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Master and Commander Discipline
« on: April 14, 2019, 01:02:02 PM »
Just thought it's cool to share this..very accurate portrayal  of condition aboard a 19th century British vessel..

^This is what high self esteem looks like. It's eye-opening when someone points it out to you!

How come Napoleon never bother to cross the English channel to invade England?

He couldn't defeat the Royal Navy. England has for centuries been protected from invasion by a strong navy. The English Navy at the time was simply too powerful. It was one of the best there was at the time, and it had defeated the French Navy in two major battles (Aboukir Bay in 1789 ad Trafalgar in 1805). After that, Britain worked hard to stop the French from amassing enough naval power to challenge them again, and won several other battles. There was a plan to just build far more ships than England could answer, but this was never finished before Napoleon was finally defeated. Ultimately, Napoleon just never had a naval force that could beat the Royal Navy, and so he could never have crossed the channel. The British Army at the time was not powerful enough to seriously challenge Napoleon's, but they were a match for him at sea.

Starting the 1790s,the Royal Navy systematically hunted down and destroyed every major (and even average) European navy:

Dutch navy at Camperdown 1797

Danish navy (twice) at Copenhagen 1801 and 1807

The French Mediterranean fleet was destroyed at Aboukir Bay 1798,and its Atlantic and Channel fleets,along with the Spanish navy,at Trafalgar in 1805.

Additionally,Napoleon never had sufficient merchant shipping to ferry an invasion army across the Channel.The Royal Navy dominated the seas throughout the Napoleonic Wars,and captured literally thousands of French merchantmen.

Napoleon never really understood seapower,nor how to use it in wartime,and thus was never able to gather sufficient naval strength,military or merchant,to even attempt an invasion of England.


How come 19th century Royal Navy ships can fire its cannon shot every 90 sec, but it took the French the whole 5 min to do it?

The Royal Navy sailed the oceans and seas of the world and saw lots of action - it was the senior service in the British military,and regarded as far,far more important than the army by the government. Britain also had a seafaring tradition (being an island nation) so there were always plenty of experienced sailors to serve in the Royal Navy in wartime.

The French navy was always a poor relation to the French army.No French ruler ever really understood seapower properly,nor how to use it.The navy thus got,in terms of resources (including manpower) what was left over after the army had got its needs.

Additionally,the French lost their Mediterranean fleet (with their best sailors) at Aboukir Bay in 1799.After that,the French naval forces remaining were either bottled up in port by British blockades or,when they did get out to sea,were fleeing pursuing British fleets.They thus got little chance for action,and thus were far,far less experienced in gunnery than their Royal Navy counterparts.

All of which is why Royal Navy sailors had a much faster rate of fire than French navy gunners.


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