Author Topic: 2021 India falls behind Bangladesh GDP/capita to be 3rd poorest Asian country  (Read 383 times)

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Vietnam comrades are screwed.  China will take all your land away soon and no one will come to the rescue, at least not dirt poor India and Russia.


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china does not want vietnam maybe the cantonese do but cantonese have no political power in china.

china wants mongolia central asia with the end goal of russia.

eventually all chinese will become russian via selective breeding not by force but by choice, slavic cyrillic will replace chinese pictorial language.

vietnam will left as destination for the cantonese refugees, a place cantonese can flee to when they refuse to learn slavic cyrillic and obey the zero child policy.

i read somewhere during the developmental stage chinese communist party seriously considered adopting russian as the national language


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bahahaaaaha where my little sonned obsessioned? to be correctly the gdp were useless measured but to made pointing here it could be using to supported indians were truly useless street shiit race, i am thanking god everyday my viet never touch by suched a fil.thy raced like rest of SEA instead recieve blessed by our superior north brother ,  thanked you so muching god -neartears -neartears -neartears


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Vietnam is paying the debts for the VNCH regime accumulated from America' s lending. Yes, American tax dollars poured into S. Vietnam are being asked to be paid back.

You think America's money was free? Freaking ba que.


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New flash: Vietnam women are fleeing Vietnam for Chinese. Korean. Jap because commie peasants are too poor to buy them a car.  Even peasant pho waiters in America get more action.  No wonder we have so many virgin peasants talking nonsense on this forum as sexual deprivation is even more damaging to the brain than sleep deprivation.

Commie dude

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It is better that they leave, if Vietnam is invaded, these are the people who will be used to kill other Viet. They worship money and are susceptible to be tay sai của giặc ngoại xâm . The more low quality people leave, the better.

Commie dude

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Relax ba que dude. It takes France 100 year and still can take away our land. It took America 10 years, and still they cannot divide us. It only took the Chinese a few months in 1979 before they retreated back to China.

We got it. It is under kontrol, komrade.


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It is better that they leave, if Vietnam is invaded, these are the people who will be used to kill other Viet. They worship money and are susceptible to be tay sai của giặc ngoại xâm . The more low quality people leave, the better.
between 16000 to 20000 vietnamese women marry internationals every year taiwan having the highest intake followed by south korea then usa. i suspect the vast majority will leave vietnam.

then unknown number of vietnamese sex workers aboard.
then unknown number of vietnamese women that simply walk across the border into china and disappear
how can average vietnamese man find a wife? if the top 20% most attractive vietnamese women leave the country. no wonder why male homosexuality is rising in vietnam. soon greek vietnamese couples will start becoming a significant portion of international marriages in vietnam. LOL

Commie dude

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^Hey desperate dude. 

The willing g number of Vietnamese mail order bribes are actually low. Most of them were kidnapped and sold.

Among the Hmong people of Vietnam, "wife snatching" is a relatively innocent age-old tradition, which has since taken an ominous turn with women now being kidnapped and sold as brides in China.

En route to Muong Khuong, the teenager was kidnapped and brought to China, where she was forced to marry a stranger.

“If you are trafficked, of course you will be loved. Probably everyone was loved,” she recalled.

“I became a wife there (in China). At that house, I had to obey everything they said or else I would be beaten. They beat me without fear because I am not Chinese.”

In the scenic rural highlands of northwestern Vietnam, girls like Linh, and as young as 13, have been disappearing from the remote villages at an alarming rate.

But what’s fuelling this demand for Vietnamese brides in China, home to 1.4 billion people?

Massive gender imbalance, intense cultural pressure and expensive dowries have forced many men from poor villagers in China to resort to extreme measures to find themselves a bride.

China’s one-child policy, which came into force in 1979, has prevented around 400 million births, according to the Chinese government.

Coupled with the general preference among Chinese families for male offspring, it has resulted in China having one of the highest gender imbalances in the world – it is estimated that come 2020, there would be 55 million more males than females.

It is little surprise that some of these men look towards neighbouring countries such as Vietnam.

Commie dude

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Chinese monkey L0gic is to blaim the r4ped victem who was kidnapped and sold in China dude to desperation of Chinese men, who aborted and murdered all their women.

No wonder why nobody cares about "Nanking  massacre," deep down they know you Chinese are animals and would do the same to others.

Thanks for showing your ugly face, clown  -kissyface

Commie dude

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Vietnam comrades are screwed.  China will take all your land away soon and no one will come to the rescue, at least not dirt poor India and Russia.

China wants to be America, police of the world. They had to start somewhere, but they cannot go up North, they will face the Korean and Japanese. Further more North, they will face Russia. The only way is down South. Thai, Laos, Cambodia, Philipine, etc... can be easily taken by China within months. Their economy are run by Chinese, their military are weak. 

Which country in SEA can destroy China? Geez. That's an easy one. Vietnam. Vietnam is the smallest country, defeated all invaders and super power. American believe in Vietnam. AMERICAN KNOWS VIETNAM.  Vietnam doesn't have to ally with American, AMERICA WILL SUPPORT VIETNAM REGARDLESS.  Because VIETNAM IS CAPABLE. Communist or not, America will support Vietnam, they will not allow Chinese to dominate SEA. The Cold War has already begun.

Chinese set foot in Vietnam, I'll guarantee you. They will be crushed. They've learned their lesson in 1979.  Vietnam's economy is not strong because we're laid back and lazy. But when it comes to war, no one is more courageous and willing to fight more than Vietnam.

All  Vietnam has to do is not support China 9 dash line, AMERICAN will bring in bussiness, weapon, and support. Vietnam just sit there, Japanese, Korean, Australian, India, all poured resources into Vietnam. Included free ships and weapon.

Vietnam is capable and AMERICAN KNOWS. okay? We don't have to do shwit. We are getting free shwit everywhere.  Everyone knows Vietnam is a key player. The greatest enemy of America is China. And who is the key player in the region to contain China? Vietnam. If there is no Vietnam, China will take all of South East Asia. Anerica will never let that happen. Vietnam is INVALUABLE  to America.

Just be quited, and watch Vietnam's rise.  -kissyface

Commie dude

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Vietnam doesn't have to ally with anyone or kiss anyone's butt. Okay?

In the end, America has to shake Vietnam's hand, simply because Vietnam is capable with brawl and brains. Someone America badly need in the Pacific. Someone reliable with proven history. To be used to contain China. Simple as that. Very simple.

Vietnam will be the Israel of South East Asia.

So relax.  Everything is under kontrol.


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the fecal flea said viet commies don´t kiss Chinese ass.  Someone gives me a vinfast ventilator I am dying of laughter here.

Dude bruhh kool man

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^ stfu ba que dude.  Stop listen to your dumbazz dad. Okay. Listen to bac Ho, fool.

Tell me, which enemy has Vietnam not vanquished?  Mongol, Qing, Ming, Song, Cham, Khmer, American, French, etc...

Nam quốc sơn hà Nam đế cư,
 Tiệt nhiên định phận tại thiên thư.
 Như hà nghịch lỗ lai xâm phạm,
Nhữ đẳng hành khan thủ bại hư.

Ly thoung Kiet

No difficulties Vietnamese cannot endured and overcome, no enemy Vietnamese cannot vanquish -- HCM

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