Author Topic: wtf is "chum ruot" in English?  (Read 327 times)

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wtf is "chum ruot" in English?
« on: August 27, 2019, 11:37:40 AM »

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Re: wtf is "chum ruot" in English?
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2019, 04:51:32 PM »
According to wikipedia:  Phyllanthus acidus or gooseberry.

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Re: wtf is "chum ruot" in English?
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2019, 03:36:49 AM »
Some cool facts on Saigon's history..

Saigon was originally known as Prey Nokor. It's actually a Khmer name for a fishing village to the north of the present day city.

Prey Nokor = Rừng Gòn (kapok tree woodland)
Prei = Brai = Rai = "Sài"
Nokor = "kor" =  "gòn".

Prey Nokor the fishing village became part of VN in 1658 during the time of the Nguyen lord, who sent the general Nguyen Phuoc Yen along with 3000 troops to occupied it via a sea route that took them to Mô Xoài (present day Bà Rịa).

The Saigon that we all know and love was mostly unpopulated in 1658 as it was just another frontier territory back then, and only being incorporated into VN in 1672 at the end of the Trịnh–Nguyễn War.

In 1679, three thousand chinese Ming loyalists arrived in Nguyen-controlled area of Danang in 50 boats. They received Nguyen's approval to settle in the Mekong delta and became known as the Minh Huong population in Vietnamese language sources, spreading buddhism, confusionism, and taoism, along with the worship of Mazu and Guandi, throughout the south and the delta.

The Chợ Lớn area was settle soon after 1679 by Minh Huong people (originally from the ten influential clans residing in Hội An before it was formally opened to foreign trade as a port city.)

Bà Rịa was the very first settlement of Vietnamese in southern VN dating all the way back to 1658.

A very famous Vietnamese from Bà Rịa. He said working condition in the fishing industry was harder when he was a kid. Round boats with motors were rare, and to go out to sea, fishermen had to either row with paddles or use a sailboat, both were tedious work and required great stamina.

The Nguyen lord at this time was in conflict with both Cambodia and the Trinh lord to the north. Although they were outnumbered, the Nguyen defeated the Trinh's attacks in 1643, 1648, 1661, and 1672. The Nguyễn and Trịnh lords ruled as de facto kings in their respective lands, and paid official tribute to the Lê emperors in a ceremonial gesture.

"VN is not bad. People are fed. Cost of living is relatively low. There's stability, and safety. What more do you want?  Riches? If so, what do you have  to offer for the world? The world doesn't value, rice, shrimp, or fruits. No sir, they don't.  They want ultra thin flat screen tv, wireless battery charging phone, super smart phones,  tablets, and video games of many genre. Something VN is severely lacking. Dirt poor is better than modern poor. Dirt poor means you have land or dirt. What is land? To built house for refuge. To cultivate plants and animals. Dirt poor means you can survive and be independent. Modern poor? If you lose your job? How are you going to eat? You cant pay the farmers that growth your food. Where are you going to stay? You cant pay rent or  property taxes?  In the modern world, if you are poor-- you are pretty much a slave. Either slave or perish. Only in modern socialist society where the poor survive though welfare, at the expenses or the burden of  others. I don't want to be poor. But If I am poor, let it be dirt poor. At least I am sufficient, independent, and not a burden to my countrymen."

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Re: wtf is "chum ruot" in English?
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2019, 09:04:52 PM »
How does one grow chum ruot? I'm planning to start a gooseberry plantation for Fruit Woodstock Cali 2020 to lure in fine and healthy White Chicks.


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Re: wtf is "chum ruot" in English?
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2019, 04:46:49 PM »
The high level of acidity must be bad for Vietnamese teeth. 

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Re: wtf is "chum ruot" in English?
« Reply #5 on: September 10, 2019, 08:44:27 PM »
Even acidic fruits such as citrus fruits yield alkaline ash once they're in the body.  That is extremely crucial in maintaining the alkalinity level the body needs to thrive and thus capable of repairing ailments and diseases.  A person could easily neutralize acids from SOME fruits by rinsing after consuming fruits.

Human kinds begin in the tropics before migrations.  They ate massive amount of fruits which is one reason that contributes to the enlargement of the human brains.

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