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General Discussion / Re: Observe the upper lip curvature
« Last post by gaden on Today at 07:56:32 PM »
I think this girl is a mass murderer.  She has that curved upper lip.  She pretends to be innocent but she stands still to contemplate killing millions.

I'm not sure why she just stands there.

They should eat a lot of Thịt chó mắm tôm, dog meat and shrimp paste, so they can breathe on the Jordan team.


what do you guys think?  You can find the full version online.

Recreation and Fine Living / High IQ is genetic!
« Last post by Qu Đơn on Today at 06:53:39 PM »
The first Vietnamese guy that I have seen who makes his own tools to make a bow from scratch using very primitive technology.  I guess he can save a ton of time using epoxy instead of glue made from animal fat.  Still, very impressive what he can do with very primitive tools.

Recreation and Fine Living / Re: I found my royal slingshot maker
« Last post by gaden on Today at 06:52:24 PM »
His garden's got some cannabis.  That's where he got his talents from.
Recreation and Fine Living / I found my royal slingshot maker
« Last post by Qu Đơn on Today at 06:28:00 PM »
He has a royal warrant already.  By appointment to the Viscount of Pleiku, Slingshot maker.

If they lose to Jordan, I have definitive proof that Vietnamese foods are not good for sporting competitions.

Dubai: Coach Park Hangseo believes that traditional food, supplied to the team by their supporters and fans, will give them the added advantage of getting past a stronger Jordan in their Round of 16 match on Sunday.

Fans following the Vietnam football team have been generous in supplying the squad with home-cooked food as per demands from the coach, who personally decides on the diet of the players.

The team has also been benefiting from UAE-based Vietnamese who have regularly sent them popular food such as Pho [flat rice noodles] and Bun Cha [noodles with fish sauce with sliced papaya, carrot and herbs].

“This is a unique gesture from the fans and supporters and we appreciate this kindness,” Park told media.

“But this is food and it has given our players a good feeling. This is not a magic potion. It is meant to give the players energy to strive hard and win on the pitch,” he added.
Recreation and Fine Living / Re: Custom knifemaker in Vietnam
« Last post by Qu Đơn on Today at 06:09:25 PM »
Recreation and Fine Living / Custom knifemaker in Vietnam
« Last post by Qu Đơn on Today at 06:08:15 PM »
handmade quality?

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