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Chicago Heights sex toy stocks
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п»їThe Infanta Sofia turns nine years old |
Congratulations Sofia. Today the infant turns nine years old. The youngest daughter of the kings Felipe and Letizia will live her most special day. As his sister Leonor is a student of Santa MarГ­a de los Rosales, and surely he will not stop receiving congratulations later. At home, the party will be this weekend. We are going to review what these 9 years of the Infanta Sofia have been, which always shows a smile on her face.
Today is a special day in Zarzuela. On April 29, 2007, SofГ­a de Todos los Santos de BorbГіn y Ortiz came to the world, or what is the second daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia Ortiz. Third in the line of succession to the Throne of Spain, after his older sister Leonor, princess of Asturias.
Infanta Sofia was born at the Ruber International Hospital in Madrid. The youngest daughter of Don Felipe and DoГ±a Letizia received her name in honor of her paternal grandmother, Queen Sofia. Although he has always been in the shadow of Leonor, little by little he has been winning everyone because his face never lacks a smile. Although with the passage of time it has already become a little woman.
The birthday of Infanta Sofia will be a private event today and of course there will be no information on how it will be celebrated and much less images. But we do not doubt that in the house there will be a party and that in the Santa MarГ­a de los Rosales school, I am sure you will not stop receiving congratulations.
More shy than her sister
There are very few occasions when Spaniards can see the two girls, since at the express wish of their parents, their appearances in public are reduced only to the inn at the entrance of the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca before the beginning of the Mass of Easter Sunday, that of the Marivent Palace in summer and when they attend with their parents the military parade of the National Holiday Day on October 12.
This week, the Princess of Asturias has also been seen at the Vicente CalderГіn stadium, where she went with her father to watch the match between AtlГ©tico de Madrid and Bayern Munich, but Sofia was not there. She has always been characterized by her shyness and every time we see her in public she does it with her older sister Leonor and always holding hands and trying to hide with some member of her family.
So, we can only send a big kiss to the little girl from the Royal House and wish her a great time on her ninth birthday.

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