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Re: Vietnam banned Chinese movie
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2019, 10:28:58 PM »
China was loved by Manchu for 3 centuries. They were content with with serving the northern barbarians behind closed four walls. The Qing Emperor ordered that the Chinese naval fleet to be burn down. Mandated all Chinese men to shave their head to pigtail and Chinese women  spreading Chinese their legs to serve as sex slaves. Which in turn assimilated the barbarians through mongrelization. They are very proud of such assimilation. While at the same time, the socalled South China Sea was an unknown and neglected frontier, the land of Southern Barbarians.

In other words, you Chinese are loved descendant of Mongol and Manchu. Your ancestral land is up north to Mongolia, ancient Jurchen land, and in the heart land of the Yangtze and Yellow river. Your Qing and Yuan overlords never made it to Vietnam, they were halted by fierce resistance of majority consescus. Chinese cowards cannot claim land which they did not earned or never occupied. Vietnamese reign the South while you were serving and became one with the northern barbarians.


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Re: Vietnam banned Chinese movie
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2019, 11:23:19 PM »
Chinese as soon as they get rich used their money to buy Manchu antiques claiming they are buying back heritage lol. Talk about a bunch of lost savages.  No wonder the Japs treated them like chickenroaches during WW2. 

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Re: Vietnam banned Chinese movie
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2019, 02:17:15 AM »
It looks to me like the Chinese have been intermixing with the Tungid nomads for a very long time, way before the Mongol invasion.

Qin terracotta warriors (221 to 206 BC. ) from 2000 years ago already sporting thick robust appearances, an adaptation to frigid weather of the Siberian north!

In earlier time, they looked much more gracile and a lot less tungid!

Figurines from Chu state era (800 to 221 BC.). Hanfu is the tunic-like dress of the Han people of ancient time long before sinicization by Tungid nomads.

The Song dynasty was the last great Han civilization in ancient China. The later Ming dynasty lacked the high culture of earlier Han predecessors.

Many Song soldiers fought for the Tran dynasty.

In 1253, a shrine was built at Thang Long with statues of the Duke of Zhou, of Confucius, and of Mencius, along with pictures of seventy-two of Confucius' disciples. This is reminiscent of the shrine built in 1070 with statues of the Duke of Zhou, of Confucius, and of Confucius' seventy-two disciples. In 1156, Do Anh Vu had built a shrine for Confucius, an indication that the 1070 shrine no longer existed in his time. The 1156 shrine apparently perished when Thang Long was looted and burned in the last years of the Ly dynasty. In 1253, the addition of Mencius reveals the influence of Song Neo-Confucian thought, which put particular emphasis upon the Mencian idea that everyone had the potential for goodness if properly educated. This shrine was part of the palace academy, already mentioned, which was established to teach the "Four Books and Five Classics," the new curriculum from Song China.


A different kind of appeal was made to the thousands of Song soldiers who had fled from the Mongols and found refuge with the Tran. Tran Nhat Duat, a brother of the senior king, gathered and organized these men into an army that would win a major battle against the Mongols. Tran solidarity with Song against the Mongols during the previous thirty years came from a sense of shared membership in a common civilization under siege by an uncivilized enemy. With the demise of Song, pride of membership in this civilization and confidence in the superiority of being civilized was concentrated in the exercise of Tran dynastic leadership to resist the Mongol foe. Song soldiers were welcomed, placed under their own officers, and allowed to wear Song uniforms. The Tran were careful to alert their soldiers who campaigned with this army not to mistake them for the enemy.

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