Author Topic: Single korean men dream of high visual vietnamese girls they can never have  (Read 1132 times)

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Vitkongs are selling their own family for cash.  What else is new.  It´s not like communism ever made any country first world.  China is the least poor among communist countries and Vitkong´s rule is just a bad carbon copy of CCP.

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It's not the Vietcong that does that VNCH puppet dude. It's the Hmong, hoa, and your VNCH cash loving relatives. If the Vietcong stop you from doing so, you will complain about human rights violations.  -shrug

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45 years to achieve third world status, Can’t even manufacture nails. smart people or those with money get the hell out just like those chi coms But don’t have the Decency to shut up. peasants have no shame. That’s why will always be at the bottom.

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