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How nice it would be,
If the China government would protect the Chinese overseas Chinese,
When these overseas chinese are being attacked by mobs overseas.
In the past, many overseas Chinese were killed when overseas,
by local mobs overseas,
or by the colonial dutch soldiers in Indonesia,
or by the colonial spanish soldiers  in Philippines,
and the weak China government at that time,
did nothing to protest or protect these overseas Chinese people.
That was so sad + disappointing .
Thats why i hope that China would one day be strong + powerful again one day,
And protect the overseas Chinese people in their moments of need.


next time if or when it happen again, China should declare war n invade indonesia. first thing to accomplish is to capture all island in the south china sea especially the natuna island. since they dont value chinese life, y should china value indon native life, just kill them all..

I have another solution, we can mass immigrate to your country in a human wave then breed like rabbits and take over all your politics vote all liberals who will tear open the borders. You mad?

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Thanks for exposing how the Chinese Indonesian are opressed and prosecuted CaptainCool07. It's almost unheard of someone talking about the 1998 incident.

About the rumours of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) encouraging the prosecution of Chinese people, it's not even a rumour anymore here in Indonesia. It's a public knowledge that the armed forces did some of the killing and raping. Prabowo, one of the president candidate back in 2009 & 2014 election, even allegedly one of the killer.

It's not only the armed forces btw, even the Police did nothing to stop the angry mob. There's even one photo that show how the Police just stand and watch while someone is getting raped. 1998 is truly a horrific time to live in Indonesia, I'm glad in Cimahi, the city where I live , there's no violence like that. But still me and my family still got racist insult from surrounding people, even though we have live in Indonesia for 3 generations by now.

The most recent incident of prosecution of Chinese people are Ahok in 2017(yes this year!). He is the governor of Jakarta and yet he is imprisoned just because someone edit a video and makes him looks like he is insulting the Koran. Before he is imprisoned, that video caused a massive demonstration last year in 2 December 2016 , just google it.

Of course not all Indonesian are savage like that. I don't want to blame certain religion for the racism, but most of the prosecutor are Indonesian Muslims.  Indonesian that come from the religious minority like Catholic or Hindu are kind and tolerant to Chinese people because they too are prosecuted by the Indonesian Muslims.

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Adrian Lin - "Things have slowly got better and we hope to never see any incident like 1998 again."  If this incident happens in 1998 again against the Chinese, we shall see whether the US or UN or Human Rights Group is going to punish these Indonesian Muslim Pigs for genocide or ethnic cleansing.  If no organisation is going to act on it, then I hope the Chinese government will come in and clean these pigs up.


Thank you posting this video and asking a very poignant question that actually has never crossed my mind. 

Perhaps I should explain why I proposed many times on your channel the idea of “ united Chinese diaspora “ or perhaps first and foremost I should explain and define what is a “Chinese “. 

I spent my entire life in Canada and despite the fact that I spoke native English and my mannerism was Canadian, the most common question white people asked me was “ are you from China?.

Many of my fellow CBCs face the same dilemma in that are we viewed as Canadians or as Chinese by the non Chinese population. So based on democratic general consensus, we are Chinese.

And what is interesting is that not only in Canada or the US but Chinese around the world are faced with the same dilemma. And facts have proven time and again that if you are Chinese you have no choice but be Chinese.  The Indonesian example you made on the video showed that even when you are a multigenerational Indonesian Chinese, you get raped and murdered because you are viewed as a Chinese. Multigenerational Indian Chinese were forced to leave India after the indo China war.  Same with Vietnamese Chinese in Vietnam after the Vietnam China war. 

For me being a Chinese is defined by stereotypes from non Chinese citizens. I am a Canadian in my own mind but I am looked upon as a Chinese by everyone else. And I think this would be applicable to all ethnic Chinese around the world with their respective countries.

Historically China as a country had never defended Chinese people whether inside or outside China’s border, so why should we expect anything different now.

What benefited Chinese people in times of need are the Chinese diaspora.  If you would go to any Chinatown you would find ethnic Indian Chinese, ethnic Vietnamese chinese, Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwanese Chinese all coexisting and prospering peacefully. 

What galvanized a united Chinese diaspora is due to external suppression and a unified Chinese identity. People who faced ethnic cleansing in India, Vietnam, Indonesian, etc had one common stigma, they were all labelled as Chinese.

What would happen if war were to break out between the West and China?  There would be no chance for China to help the Chinese in Canada for example ,since Canada would be at war with China. Forget about democracy and human rights bullshwit, when the shwit hits the fan, if you think the massive media anti Chinese propaganda is bad now, you have seen nothing yet.  White people killed white people because they were gay. 

The Chinese diaspora have always benefited China and never the other way around.  So why should we expect anything different now.

The overseas Chinese went back to China to build schools and fixed villages. China’s technological and intellectual advances are very much participated by overseas Chinese. 

A united Chinese diaspora will defend and protect Chinese around the world.  We shouldn’t expect anything from China since we don’t even get defended or protection from our own countries


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