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Re: We were Chinese before we became Vietnamese
« Reply #40 on: May 25, 2019, 12:57:40 PM »
Once I notice that many of them show that "Vietnamese" are shifted into Daic speakers in common.
But language is closer to Austro-Asiatic, particularly Muong (not Bahnar, Katuic, nor Khmer Krom).

'2' in Old Vietnamese is '*hal', close to modern Muong '2' 'hal' (modern Vietnamese: hai).
'10' in Old Vietnamese is '*mïel', close to modern Muong '10' 'muol' (modern Vietnamese: mu'ò'i)

Why the 'l' ending sound words in old Vietnamese change overtime into 'i' ending sound?
I don't think the shift from 'l' to 'i" in ending sound words is that much of change in a language. As humans, we never stay the same, let alone keeping the same pronunciation of a word for hundreds of years. Nevertheless Vietnamese language is more complicated than what linguists classify it. Chamberlain used modern day linguistic distribution map to argue the spread of Vietic languages from Central Laos to Northern Vietnam but he didn't account for the assimilation of many ethnic groups when Northern Vietnam was put under administration of Sinitic speakers in Tang empire. Tai speakers assimilated Austroasiatic speakers in Thailand and Vietnamese speakers assimilated other Vietic speaking ethnics (& even Tai speaking ethnics) in Vietnam. If "Muong" ethnic had been living in the lowland of Red River Delta and not in the mountainous Thanh Hoa, they would have assimilated into the mainstream Kinh population. I find it hard to believe that "Muong" ethnic minority would have been able to influence the Kinh population linguistically when it should be the opposite. 

My hypothesis about the origins of Vietnamese language

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Re: We were Chinese before we became Vietnamese
« Reply #41 on: June 17, 2019, 12:20:18 AM »
Those who still call themselves Chinese in Vietnam are families who held steadfast and strong to their Chinese identities. Those without this characteristic have already assimilated, so you don’t see them, duh. You only hear from the non-assimilated folks.
Hoa is an ethnic term used in modern times. Before that they were called Tang people or Qing people by Nguyen lords. The ancestors of the Hoa already spoke different languages (but not Mandarin) and had more distinct customs that only exist in Southern China. Its not the so called "Chinese" identity that they held strong to, its just them simply following the traditions of their Southern Chinese ancestors that are distinct from Vietnamese and Chinese from other provinces. Chinese national identity wasn't like what it is today.

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