the subject, even really bad ones.


Can French citizens cross the English channel on a jet ski for vacations?

You can try, but it is very dangerous waters, lots of traffic that will not be able to see you, and short choppy waves that a jet ski will have trouble with.


Have anyone tried fishing aboard a cruise ship?

Since the decks of most cruise ships are far enough above the waterline that you'd have to have an enormous fishing rod, and since fishing doesn't work well when the ship/boat is moving, and they're not going to stop to let you fish, nope.


Is it harder to swallow in zero gravity?

no. you can hang upside down by your knees from a bar and drink a cup of water while upside down. peristaltic action by your espohagus ensures stuff gets where it needs to go.


What causes Mars to lose an atmosphere all of a sudden?

The impact of a large meteoroid can cause loss of atmosphere. However, Mars didn't lost its atmosphere all of a sudden and it still have some heavy molecules like CO2. Most of its atmosphere was lost by solar storms and heat. Earth have its atmosphere due to its magnetic field caused by its hot iron core which repels solar storms, however, a lack of magnetic field does not determine the fate of a planet's atmosphere as Venus still have its atmosphere.


What happened to a WW2 torpedo if it miss a ship?

There was usually an end of run detonation i.e. after it ran out of propulsive power the torpedo would just sink and explode. But assuming you mean after it missed its INTENDED target, it sometimes hit an unintended target. In September 1942 a Japanese sub fired a salvo of torpedoes, sinking the US carrier Wasp and a destroyer. But one torpedo which had missed both continued on a long way eventually hitting a battleship in anther task group. In WW2 in the Pacific campaign I believe an American sub shot a spread of 4-6 torpedoes in the midst of a Japanese convey sinking at least 2 enemy ship but 1 of the torpedoes circled the sub and hit it. Some survived out of the crew and were picked up by the Japanese.  The submarine that torpedoed itself (in October 1944) was the TANG, commanded by Richard Hetherington O'Kane.


Can sea water be used in place of salt for cooking?

Actually yes. Provided the water is well filtered and boiled. I actually used a one micron filter followed by a carbon block filter. I was at sea in a sailboat and my water purification equipment was not producing enough water otherwise. We used the filtered sea water to boil pasta and other things saving the purified water for other uses. It was an emergency measure that got us safely to port where our reverse osmosis equipment was repaired but not something I would recommend. Another way is to use a dishcloth and a sieve over a pot and pour the water into it. Then, remove the cloth and sieve and boil the water. Careful not to burn it when it turns into salt!

How to avoid burning it: When it's half boiled, stir it gently, and as it evaporates more, stir a bit faster. Let it simmer for a couple of days on low heat, and then you can use it. You'll know when it's ready when it looks like wet sand.


Do many Russian remain in East Germany after the fall of the Soviet Union?

Member of Soviet army and members of their families left Eastern Germany according to plan which was fully implemented.

As for Russian speakers in modern Germany, majority of them are:
1) ethnic Germans who's ancestors moved to Russian empire in 18 century and moved from Russia/Kazakhstan/Ukraine to Germany with special program of German government
2) Jews of USSR, who moved to Germany with another special program of German government

There is also smaller amount of people (in comparison with 2 groups above) who moved to Germany by professional reasons, for educational purposes, marriage with German citizens etc...

But these people started to move to Germany after USSR disintegration.


What countries around the world are banning pitbulls?

12 countries have banned Pit Bulls.
**In 1991, Singapore prohibited the entry of pit bulls into the country.
**In 1993, the Netherlands banned pit bulls.
**In 1997, Poland enacted legislation enforcing pit bull owners to display "clear warning signs" and keep the animal behind reinforced fencing.
**In 2000, France banned pit bulls. The goal was to let the breed "die out."
**In 2001, Germany banned pit bulls.
**In 2001, Puerto Rico banned pit bulls.
**In 2003, New Zealand banned the importation of pit bulls.
**In 2004, Italy banned pit bulls.
**In 2009, Australia prohibited the imports of pit bulls.
**In 2009, Ecuador banned pit bulls as pets.
**In 2010, Denmark banned pit bulls and pit bull breeding.
**In 2014, Venezuela will ban pit bulls.


Can an equipped speed boat cross the Atlantic ocean?

you could easily cross the altantic if your boat was the right size and had a huge fuel tank and had a small engine that used very little gas and you crossed at the closest two points. The best way would be to go from baffin island in canada to greenland then tow the boat across greenland and go from there to europe. You can buy large deisel fishing boats that can make that trip with one refuel in greenland and even ships that can make it to and from the u.s and europe on one tank of fuel but they would hold several thousand gallons of fuel in their tanks and get 2 or 3 miles per gallon at most.


Can a private citizen put a space telescope into orbit?

If you can get enough money together, sure. And it's not just the telescope alone, you're going to need things like support infrastructure, contracts with ground stations (for command, control, communications), and other related stuff, certainly not cheap.


How fast does a person need to walk westward so that there will always be sunlight overhead?

Concorde managed it - took of after sunset and landed in New York before local sunset , the crew watched the Sun setting in reverse. On the ground, that depends upon the person's latitude. The higher the latitude, the slower the person would have to walk. You can keep up with the rotation of the earth by calculating the circumference of the earth. Divide by 24 hours. Convert to the units of your choice.


Is snoopy from the Charlie Brown comic really a Schnauzer?

It's pretty clear that he's supposed to be a beagle. He's been listed many times as a black and white beagle, and was based on Charles Schultz's own childhood dog. Of course he may self-identify as a Schnauzer, a choice we must respect.....


Can Maglev train be built to travel as fast as a jet airliner?

Current fastest Maglev train has reached 361 mph. Not quite as fast as a jet airliner, but not so far off either. Compare that to an airliner that might cruise at 560 mph. There is no laws of physics that would prevent a maglev train from actually reaching that speed. So theoretically, yes: install enough power and it will go as fast as you want. However, with present technology it is highly unlikely that it would be economically viable. The track would need to have much larger-radius curvature and more-gentle gradients, and far greater distances between stops to allow for acceleration and deceleration. This in itself would make it enormously expensive to construct and maintain. Maglev trains are only marginally viable with present technology, and in exceptional circumstances - simple end-to end runs with very high passenger potential.


Is it safe to pet a hibernating bear?

No, they are not true hibernators btw, merely less active and with a suppressed metabolic rate.

Which would you rather swallow, a table spoon of someone's spit or half a cup of urine from a chihuahua?

I would just put the spit in a cup of apple juice and drink it. If I couldn't do that, I might vomit, but definitely the table spoon of spit.
It'd be like tasting shwitty medicine. Half a cup of urine? Omfg.


Who makes better friend, a basket case or a numbnuts?

There is a fun kind of crazy, and a sad kind of crazy. It depends on their crazy.

How close can a space probe fly toward the sun before burning up?

Actually surprisingly close. The spacecraft have a blanket which reflect 99% of the solar radiation. If you go and look at pictures of the Apollo etc and you will see a gold-ish color wrapping around the vehicles. I would guess a million miles would be a safe answer. Theoretically, we could build a probe inside a hardened metal shell with a highly efficient refrigeration system, and move all the heat in the probe to a single spot in the probe. We then use that heat energy to power a laser, which could be used for thrust. This idea is called a solar bathysphere, and it could work.


Could a person adrifted at sea offset dehydration by eating fishes?

Possibly, if you ate enough raw fishes. You would still feel thirsty, but you might survive. Oceanic fishes are much less salty than the sea they live in.


Best idea to place windmills in coastal water where there are plenty of space and wind?

Not every place, there is coastal water. If the near by power companies are not reasonable agreeable, they will find excuses for rarely buying the wind power. Losses are high with ac power in underwater cables, so HVDC is preferred. I don't know if it is practical to connect direct current wind turbines in series to get high voltage dc. Power lines on poles will definitely not add to the beauty of the coastal tourist area, and are likely very costly if the water is more than about 50 feet deep. Significant thumps will be heard at and near the beach unless the wind turbines are more than a mile off shore = a loud sound is produced at perhaps ten hertz each time the turbine blade passes close to the tower.

The good side of windmills near coast is that there is fairly constant wind due to on-shore and off-shore wind, the differential heating of land versus sea leads to fairly constant air flow. The direction changes as the day progress, but the air movement is pretty constant.

As with pretty well everything, some bad comes with the good. Coastal areas are very rich zones of biological diversity, and this includes extensive birdlife. windmills and birds tend to not get along very well. There are numerous other considerations as well, such as how the support structures will affect seawater movement (currents and tides), how the windmills will affect the visual beauty of the coast that we value highly, and so one.

The question cannot be answered fully in a general case. It is a good idea in general terms of potential power generation, yet could be a particularly bad idea at a specific place.


Is there anyway to detect foreign submarines in the Atlantic ocean?

They are much quieter, but they still make enough noise to track. The U.S. has a network of listening stations all over the Atlantic ocean, listening for subs. They also have a database of the sounds specific subs make & can usually tell not only which sub they are tracking but who the Captain is.


Is musical sonata similar concerto?

A sonata and a conterto both seem similar, but they are both different. Both usually have three to four movements, but a sonata is usually for a piano solo or a solo for an instrumet and with accompiament. A concerto usually is built for an ocrchestra. In the Classical Period, at least, the archetypical sonata and concerto followed essentially the same external form - but after that, the comparison ends. A sonata is for a solo instrument (piano) or a solo instrument (like violin) PLUS piano accompaniment. There are huge, large-scale and length sonatas - and there are short and simpler concerti - so it is not always a question of size or duration. You CANNOT, as one poster suggested, just change a sonata INTO a concerto by - what? - adding orchestral parts; those orchestral parts in a concerto are essential to the structure of the work (and are often designed not JUST to reinforce the material played, but also provide the soloist with brief spots to rest!


Are Police Academies as rigorous as Marine bootcamp at handgun trainning?

The average Marine may shoot thousands of rounds while in training, with the majority being rifle training. The Marine will also shoot a wider variety of weapons, rifle, shotgun, handgun, machine gun, maybe even the mark 20 grenade launcher. You ask a Marine what gun(s) he is carrrying and he WILL tell you what they are. And the average Marine likes guns. Most law enforcement cadets will never shoot more than 5-600 rounds in training, with the majority being handgun training, with some time spent with shotguns, and very little to no rifle. I have also spoken with many LE guys that couldnt tell me what model their pistol was, only what caliber it was, which I could cleary see to be a Smith 5906 or a Glock 17 and Im like"holy ****, this guy is keeping us safe? I have had the pleasure to pratice and qualify with many LE guys. Many of which are less than average when it comes to shooting ability. Even had one girl who was an MP, she was asked to leave the qualifying range as she only had 3 shots on paper after firing 15! The same experience in their field is an impossibility.

Also, a commisioned police officer is NOT a soldier and has less than a fraction of similar job related responsibilities. And a soldier is not a police officer, and should never be asked to do any policing while on active duty as the psychological training is more intricate for police officers. As for the dolt who claimed 5 mile accuracy by Delta Force snipers, Chuck Norris is an actor, and movies and video games are not real. Navy SEAL snipers are trained in San Diego at 1 mile. They shoot dummies in busses with .50 out there. At the actual SEAL sniper school back east, I believe they shoot maximum 1 mile but with the smaller cal. guns. I have a cousin who just returned from Fallujah, who is SEAL team 10, who also took top spot in his sniper school. And will be joining team 6 in a few weeks. So these are facts straight from him. I would give most Marines the ability to outshoot the Police most any day. But really this is like comparing the ability of some kid and his .22 rifle against the guy who owns dozens of guns and shoots them regularly.


How come there are no penguins in the North pole?

Fossil evidence suggests that the first penguins evolved at a lattitude between 40 and 50 degrees South. From there penguins have spread to many places all over the Southern hemisphere, from the equator (Galápagos penguins) to the Antarctic mainland (the Adélie and Emperor, the only two species of penguin to live on the Antarctic mainland itself). Other penguins live on and around Antarctic islands, the coasts of Chile and Peru, The Falklands Islands, South Africa, Southern Australia and other Southern Ocean, south Altantic and south Pacific islands.

Apart from zoos, escapees and the northernmost Galápagos islands, no penguins live in the northern hemisphere. Their habitats have no land predators, whom they would not be able to cope with, and the northern hemisphere is full of these, restricting further expansion. Also, warm waters are not as productive food-wise as cold waters, those penguins who live further north from Antarctica live on coasts where cold water is up-welling from the depths, allowing for the growth of lots of food. This is why the waters around the Galápagos islands on the equator are so cold. In short, penguins live in the south and have never colonized the North Pole for several reasons. A North Pole penguin is a rare and puzzing phenomenon.

Penguins range too far south.

Equatorial waters are too hot for penguins.

Penguins don’t live with polar bears.

North Pole penguins There are occasional sightings of penguins in the northern Pacific, and penguins have been hauled aboard fishing boats in nets from time to time. Scientists believe that these birds came to the north as a result of a similar mishap—accidentally plucked from the ocean in the south, they are sometimes kept aboard boats for the amusement of the crew and eventually released far from home. If these penguins arrive in the Arctic, they will never get home for the same reasons they couldn’t have migrated there naturally. The water in between is too hot.


Why is So Much Energy Produced When an Atom is Split or Fused?

When you burn a lump of coal, the energy released comes from the rearrangement of electrical bonds that hold the molecules together. In essence, combustion creates a more efficient arrrangement of atoms and liberates the excess energy. Following Einstein's equation E=mc² , the loss of energy means the total mass of the system decreases: The waste gases and ash at the end are less massive than the innitial coal plus the oxygen consumed from air. The binding energy of a molecules, however, is so small that the mass changes by just a few parts per billion. In nuclear processes, the energy again come out of the bonds holding particles together, but the strong nuclear force linking the protons and neutrons in the nucleous of an atom is much more powerful than the electromagnetic forces that hold molecules together. As with molecules, the nucleus is less massive than the sum of the individual constituents. When light nuclei combine or massive ones split apart, the mass drops by a much greater amount, as much as one part in 10,000. Again, this mass difference can be liberated in the form of energy. So pound for pound, nuclear fuels liberated nearly a million times as much energy as chemical ones do. Helen Quinn- Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

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It's probably good to put this into a different page with links to the answers.
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[Yesterday at 05:57:47 AM]

Việt Nam to focus more on COVID-19 hospitalisations, deaths rather than case counts by convoy
[November 26, 2021, 10:08:17 PM]

Hanoians reluctant to rely on metro by Atreygutten
[November 26, 2021, 02:25:27 PM]

everyone welcome my friend SapphireSky! welcome to VR! by ASEAN Nationalist Party ( honorary Viet)
[November 25, 2021, 07:31:26 PM]

Gan I can't log in ( this is asean nationalist party) by ASEAN Nationalist Party ( honorary Viet)
[November 25, 2021, 07:30:16 PM]

Policies needed to attract talented people by convoy
[November 25, 2021, 05:07:44 AM]

Việt Nam tourism: Light at the end of the tunnel? by gaden
[November 24, 2021, 10:21:55 PM]

The new metro of Hanoi is already a failure... by V-Unit
[November 23, 2021, 05:13:09 PM]

Been doing OT a lot lately by V-Unit
[November 23, 2021, 05:09:39 PM]

Việt Nam tourism: Light at the end of the tunnel? by convoy
[November 21, 2021, 11:25:46 PM]

Vietnam likes adidas why? by
[November 20, 2021, 06:22:40 AM]

Viet british pornstar harriet sugarcookie wants to learn more about vietnamese by gaden
[November 19, 2021, 03:37:37 PM]

What's the best way to stop a stampede? by gaden
[November 19, 2021, 03:08:32 PM]

So the Hanoi Metro is basically a sightseeing transportation. by gaden
[November 19, 2021, 03:01:15 PM]

Clean energy development to help reduce dependence on imports by convoy
[November 19, 2021, 10:19:08 AM]

VCP finally finishes its first ever metro after 10000 years by CoconutXO
[November 18, 2021, 11:11:05 PM]

Clean energy development to help reduce dependence on imports by convoy
[November 18, 2021, 10:12:26 PM]

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Is banh xeo a Khmer snack? by CoconutXO
[November 25, 2021, 07:04:04 AM]

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