Author Topic: Tonkin Campaign 1883: First coalition race war between Asians and Europeans  (Read 130 times)

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Wow, one time in history when Vietnamese and Chinese fought side by side to repel European invaders


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The French historically used foreign muslim troops to do many battles in Vietnam.  I am surprised the VCP didn´t learn from this and use Khmers to occupy Thailand.  They can say that that they helped Cambodia regain territory stolen by Thailand.

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Well there is no permanent friend nor permanent enemy. If Chinese interest was to secure their southern border from French incursion, aiding the Vietnamese was a sensible decision to make.

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Not that many countries can take on France in the late 1800s..

In the Franco-Prussian war, it fielded an army of over 2 million bristled with rifle divisions and industrially-produced field cannons..and this was long after Waterloo!

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