Author Topic: Thais´worst nightmare: parts of Vietnam looking more like Switzerland  (Read 132 times)

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Thais are very jealous of Vietnamese progress.  I see only Filipinos not viewing Vietnamese as a threat.  Vietnam´s neighbors don´t like seeing comrades eating all that KFC with their mouths open.

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why would thais hate the viets?


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Thailand losing soccer matches to Vietnam, damaging their never colonized by another country pride.

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why would thais hate the viets?

you don't know the history. Lots of fighting over territory.

in addition in the 80s at the height of  Viet boat people, Thai pirates committed hug atrocities against the boat people.

besides, viet commies act have major third world complex, always boasting they are better than philipines, thailand ect,,,,in reality can't even pass cambodia, laos.

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See also: Siamese–Vietnamese wars and Vietnamese border raids in Thailand
Anti-Vietnamese sentiment in Thailand has been the direct result of Vietnamese expansionism in the past, with indication of fears about Vietnamese conquest in the history.[6] Since the war between two started at 18th century, Siam had only won one direct conflict, with the others were all indecisive or Siamese defeats to Vietnam, manifested the theory of Vietnamese aggression and imperialism on Thai people. Thailand also later participated in the Vietnam War, and took prides for its participation.[23]

When the Khmer Rouge was overthrown in Cambodia, Thailand was one of the main countries that harbored Khmer Rouge's leader and provided them ammunition against Vietnamese forces, owning by the old historical fear against Vietnamese invasion,[24] and accusation over Vietnamese plan to invade Thailand inflamed anti-Vietnamese sentiment in Thailand.

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