Author Topic: newest video of Saigon at night shows how poor the financial capital city is  (Read 85 times)

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Even Atlanta is like 10x brighter at night.


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bangkok (filmed in early 2020)


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District 2 is a more quiet, peaceful area of Saigon, lots of expats live there.

District 1:


Still, Bangkok is more developed. It has many more tall skysclovers than Saigon.


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*sky scr@apers.


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But then again, Thailand's economy is heavily controlled by ethnic Chinese

21st century

The early-21st century saw Thai Chinese dominate Thai commerce at every level of society.[77][10]:127, 179 Their economic clout plays a critical role in maintaining the country's economic vitality and prosperity.[44]:47–48 The economic power of the Thai Chinese is far greater than their proportion of the population would suggest.[10]:179[50]:277 With their powerful economic presence, the Chinese dominate the country's wealthy elite.[10]:179 Development policies imposed by the Thai government provided business opportunities for the ethnic Chinese. A distinct Sino-Thai business community has emerged as the dominant economic group, controlling virtually all the major business sectors across the country.[52]:193[65]:72 The modern Thai business sector is highly dependent on ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs and investors who control virtually all the country's banks and large conglomerates; their support is enhanced by the presence of lawmakers and politicians who are of at least part-Chinese descent.[16][71][10]:179 The Thai Chinese, a disproportionate wealthy, market-dominant minority not only form a distinct ethnic community, they also form, by and large, an economically advantaged social class.[10]:179–183[16][78][49][79][50]:261

With the rise of China as a global economic power, Thai-Chinese businesses have become the foremost, largest investors in Mainland China among all overseas Chinese communities worldwide.[10]:184 Many Thai Chinese have sent their children to newly established Chinese language schools, visit China in record numbers, invest in China, and assume Chinese surnames.[10]:184–185 The Charoen Pokphand (CP Group), a prominent Thai conglomerate founded by the Thai-Chinese Chearavanont family, has been the single largest foreign investor in China.[10]:41, 179[44]:55[80] CP Group also owns and operates Tesco Lotus, one of the largest foreign hypermarkets, 74 stores and seven distribution centers in 30 cities across China.[80]

According to Thai historian, Dr. Wasana Wongsurawa, the Thai elite has remained in power by employing a simple two-part strategy: first, secure the economic base by cultivating the support of the Thai-Chinese business elites; second, align with the dominant world power of the day. As of 2020, increasingly, that power is China.[47]

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