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Dai Viet drum
« on: September 23, 2020, 10:23:03 PM »

This isn't being done anymore in modern time, but the drum sound was a major part of many ancient ceremonies in VN. For example, one of the usage for the Dong Son drum is to call for rain during the dry season, and that's why there are many frog figurines around the rims.

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Re: Dai Viet drum
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2020, 06:12:02 PM »
The motifs on the drums looks remarkably similar to the Neanderthal cave paintings.


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Re: Dai Viet drum
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2020, 05:39:55 AM »
The Neanderthals were just one step above primates, and probably can't paint at all. They existed in Europe for about 300,000 years but only produced rudimentary arrowheads for hunting and that's about it. Genetic studies shows Neanderthals merging with Cro-magnons aka modern people in some distance past through interbreeding.

In term of brain size, those of Neanderthals measure approximately 1400 cm3 as opposed to 1260 cm3 for humans, but larger doesn't necessary mean more intelligence as dolphins' brains are also large at 1420.50 cm3. The different is in the wiring, and in the human brain there are much more white matter as opposed to gray matter. White matter are extensions of nerve cells (axons) that allow for neural networking, a process that produce abstract thoughts, which are the hallmark of intelligence. Dolphin and Neanderthal brains have much more rudimentary gray matter compared to that of humans, and it's theorized that millions more years are still needed for them to evolve to the level of consciousness comparable to that of modern humans.

White matter allows for neural networking, the more the better, and this is what sets humans distinct from animals. Dolphins and primates, for example, could count and learn sign language, but can't see the bigger picture like people do.

A trained dolphin could easily recognize the number two as a quantity, but to a human with more advance neural networking ability the number 2 could also means:

    a pair of pants/trousers
    a pair of underwear
    a pair of swimming trunks
    a pair of shorts
    a pair of jeans
    a pair of glasses
    a pair of sunglasses
    a pair of binoculars
    a pair of goggles
    a pair of scissors
    a pair of pliers
    a pair of clippers
    a pair of tweezers
    a pair of tongs
    a pair of shoes
    a pair of socks
    a pair of slippers
    a pair of boots
    a pair of shoe laces
    a pair of gloves
    a pair of cuff links
    a pair of earrings
    a pair of contacts
    a pair of eyes
    a pair of lungs
    a pair of kidneys
    a pair of wings
    a pair of dice
    a pair of skis
    a pair of skates
    a pair of crutches
    a pair of chopsticks
    a pair of speakers
    a pair of headlights
    a pair of windshield wipers
    a pair of knitting needles...

Much more freedom of association is available to species with more advance nervous system, but the evolution to an advance mind also requires a great deal of time, taking millions if not billions of years to complete, and what we're seeing today (in all life forms) are species in transition, and never a final products as there are no end to evolution, and even humans are still in the process of evolving.

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Re: Dai Viet drum
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2020, 03:01:56 PM »
Look!  That looks like the Lac seabird like the ones on the Dong Son Drum.


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Re: Dai Viet drum
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2020, 11:38:04 PM »
The cave paintings you show was probably analyzed prior to 2016 when new DNA evidences came about showing that human-Neanderthal interbreeding has been going on as far back as 100,000 years or more. Before that, all cave arts older than 64 thousand years were considered Neanderthal artifacts, but now with Cro-Magnons in the picture, what we are seeing could be art works of human-Neanderthal hydrids. The Neantherthal died out as a species (or completely merged with humans) around 42,000 years ago.

For many years, the only evidence of human-Neanderthal hybridization existed within modern human genes. However, in 2016 researchers published a new set of Neanderthal DNA sequences from Altai Cave in Siberia, as well as from Spain and Croatia, that show evidence of human-Neanderthal interbreeding as far back as 100,000 years ago -- farther back than many previous estimates of humans’ migration out of Africa (Kuhlwilm et al 2016). Their findings are the first to show human gene flow into the Neanderthal genome as opposed to Neanderthal DNA into the human genome. This data tells us that not only were human-Neanderthal interbreeding events more frequent than previously thought, but also that an early migration of humans did in fact leave Africa before the population that survived and gave rise to all contemporary non-African modern humans.

The oldest Neanderthal skull they found is the Altamura Man, which is over 170,000 years old, and predictably looks very similar to that of a primate.

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