Author Topic: China tells US navy to stop treating it way Austronesions treat Austroasiatics  (Read 70 times)

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Us is now prevented from telling China to gtfo, to be their slaves

the Austronesions told Austroasiatics to gtfo in Malaysia, to be their slaves
By the 18th to the 19th century, some Orang Asli groups suffered raids by the Malay and Batak forces who perceived them to be of lower in status. The Orang Asli settlement being sacked, with the adult males being systematically executed while the women and children being held captive and later sold as slaves.[6][7] However, the relationship between the Malays and Orang Asli were not always hostile, many other groups enjoyed peaceful and cordial relation with their Malay neighbours.[3] Based on historical records, the enslavement of the negrito tribes commenced as early as 724 AD, during the early contact of the Malay Srivijaya empire. Negrito pygmies from the southern forests were enslaved and some even being exploited until modern times.[8]

No mystery to "made in China 2025", we are just destined to be top, that's how strong we are

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Ooooh no. But its already done though.

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Why else do you think China is trying to help Papua New Guinea, cos the remnants of Srivijaya became the Philippines.

A srivijaya monster. 
No mystery to "made in China 2025", we are just destined to be top, that's how strong we are

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We will no longer be slaves.  Go do your raiding elsewhere China says.

No mystery to "made in China 2025", we are just destined to be top, that's how strong we are


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That's the nature of humanity friend, just as some austronesians were sinified in china eons ago.  -kissyface


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