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Vietcong invaded Bolsa by Vietcong 5 Dzung
[Today at 12:10:17 AM]

Commie Jack Ma vs Elon Musk shows the commie´s stupidity for world to see by
[Today at 12:08:55 AM]

I think Olive Juice´s girl type by Olive Juice
[Today at 12:07:10 AM]

Texas Asian voters have out outsized influence key races this election cycle by
[Yesterday at 11:50:56 PM]

Trump forced VCP to release Orange County Michael Nguyen detained in Vietnam by Soveign Power
[Yesterday at 11:47:28 PM]

Vietnamese American in liberal states should vote conservative by
[Yesterday at 11:44:50 PM]

Does google translate in Vietnamese sound sexy? by
[Yesterday at 11:42:27 PM]

Vietnam keeps building reefs, but the Pinoys too scared of Chinese to even begin by
[Yesterday at 11:30:09 PM]

Would it be safer to move into all Vietnamese gated community? by
[Yesterday at 11:28:18 PM]

Bac ky Sherlock Holmes is not just a fantasy anymore by
[Yesterday at 11:17:41 PM]

Ngụy Ran like ducks by history
[Yesterday at 11:13:54 PM]

Vietnamese Yale guy returned to this crib by
[Yesterday at 11:08:08 PM]

is it bac ky female trait to have thick legs, not easy to fit boots by
[Yesterday at 11:05:41 PM]

Would Koreans have been able to take over China? by
[Yesterday at 11:01:45 PM]

How do I get Vietcong 6 pack abs??? by Fallen Conrades
[Yesterday at 11:00:29 PM]

Saigon Metro Updates by
[Yesterday at 10:52:23 PM]

Build hotels before the actual Long Thanh airport? by
[Yesterday at 10:50:18 PM]

How does VCP evacuate 1.3 million people from storms and floods? by
[Yesterday at 10:49:16 PM]

Vietnamese are more backwards than Pinoy's by
[Yesterday at 10:40:26 PM]

I am thinking of importing one of these from Vietnam by
[Yesterday at 10:18:53 PM]

Filipino Professor( Yale PhD) wrote a great piece on VN currency manipulation by Professor
[Yesterday at 10:13:15 PM]

Chinese in Australia will get a LOYALTY TEST! they r finally getting exposed by Shifting tide
[Yesterday at 10:07:36 PM]

random thoughts thread by Olive Juice
[Yesterday at 08:20:49 PM]

Do Bhutanese look like Vietnamese? by Olive Juice
[Yesterday at 08:10:17 PM]

Dumbass Viet Translators call Roma La Mã, talk about LR fail by gaden
[Yesterday at 05:32:08 PM]

Mainland Chinese millenial women now biggest consumers of artifical sex toys by gaden
[Yesterday at 05:28:35 PM]

who the hell are these guys following QU DON? by Guess
[Yesterday at 05:00:17 PM]

Wow! What a cool outdoor kitchen. by gaden
[Yesterday at 04:43:32 PM]

Dzung---get used to it. by gaden
[Yesterday at 04:18:38 PM]

Gourmet spring rolls by gaden
[Yesterday at 04:14:11 PM]