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Expert Advice / Bill Hader owns the spotlight in pitch-black comedy Barry
« Last post by convoy on Today at 04:05:47 AM »
Bill Hader owns the spotlight in pitch-black comedy Barry

On the surface, the premise of Bill Hader’s new dark comedy, Barry, seems like it could have been pieced together from audience suggestions he heard in his improv days at the Second City Hollywood. Occupation? Hitman. For location, how about an acting class in Los Angeles? And finally, a phrase to get the scene going?…


Source: Bill Hader owns the spotlight in pitch-black comedy Barry
News / Task force wants 6-month Boracay shutdown on April 26
« Last post by convoy on Today at 04:05:46 AM »
Task force wants 6-month Boracay shutdown on April 26

MANILA, Philippines — The inter-agency task force on Boracay is recommending the total closure of the island for six months starting April 26, but stakeholde
Source: Task force wants 6-month Boracay shutdown on April 26
News Feeds / 24h News in Photos
« Last post by convoy on Today at 04:05:44 AM »
24h News in Photos

24h News in Photos

Source: 24h News in Photos
News Feeds / Central bank enhances supervision
« Last post by convoy on Today at 04:05:43 AM »
Central bank enhances supervision

Central bank enhances supervision

The State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV) can take early intervention measures against weak credit institutions in the supervision process from July this year, according to a new SBV regulation.

Source: Central bank enhances supervision
General Discussion / Liberty is what brings prosperity, not so much peace
« Last post by NT on Yesterday at 10:06:51 PM »
I behold, nations flourished in the midst of the cruelest war. Torrent of blood flowed in waves, yet the whole country is populated with citizen. In the midst of murder, civil wars, proscriptions , the republic become more powerful. Citizen are virtuous, their moral custom strengthen, and their independence are more reinforced. This is true for Rome, Athen, and the U.S during the cold war. Most of human inventions come from war, is it not?

What bring prosperity for the species is liberty, not so much peace. A little agitation actually gives strength to the soul.
China is an immense country that acknowledges science and letters, in its highest office, sponsored by the state. Their natural wealth and learned men, what used of it? When all their wisdom cannot shield them from the yoke of ignorant? What purpose then the science and well learned men served? Could it be that her inhabitant are peopled by corrupt and wicked men?

If China uses science and letters to purified their moral custom, taught its citizen  to shed blood for their country, enlivened their courage , the peoples of china would be free, wise, and invincible. 
General Discussion / Gucci Chopsticks?
« Last post by Qu Đơn on Yesterday at 07:42:46 PM »
labelwhore Sinosphereans rejoice!

Bắc Thuộc (111 BC to 938 AD) / Re: Hai Bà Trưng Festival
« Last post by NT on Yesterday at 07:42:30 PM »
After so many wars, Vietnam is wiped out and remerged time and time again . Her material history is buried under rubble of  ancient ruins. There is no memories of the ancient mores.   However, the people still remember her heroic deeds. Evident from street sign, monuments, holiday celebrations, and other displays that honoring our heroes.

It does not matter what language you speak, what you wear, how you eat; virtuous  citizen, who makes virtue reign, are never forgotten.

Ancient politician constantly talk about virtue and mores, today politician only talk about the economy and money. According to them a man is worth what he can consume!  Do they not know that the Roman Empire was one of the wealthiest in the universe, fell prey to men who do not even know what wealth is! Who tamed the Austrian arrogance?  It was a band of poor mountaineer, who wore sheep skins, their only treasures was their bravery and poverty. China was humiliated by a band of  nomadic horsemen! Let our politician reflect on these examples, and let them see and understand that money you can have everything, but citizen and mores.  Focus on the economy, but do not forget to strengthen and clean our social fabric.  Foster courage and focus on the citizenry. The height of Rome, of its power and glory, the empire gave 4000 citizen the right to bear arms. The last consensus count that she gave 4million of her citizens.  Rome began to fall when they made their citizen slaves to idleness and luxury. Her people began to neglect military virtue and began to worship money, luxury, and the philosophers! They forget the names of their heroes (such as Fabricius) and replace it with the likes of Epicurus, Zeno, and other rhetoricians.  Military discipline ignored, agriculture looked down, and the homeland forgotten. All the good people vanished!

O never forget this lesson from those nations before us. And let virtue reign! Never let money and luxury corrupt you. Let us not measure the value of our citizen by what they can consume, but by their bravery, courage, and love of the homeland.

General Discussion / Re: Vietnam is becoming more ethnically pure
« Last post by NT on Yesterday at 06:49:39 PM »
diversity of ideas, talents, skills, lifestyle, works, opinions--are a good, not an evil.

Why? because no persons are infallible, we need others to strengthen our position, either that or weakening it to a point that we can no longer accept it. This requires intellectual  honesty and intelligence.

diversity in looks is produced through diversity of diet and diversity of working, and exposure to the climate. diversity in skin color, is an evil, not a good. It is time wasting and vain.
Everyone's representation or appearances, of some quality, such the the eyes, the ear, and other part of a person's body, by diversity of working and/or combination of diet, produce diversity of appearances.

He does not look that way because of high IQ. Presumably that he does has high IQ. They look that way because they eat crappy food and due to the lack of exercise. The kid probably spend all day on the computer. Compare to the peasants' children who always look robust and strong, spending much time outdoor. With  Lacking health care, the weak are render out of existence much like the law of Sparta. Today, children are being killed indiscriminately before they're even born, and outrage crime against nature!

Anyways, I will not speak any more of ancient Greece here. But, intelligence is always needed to some degree, it is essential
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