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It's always a step on the backfoot kind of thing.  It's where Champa leads the charge against the Mongols even though they are in the south but Dai Viet in the north gets the credit and people herald from Fujian province so people in China end up getting ultimate credit.  The history is riddled with quagmire where China is politically hated upon even whilst they are historically let in to integrate as a last refuge away from Yuan's presence, to breed hybrid vigor into the population.

Chinese history is like the legend of the phoenix.  After the fall of a great dynasty always comes another and the main story is always about the Han Chinese and their point of view. Chinese took the fight to the northern barbarian hordes since the time of their wall building. Protestors in Hong Kong do not take the charge because they are protestors and Mongolians actually take great effort to pillage because they weren't just allowed in all willy nilly like to produce hybrid vigor.

Yuan and Qing, about ten percent of Chinese history were just about the only inconsistent times that Chinese history was not taken seriously by its own people whereas in Vietnamese history, it's all just kind of blah.

But I'm already brainwashed to think I'm Vietnamese so there's nothing I can do about it.  I'm stuck with blah.

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