Author Topic: Vietnam keeps building reefs, but the Pinoys too scared of Chinese to even begin  (Read 218 times)

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Now our Pinoy friends are claiming Viets can´t do that since that is encroaching on "West Philippine Sea" but once again did nothing when the Chinese did the same thing. What a funny country.  You ain´t got ballz so you should stop barking.

This is a newly built Vietnamese island


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The Chinese are so used to seeing Vietnamese marines building stuff in SCS that they consider it the status quo.  However, if they ever spot a Filipino doing anything remotely similar to the Vietnamese marines, they threaten nuclear holocaust on Duterte.   Double standards lol.  Chinese prefer Sinospherian company I guess.

"But again, it's a whole different issue than the changes to the status quo orchestrated by Beijing, which present a clear threat to Filipino access to disputed waters," Poling said.

He added, "It should also be noted that many of Vietnam's upgrades are in underwater areas to the southwest that are not part of Kalayaan Islands claimed by Manila. Only Beijing and Taipei pretend those underwater features are part of the Spratlys."

AMTI earlier noted "initial Philippine efforts to start runway repairs" on Pag-asa Island in May 2018. In response, the think tank said China deployed its maritime militia to the vicinity of Pag-asa Island.


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in the dog eats dog world, savagery ultimately wins.  VCP need to unleash their Vietcong mojo.

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