Author Topic: somebody called me ignorant, and I say:"yeah, so? and?"  (Read 115 times)

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somebody called me ignorant, and I say:"yeah, so? and?"
« on: March 11, 2018, 09:43:20 AM »
I am pretty content with being ignorant, because seeking truth in the midst of our own prejudice is too  hard of a task. I love truth, I seek her, but I cannot find her. I have abandon all my books and travel, be lukewarm, content with ignorance. I have restricted my inquiries to what is directly concerned myself, and to rest in profound ignorance of everything else,  not trouble myself beyond what I need to know.

Form no judgement and you will not be mistaken.  You will never be liable to mistakes, and should be happier in your ignorance than your knowledge.

The more we know, the more mistake we make, therefore, ignorance is the only way to escape error.

 Is a learned person any nearer to the truth? Not so, the more they learn, the further they are from the truth. Because their pride in their judgement increases faster than their progress in knowledge. For every truth they acquired, they draw a hundred mistaken conclusions.  For every society there are full schools of falsehood. You must live amongst them, the middle classes of a great country, in a great city, before you can believe that people can be so witty and stupid at the same time.

Keep this truth before you, ignorance never did harm anyone. We do not lose our way through ignorance, but through self-confidence and pride.  And error is fatal...

Truth never harm anyone, but to my mind there is strong evidence what is learn or taught is not truth.

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