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Newcastle jimmy sex toy
« on: September 12, 2019, 02:47:40 AM »
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Copper IUD: More protection against cervical cancer. It is one of the female and intrauterine contraceptive methods whose effectiveness is proven even after 40. Doctors and contraception specialists also highlight other benefits of the copper IUD, and its use can strengthen the protection of women against one of the most frequent female cancers, cervical cancer. A contraceptive method that, despite being one of the most effective, is not the most used by women, perhaps due to the lack of information on what it is and how the copper IUD is used.
Although the pill and condom remain the most commonly used contraceptive methods for women, the efficacy and safety of the copper IUD, an intrauterine contraceptive method, make it a female ally for the prevention of one of the most feared health disorders , cervical cancer. And, as the conclusions of the Consensus Conference of the Spanish Contraception Society (SEC), the copper IUD can not only strengthen protection, but is a method whose effectiveness is demonstrated regardless of the age of the woman and of parity. In fact, the IUD is an effective method both in the case of younger women and from the age of 40. Specifically, the levonorgestrel hormonal IUD (LNG) is an effective method to use until menopause. The use of contraceptive methods, it should be remembered, not only helps prevent unwanted pregnancies, but their use can also prevent menstruation pains, reduce the amount of bleeding, as well as protect the endometrium.
Cervical cancer, also called cervical cancer, is caused by several types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Vaccination is the best way to prevent human papilloma, which in the early stages may not show symptoms or warning signs. A prevention to which the IUD also adds, since medical studies and research support it, but that in any case should not be a substitute. That is, it is a method of prevention that should not replace periodic reviews and cytologies to accurately control and one hundred percent the risk factors of developing cervical cancer.
IUD: Types
There are two types of IUD, the hormonal (includes levonorgestrel) and the copper, the most used and least expensive (its price ranges between 30 and 50 euros, compared to approximately 150 euros that the hormone can cost). The hormonal is usually prescribed to prevent menstrual problems or disorders, such as an abundant, painful period or the presence of myomas or benign tumors. The IUD is a long-term contraceptive method, five years in the case of the hormonal IUD and up to ten in the case of copper. The IUD is a T-shaped intrauterine device that is placed in the uterus.
IUD and morning after pill Although it is usually the most commonly used emergency contraceptive method, the IUD proves to be as or more effective than the morning after pill, just as all the studies done so far have endorsed. According to medical data, only 7% of women in our country use the IUD as a usual contraceptive method. On the other hand, 25% opt for the pill or contraceptive patch, while about 40% prefer the condom.

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