Author Topic: Vietnam´s mafia traffic cops keep running into trouble busting commie bosses  (Read 255 times)

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Do you know who I am? lol Welcome to the jungle indeed.  You know it´s a corrupt shaithole where traffic fines are delivered directly to traffic cops.


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There are laws on this.

If it's under 250k, you can pay on spot, over this amount you have to go to the  National state treasury to pay or mail your  payment.


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The fact that people are recording it and uploading it to Yutube, evidently a testament of how advanced Vietnam has become and set foward to a better future.


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People in VN are free to videotape and audiotape traffic cops performing official duties in public. No laws prohibit them from doing so.

This is good to catch corrupt people. Their family and they will feel ashamed for a long time. If the act is serious enough, the public can demand the corrupt people be stripped of power or put in prison.

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Can someone record and upload on youtube the offsprings of Đỗ Mười?  I'd like to see if there are possible changes to his descendants looks in comparison to DM's - like signs of intelligence in their faces, for example.

Thank you, friends  :)


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Some good genes in his family. He passed away at 101.

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I think it takes 10 generations to erase that oafish, obtuse and opaque looks from his lineage.  I guess life is fair; it takes away intelligence so it compensates with longevity.

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Why is the sons last name Nguyen?

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Let me remind you guys that under State Law of section 46/2016 code NĐ-CP, you are forbid to criticize the state and any member there of.  Any hindrance therefore of obstruction of state officers from diligence to their duties shall carry a minimum penalty of 90 years imprisonment and death, and a fine of, and not to exceed VND10,000.

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