Author Topic: Why Vietnam communists don´t build any of their own government buildings?  (Read 110 times)

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They literally moved all their ministerial departments into French colonial buildings.  South Vietnam lasted for 20 years but they built nearly all their government buildings from scratch.  The Communists ruled Vietnam for 40 years already but they still host head of states in all these French colonial buildings.  I mean what the heo, why are they so shameless and lazy? 

Architecture, much like food and fashion, is a testament to the people´s ingenuity and worldview.  What legitimacy does these peasant commies have if they rule from the same buildings the French built and ruled from?  Even if they build a French style building at least they can say they built it themselves from their own designs.  This is why Nguyen Dynasty buildings, while clearly influenced by China, got a lot of originality because the inside is quite different to other Chinese palaces.  The architect and construction managers were all Vietnamese constructing block by block what they thought was quite advanced and aesthetically pleasing for the time.  Most Vietnamese French colonial buildings used bricks shipped all the way from Marseille.   

I know these commies love French designs so why not just build one to host foreign head of states?  They already do it on quite a grand scale for their own residences.  They are clearly rich enough these days to finance a grand presidential palace.  One Russian Kiloglass submarine costs like $250 millions.  Vietnam got 6, why not just get 5 and use the money for one really nice modernist office with state of the art plumbing and teleconferencing? Actually, landscaping is quite important so maybe get just 4 submarines and spend another $250 millions on a nice garden.

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Bo may cai mat xau Quac cai nha dep can xau.

I get night mares every time I look at these trolls crinkly faces.

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O what vain inquiries! What are these effeminate mores. Such frivolous eloquence, focusing on delight of futile men.

What is the meaning of these statues, these painting, these buildings?  Fools, what are you advocating. You made yourself slave of frivolous men. Do rhetorician govern you? Was it to enrich  architects, painters, actors that the people soaked this nation with their blood?

Ancient Athen was once a place know for its civility and good taste, the country of philosophy and orators. The elegance of her building were unparalleled. Marbles and  canvas, created and crafted by the most capable masters, can be seen from everywhere in the city. In present day, nothing of her inhabitant is left to us but memories of her heroic deeds.  Are her monuments worth less  than the curious marbles she has left us?

I may have agreed  if you advocated to raise monuments for the glory of the mind.

O eternal shame to a vain doctrine!

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so shameless, the interior is so fugly

South Vietnam got so much style dam!

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This is Ho Chi Minhs stilt house. You probably did,'t know, but he was also a nature lover. A place where he practiced martial art, fish, and lived with nature. He enjoyed the simplicity of life.

The most important man in his nation of his time, he could've have anything he wanted--yet, he shied away from luxury. He who knew the danger of displaying wealth and lavishness. For luxury corrupts both the rich and poor simultaneously. One by accumulation and possession more of,  the other covetous. It sells the homeland to softness and vanity.

O praise be! He who only consulted the duties of men and the needs of nature, had time for nothing but the homeland, the unfortunate, and his people.

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Asian interpretation of western traditional style always result in garishness.

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