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we have a better chance to free them than say in the case of otto wambier bc the commies want American money.

I do hope though that they will release the rest of the protesters as well, not just Will. Trump has a lot of leverage due to money-hungry commies.
I think what he means is respect through fear is different than respect through admiration.
Einstein doesn't believe in a personal god.  I guess thus the primitive social views.

Not to say that he is atheist, which he considers one dimensional and unoriginal.
Don't get it?  If China was dirt would any Chinese have hope.  Not as a Chinese.  Every country does this in terms of it's own diaspora and it is called nationalistic pride.  Chinese rank pride for the Homeland equally to the land they choose to reside in.
A friend of mine said some Vietnamese immigrant in college grabbed him, called him 'dep trai', and asked him to take her for some boba tea, and maybe later on marry her.

I was thinking,  no way is this guy 'dep trai'.
I've signed it and 10 other petitions to end Yulin dog meat and Lychee festival. 

Chinese shouldn't eat lychee.  I believe lychee belongs to Vietnam because it can't tolerate frost.

click on this link on

this was started after will nguyen got beaten bloody and unconscious by vn police. Please put pressure to release him and other protesters before it's too late.

As long as we don't bring in ugly azz commie artist like Dam Vinh Hung over, I'm all for it.
VPOP / Re: Tien Tien - Over You
« Last post by Albert Wong on Today at 05:27:05 AM »
she does give me the tomboyish impression as well but more like teeny tomboy so you can´t tell if it is a girl or not...

as she becomes more famous she toned down that tranny look quite a bit.  Here she looks a bit more feminine....

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