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Re: Guest users email for access code
« Reply #20 on: January 27, 2020, 10:21:55 AM »
Revenge is a  common desire around the world. Almost all people wants to be "fined" after they (feel) they became treated unfairly. It takes a lot of inner growing to grow over that feeling. Revenge porn etc. is common after break ups nowadays. Meanity generally raised up among Internet and kids at schools had "only" reality bullying before at school but now it continues still at homes because devices allows it.
People don't think others (or self) as humane beings during devices. Some people communicate during devices even they are at the same room. Will devices take over the world some day?
They already did  -shrug Devices took humaneness away from people.. Sometimes you see very admirable people in devices which lost their true self for the devices. Then you just want to say hey there, no, not your alleys and games and negative cells but your heart and soul. What happend, why you let device to take your trueself awaynfrom you? Because being succered too much for the things which devices allows is a deal with the devil. The more you give in for device play, the more it eats your humane sides. And you need to see balls of the jaybird (saying) to wake up and see what you have devices to let done to you. People are inside them, it is short way inside own scull to research what happened. It is a short way to find you again, just look at your heart  -heart

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He looks toward the day when the Han Chinese will rule everybody with the Iron Fists and have everybody bow down to Chinese

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