Author Topic: Forget Baiyue, Hoabinhians ruled China, Populated Southeast Asia  (Read 983 times)

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The Hans never made it this far to Yunnan since we are talking at least 20,000 years ago.  So basically these proto-Vietnamese ruled this area for ages, had the most technologically advanced society in all of Eastern Asia.  They then migrated south to Indonesia and west to Burma and east to the Philippines.  What this paper fails to mention is that the most complex sites of Hoabinhian culture lies in Northern Vietnam.  All Southeast Asians come from proto-Vietnamese populations from this region since we have the most complex Hoabinh culture sites in all of Asia.

The Chinese researchers in this article postulated a Hoabinhian "homeland" theory to tie them to China but Yunnan has not been Han territory until very recently.  All these Viet looking peoples of Southern China got sinicized thoroughly so they never questioned their "Chinese" identity as they clearly have more advanced culture than "real" Chinese in the past.  Those slanty eyed flatface creatures are not native to Vietnam.  These findings establish the ancestors of Vietnamese to be highly advanced people who laid the foundation for later Dong Son culture.

Thus the key site ofXiaodong securely confirms the existence of the Hoabinhian tech-nocomplex in southwestern China and places it chronologically asthe oldest site in Asia. In this sense, the Yunnan Province takes itsplace as the most likely strategic location of the “HoabinhianHomeland”leading to gene flow and cultural dispersion for the peopling of Southeast Asia.

(PDF) The oldest Hoabinhian technocomplex in Asia (43.5 ka) at Xiaodong rockshelter, Yunnan Province, southwest China. Available from: [accessed Oct 26 2018].


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Re: Forget Baiyue, Hoabinhians ruled China, Populated Southeast Asia
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2018, 11:45:02 PM »
Why do Southeast Asians look like Vietnamese? Gene flow!


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Re: Forget Baiyue, Hoabinhians ruled China, Populated Southeast Asia
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Austronesians like Pinoys think they originate from Taiwan but nearly all these indigenous groups from Taiwan originally made their way there from Northern Vietnam.


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