Author Topic: Vietnamese American IQ is now 101 and growing. What happens after $$ liberation?  (Read 412 times)

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Suppose we get to the level of the Jews in terms of economic prosperity by 2080 in USA.  Young Vietnamese princesses scoff at PhD and MD holders and any Vietnamese guys who make less than the top 5% of income earners.  Do you think we will have more social cohesion or less?  Who will operate the restaurants we take for granted on every street corner now?

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If Vietnamese were to evolve super intelligence I would think we would have more or less social cohesion.  Intelligent ladies will be more intellectually independent and rely less on cultural aspects of cohesion.  They will had PHDs on their own and build robots as a mate.

But on the other hand, a few super intelligent ladies will be inate with social influences and tries to help out with the survival of their own species and mate with normal or dumb guys.

The potential IQ of Vietnamese is 106 according to this study.  It is just a calculated IQ of a population based on genetics, therefore eliminating factors that could influence measured IQs such as environmental and cultural effects.

Vietnam: Phenotypic IQ of 99, versus a genotypic IQ of 106. Certainly a major surprise, considering it is even higher than China. The gap is substantial, but smaller than in India or Africa. This is not surprising, since although Vietnam has the GDP per capita (PPP) of India, it is led by conscientious Communists and is much better off in terms of social development and nutrition (e.g. meat consumption per person is equivalent to that of neighboring, much richer countries). This makes its excellent performance in PISA 2012, which I wrote about in my introductory post on this site, much easier to explain. Consequently, it would also be a strike against Ron Unz’s theory of the East Asian Exception (i.e. that East Asian IQs are very resilient to negative socio-economic and environmental factors). There would still be a substantial gap between Vietnamese genotypic and phenotypic IQ; it’s just that the former are so phenomenally high that the latter can’t help but be very high as well, since Vietnam is at least in terms of social provision no longer a truly Third World country.

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In 20 years, Vietnamese people will have the world´s highest IQ.  All the white supremacists who claim you need cold climate to evolve brains will shietz themselves.

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