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I am giving out honorary Vietnamese badges.  Pinoys message me.
I like how China tries to dig a land tunnel through Laos and Cambodia.  It´s not like the US won´t notice in times of war.  This is the reason Cambodia is punished by the US and EU through various suspended trade deals.

General Discussion / Re: Cuong Dola´s Girlfriends
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I think I saw her at Annenberg Hall once sitting alone eating some sauteed asparagus with chopsticks.
Food / Re: What do Vietnamese do with good cuts of steak?
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Bê thui or some raw meat dishes with lemons and herbs loved by the Thais.
I collect art too and I am a thousandaire.  I own some of Bao Dai´s sperm-stained Charvet dress shirts so I guess I can clone him in the future and collect little emperors.

Most art collectors are millionaire!
I think the bloc feared the return of the Khmer Empire so they reasoned that less Khmers means more peace.
Most art collectors are millionaire!
"I moved to the United States when I was VERY young" but he has a fobby accent throughout and "don´t know anything about Vietnam" is not excusable considering that his parents were both Vietnamese.  I don´t understand why some Vietnamese people measure their individual worth by how long they have lived overseas.  Also, the artist´s name is Lê Phổ, and pronounced as written not "Lee Phô".  Chinese don´t use "ph" for "f" sound in names so this doctor must be illiterate in Vietnamese to think the artist was Chinese lmao.
Food / Re: Why do Chinese like jellyfish so much?
« Last post by CognacXO on Yesterday at 11:47:46 PM »
It's rich in youth-enhancing collagen protein!

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