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Yesterday at 10:10:36 AM by Nghi4D | Views: 30 | Comments: 2

Poetry is a great form of expression. there is no right or wrong. its an outlet for your anxieties. give it a try :)

it doesnt have to make sense. it doesn't have to rhyme. it doesn't even have to have proper structure. it's yours. it's art.
December 16, 2014, 09:14:27 PM by gaden | Views: 7804 | Comments: 5

What Vietnamese Coffee Culture Gets Right, Beyond Sweetened Condensed Milk

December 08, 2014, 09:39:20 AM by gaden | Views: 849 | Comments: 3

An ode to “Ơi”

Erin Khuê Ninh

I have been thinking about “ơi” lately.

I’ve been thinki...
December 08, 2014, 08:21:33 AM by arrow | Views: 1071 | Comments: 14

I'm referring to VN in VN in particular.

You rarely see VN couples displaying publicly affection towards each other. Now you can argue VN people are reserved and like to keept those things privately. However growing up and living within a VN family I rarely saw my parents or my uncles and...
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