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Recreation and Fine Living / Eating sprouts from a fruit
« Last post by CoconutXO on Today at 06:52:28 AM »
Coconut sprouts taste a bit like truffle.

Highly aromatic with a deep succulent aftertaste.

Sprouted coconuts are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and are a good source of vitamin C. They also contain some fat, protein, iron, copper, potassium, vitamin A, and fiber. 

Large reishi mushroom from the highland market.

Recreation and Fine Living / Re: Funny cow wants to cuddle
« Last post by CoconutXO on Today at 06:31:31 AM »
Juicing is a great way to consume foods in the Aquarian age.

A blender also works.

General Discussion / Re: How men are talking to women
« Last post by CoconutXO on Today at 06:19:05 AM »
Good looking people generally have an easier time to attract a partner.

Beauty is also synonymous with youthfulness, and that means eating healthy and regular exercise.

Ormus also helps to rejuvenate the physical body.

Recreation and Fine Living / Re: Buddhist dogs found enlightenment
« Last post by CoconutXO on Today at 05:55:04 AM »
Poodles are special breeds of dog.

They would follow people from room to room around the house, and sleeping on their beds, etc.

But some human foods aren't meant for dogs.

Dangerous foods for dogs include: chocolate, fruit pits, garlic, onions, gloves, and more. 

NYC subway bans dogs unless they fit into a Bag.

General Discussion / How men are talking to women
« Last post by You said too! on Today at 12:36:03 AM »

This is how men are talking to women and then they wonder why they are not having sex  -shrug
Recreation and Fine Living / Re: Buddhist dogs found enlightenment
« Last post by poor dogs :( on Today at 12:27:33 AM »
That woman should learn to respect animals, she is violating animal rights. She treats them like items and does not honor them as living beings with their own body structure and behaviour. Disgusting woman.
Love and relationship / Re: 2020 is a leap day year <3
« Last post by Only move on Today at 12:18:40 AM »

No I'd like to do the real stuff. 

This is how I would do it after a few beers.

That is like me on my week days, except I am sober  :p
General Discussion / Re: Share your snapchat photos
« Last post by Only love on Today at 12:10:48 AM »

Sounds like that Lam Truong song.  There's a lot of love and killing.

I would guess that is from the tv-serie he lives in which makes a sweet love story for them  -wetkiss I hope they just live that a lot of love part and leaves the killing part aside. Couples usually has favourite songs to praise their love, maybe that is theirs  -heart
Expert Advice / Listen to the "Peloton Husband" confront a troll
« Last post by convoy on Yesterday at 10:17:28 PM »
Listen to the "Peloton Husband" confront a troll

Two things can be true at once. For example, that Peloton holiday commercial from last year was absolutely terrible, but the actors who starred in it are not to blame for the advertisement being a stinking can of garbage. And yet, despite the fact that all reasonable adults should be able to differentiate between…


Source: Listen to the "Peloton Husband" confront a troll
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