Author Topic: tired of old vietnamese folks complaining about 'agism"  (Read 195 times)

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tired of old vietnamese folks complaining about 'agism"
« on: February 13, 2018, 07:12:35 PM »
I am tired of these old people complaining about their age.

" I am afraid to get a job because i am too old. I will be discriminated."

" I am too old to learn new skills"

" I am too old to learn English."

" I am too old to do anything."

Too frocking bad grandpa. What do you want me to do about it? What are you going to do about it?

Whether  age discrimination is real or not--is irrelevant.  Complaining about stuff you have no control over is a waste of time. Some thing you just cannot change, by the time you're reading this you're a couple seconds older. Too funking bad. I don't know you notice or not, some thing we just don't control. For example, I am a short guy and I cannot grow pass 5'9. There is nothing I can do bout it.  If I am fat, then I can exercise, eat healthier, eat less, then the weight will drop. If I have acne, then I will change my diet. But being short? There is nothing I can do. So why would i bang my head against the wall? This loser azz victim mentality is annoying as fugg.

How about this, go learn some new skills. And if you have the skill, age does not matter. It is your lack of skills, modern day current skills.  What are other options? Lay down and die? Give up not try? Then it become self defeatism, and self fulfilling prophecy .

STOP WHINING. STOP COMPLAINING. FUGGING LAZY azz OLD FUGG. You can complain but do it in private. There is no value in complaining about something you don't control. Grow the fukk up.

I wish I could tell my uncle this, to his face, but he might stop inviting me over for some pho. You know the old saying " you don't golly where you eat." So I don't create drama around people I know. Only with random internet normies.

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