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Re: Hey Sailor Neptune
« Reply #20 on: April 21, 2019, 12:51:09 AM »
-hug only you understand me

they destroyed / distorted our culture by absorbing viet culture with the native Cham in Central

and they were the primary reason that we were occupied by the french for more than a century

The funny thing is that you accused them of distorting Viet culture when they just simply migrated southward & ruled their own central / south Vietnam region for about 150 years. Besides why did Trinh lords want to expand southward if you think they want to perserve what you think as "north viet" pureness? Ignorance at its best. The elites don't care what ethnics composition of the subjects whom they rule over as long as they are loyal to the rulers. Your North Viet's EA wannabe complex never fails to surprise me. You & redwine want to make North Viet in Red River Delta to be grouped with other EA groups like Chinese, Korean, Japanese but this is why they will look down on you because they can see that you don't have pride on your own national identity. They can see that you want that EA label and crave for their recognition of your EAness.

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