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ragged punk ghetto look
« on: March 31, 2021, 10:26:55 AM »
Fashion looks like crap.
meet the young people shaping the future of vietnamese fashion
“We aren’t just selling clothes—we’re selling inspiration for the community. And young Vietnamese people are slowly learning how to embrace their style.”

In 2010, Boule Nguyen, a 21-year-old Vietnamese-Canadian, dropped out of school, cashed in his savings, and embarked on a year-long road trip throughout Canada and the United States. Driving non-stop with a car full of Vietnamese clothing samples, he had a simple goal: to build a distribution business from scratch by going city to city, store to store.

A decade later, armed with years of experience winning the trust of brands, Nguyen is flipping the script with his latest, and most ambitious endeavor: There VND Then, a tri-level Saigon concept store centered on importing coveted international brands making their first-ever entrance to Vietnam. Opening in October in the heart of the city’s bustling District 1, There VND Then (the VND stands for Vietnam’s currency, the Vietnamese đồng) will also house an on-site ice cream parlor, barber shop, a rooftop bar and lounge.

“We’re the first to do what we’re doing in terms of the scale and range of concepts,” says Nguyen, now 34 years old. “I noticed over a decade ago that things were really bubbling in Vietnam, but there were so many barriers from taxes and duties to lack of market maturity. We didn’t just lack resources to open a store like this, we also didn’t have trust from foreign brands. It was like asking someone to hand over their baby.”

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